An image of one of the worst characters in MultiVersus.

Worst Characters in MultiVersus

Do you happen to main any of the worst characters in MultiVersus?

In a previous article, we covered the most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus. These were Fighters with a preexisting advantage over others. This can include some extra powerful abilities, higher base stats, or even having some of the most annoying attacks that you can just spam to victory.

This time, we will cover the opposite end of the spectrum. Because of the slight imbalance in characters in MultiVersus, there must also be Fighters that are just weaker than everyone else. Weaker characters are fairly common in platform-fighting games, and MultiVersus is not an exception to that rule. However, there are still ways to make up for that disadvantage through strategies, synergy, and cheesy plays.

If you are looking for ideas on which Fighters to avoid, check out our detailed guide on the worst characters in MultiVersus.

Finn the Human

An image of Finn the Human, one of the worst characters in MultiVersus.

As an Assassin, Finn just falls on the lower end of the tier. Assassins specialize in quick, high-damage attacks that can quickly ring out opponents. They also do combo attacks that aim to win the match before their opponents can pull off attacks of their own. Unfortunately, Finn is not the best at doing either of those things. He is simply an average to below-average Fighter in a class of some of the best in the game.

Finn the Human comes from the Adventure Time Universe. As the last human in the Land of Ooo, this warrior is a hero who tries to fight all forms of evil. Known for his partnership with Jake the Dog, the duo are two of the most iconic cartoon characters in recent years. In MultiVersus, Finn is an Assassin that you can unlock for 2000 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or 1 Character Ticket that you can earn from the Founder’s Packs.

Many of Finn’s attacks use his sword to deal charge moves. Chop!, the Sword Stuff!, Slasher!, and Low Blow, Bro! are all charge ground attacks that use Finn’s sword to deal damage. From the air, he can do Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!, Flying Sword Moves!, Sky Punch!, and Ground Chop!. Whenever Finn damages an opponent, they drop Coins which he should collect. The more Coins he has, the more damage he deals with his Specials.

Finn’s special attacks include High Five, Dude!, Get Skronked!, Backpack Attack!, and Sweet Deals!. From the air, he can do Mathematical Air Dash!, Throwin’ Stones!, Soaring Backpack Attack, and an aerial version of High Five, Dude!. Unfortunately, the passive mechanic of needing to pick up Coins hinders Finn quite a lot. It takes so much time and effort to collect Coins from the stage that Finn often ends up getting killed because of it. Without Coins, however, his attacks are simply too weak to be viable as an Assassin.

Steven Universe

An image of Steven Universe, one of the worst characters in MultiVersus.

Although Steven Universe is one of the most popular characters in recent years, he is simply not a preferred Fighter in MultiVersus. He is one of three Support Fighters in the game but struggles to get on par with the others in his class. Steven Universe simply falls short of what is expected from Support Fighters compared to the competition.

Steven Universe is the eponymous protagonist of his own show. Known as a hybrid between a human and a Gem, he is a hero who protects Beach City with his powers. In MultiVersus, Steven Universe is a Support Fighter that you can unlock for 3000 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or 1 Character Ticket from the Founder’s Packs. His passive ability is Unbreakable Bonds, which provides him and his teammates with a bubble that gives Armor. It can absorb up to three hits from opponents.

For ground attacks, Steven Universe can do Spiky Bubble, Bubble Barrage, Spiky Uppercut, and Blockade. He also has aerial moves like Pop!, Bubble Slam!, Bubble Clap!, and Shield-Breaker. Most of his normal attacks revolve around using his powers as half-Gem, both to deal damage or help his teammates.

His special attacks include Bubble Boy!, Shield Wall, Activated!, Watermelon Steven, Go!, and Shield Stepper. From the air, he can do X-Treme Moves! and aerial versions of his other three attacks. Unfortunately, most of Steven Universe’s attacks are very difficult to use in synergy with a teammate. The other moves that do are too weak or slow to be effective. This makes Steven Universe one of the worst characters in MultiVersus.


An image of Garnet.

Also from the Steven Universe show, Garnet is the leader of the Rebellion and the Crystal Gems on Earth. She is a powerful Gem that is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Although she is one of the most powerful characters in her own Universe, that unfortunately does not translate to MultiVersus.

The Bruiser class in MultiVersus is packed with very powerful characters that just end up overshadowing Garnet. You can unlock her for 1500 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or 1 Character Ticket from one of the Founder’s Packs. Like the other Bruisers, her attacks focus on close-ranged combat that aims to ring out opponents through sheer strength.

Garnet’s ground attacks include Gauntlet Strike, Crystal Combo, Double Jab, and Shocking Slam. From the air, she can use Starburst, Flying Combo, Rising Gauntlet Strike, and Meteor Punch. Her normal attacks are all charges or combos, which are great for 1v1 play. The downside is that few of her moves are for combination plays.

Garnet’s special attacks include Stronger Than You!, Rocket Fist!, Spark of Love, and Gem Dash. She also has aerial versions of these moves, which are mostly projectiles and charges. Garnet seems average in terms of all the characters for 1v1 fights. She simply falls way short of the standard for the powerful Bruiser class. As the weakest Bruiser, we consider Garnet one of the worst characters in MultiVersus.

Using Weaker Characters

Every character in MultiVersus has their special niche in the game. Although they are weaker than the rest, these Fighters can still win matches when put in the right situation. For example, Garnet can hold her own in 1v1 matches against Fighters from the Support or Ranged Mage class.

The only reason we classified them as the worst characters in MultiVersus is that they simply perform worse than everyone else on average, across all matchups and situations. In the end, skills and mastery of the game and your Fighter is still the most important factor for MultiVersus matches.

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