An image of where to get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

Where to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

Have you gathered some useful Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim yet?

If you are planning to embark on a long adventure, you will want to stock up on some useful potions. Stamina is just as important as Health in Valheim, so you need to keep replenishing that as well. The Mead Bases for Stamina are some of the best ways to keep that Stamina filled constantly.

The Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim are a crucial ingredient for crafting these very handy recipes. Whether you are going for the Medium Stamina or Minor Stamina Mead Base, you will need a bunch of Yellow Mushrooms. Luckily, these fungi are very light to carry and are also quite easy to find, so you should be able to gather a lot very quickly.

If you are looking to stock up on Stamina Mead Bases, check out our quick guide on where to get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

An image of Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

Yellow Mushrooms are common food found in a bunch of locations in Valheim. Depending on your needs, you can either eat them raw or use them as ingredients for cooking food. If you want to cook with Yellow Mushrooms, you can use the Cauldron to make the Mead Base: Minor Stamina or Mead Base: Medium Stamina. You need to gather a bunch since each recipe requires 10 pieces of Yellow Mushrooms.

Easy to spot, these are yellow glowing mushrooms that can easily be seen in contrast with their darker environments. Once you find them, you should take all that you can since they are pretty light anyway. Each Yellow Mushroom only weighs 0.1 pounds and you can stack up to 50 in each slot. You can also teleport with them so it should be an easy task.

If eaten raw, each Yellow Mushroom will replenish up to 10 Max Health and 30 Max Stamina. The healing effect lasts up to 10 minutes, healing you for 1HP per tick. While this is good enough to sustain you in emergency situations, it pales in comparison to the effects of the special recipes.

The Mead Base: Minor Stamina is a craftable mead base that you can use to create the Minor Stamina Mead. By placing this Mead Base in the Fermenter for 2 days, you can produce 6 pieces of Minor Stamina Mead. The latter replenishes 80 Stamina over 2 seconds. On the other hand, the Mead Base: Medium Stamina creates the Medium Stamina Mead, which replenishes double that at 160 Stamina over 2 seconds.

Where to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

Before you can begin crafting your favorite Stamina Mead Bases, you will need to collect enough Yellow Mushrooms for however many recipes you want to make. You can find it in several locations across the world of Valheim, so choosing where to look is an important first step.

You also have to make sure that you have enough space in your inventory to carry all the Yellow Mushrooms that you want. Because you can find and carry so much, you may also want to bring some food to sustain yourself in the potentially long trip. Some players end up gathering Yellow Mushrooms for a couple days, especially if they are on their own.

Burial Chambers

An image of Burial Chambers, where you can get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

The Burial Chambers are home to many of Valheim’s most useful items and creatures. While this place can be tricky or even potentially dangerous, knowing your way around can make your Valheim experience much easier. Located in the Black Forest, the Burial Chambers are dungeons of sorts that contain several rooms connected by maze-like hallways.

You need to be careful since these hallways can go up or down, and you can easily get lost down there. While the darkness can make it harder to navigate, it can be your friend in your quest for some Yellow Mushrooms. Yellow Mushrooms have a strong glow, so they are very easy to spot in the dark halls of the Burial Chambers.

You just need to walk around a couple rooms and should immediately find some of these glowing mushrooms. Gather all that you can but make sure you take note of where you came from. If you are going with a group, make sure you do not split up too far. It can be quite a hassle trying to gather up everyone again.

Troll Caves

An image of the Troll Caves.

Also located in the Black Forest biome, the Troll Caves are slightly more dangerous than the Burial Chambers. Like the name says, these caves can be home to a Troll, which is a gigantic aggressive creature that can be very hard to kill for low level players. Thankfully, there can only be one or no troll in each cave, so you just need to get lucky.

In case there is one Troll inside and you manage to kill it, Trolls do not respawn there. So if you have cleared out one Troll Cave, you can use it as a safe location to hide in. Trolls cannot enter or leave the Troll Cave, so you can use that mechanic to ensure your survival.

It is quite dark as well inside the Troll Cave. You should be able to see Yellow Mushrooms very easily. Just walk around looking for glowing yellow spots, they are very hard to miss.

It is important to note that you can build a campfire inside Troll Caves. You can even build a Cooking Station there if you need to replenish some Health or Stamina. Do this before heading out into the dangerous Black Forest again.

Sunken Crypts

An image of the Sunken Crypts.

The third location where you can find Yellow Mushrooms are the Sunken Crypts. Located in the Swamp biome, these dungeons are home to dangerous monsters like the Blob, Draugr, and Draugr Elite.

The Sunken Crypts have several rooms that are typically separated by Muddy Scrap Piles. Use a Pickaxe to mine them and clear out the walkways. You just have to keep exploring the Sunken Crypts until you find little glowing Yellow Mushrooms.

Of the three locations, the Sunken Crypts can be the most dangerous. Try to bring a set of decent armor and weapons to protect yourself. It is best to go with a group, so bring all the friends that you can as well.

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