Who is Dr Disrespect? Net Worth, Earnings, Streaming Setup, Settings, and More

Want to know who is Dr Disrespect and what is his net worth, earnings, streaming setup, and game settings? 

If you love playing battle royale games, there is a good chance that you know Dr Disrespect. He is one of the most famous streamers globally and portrays a unique character as he plays. 

Before being a popular streamer, Dr Disrespect worked as a multiplayer map designer for Sledgehammer Games, one of the Call of Duty series developers. He was also responsible for most of the maps on Advanced Warfare. 

After a few years, Dr Disrespect decided to resign from his job and become a full-time streamer, where he created a satire and arrogant character named Dr Disrespect. 

But who is the person behind Dr Disrespect? 

Who is Dr Disrespect?

Dr Disrespect Streaming

Real Name: Herschel Beahm IV

Place of Birth: Encinitas, California, USA

Date of Birth: March 10, 1982

Dr Disrespect is a very popular content creator and streamer known for his arrogant but very entertaining character. He is also called ‘Dr. D’, ‘The Doc’, or ‘The Two Time Champion’, because he streams himself in his imaginary Champions Club while playing the best online shooters like Call of Duty and Valorant. 

He also started the ‘Triple Threat Challenge’, where he attempts to win three straight games from three different battle royal or FPS titles as fast as possible. 

What makes Dr Disrespect’s streams very unique is the amount of production that goes behind every episode. At the start of his streams, Dr Disrespect uses green screens and various camera angles to place him in different places, cars, and scenarios that match his fictional world. 

He also uses the same technique during interludes and outros, which shows that he is dedicated to producing quality content rather than racking up views to earn money. 

In 2017, Dr Disrespect won the Streamer of the Year award at the Esports Awards, where he gave a very emotional acceptance speech. He then won the same award in 2019, living up to his nickname, the ‘Two Time Champion’. 

who is Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect also signed a two year deal with Twitch in March 2020 but mysteriously ended on June 26 after his account was permanently banned from the platform. Up to this date, there’s no clear reason as to why the two parties parted ways. 

Nonetheless, Dr Disrespect returns to streaming on YouTube Gaming. 

Dr Disrespect’s Net Worth

Dr Disrespect is believed to have a net worth of around $4 million, which comes from various income streams. His earnings are from stream donations, ad revenues, subscriptions, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals. 

How Much Does Dr Disrespect Earn

We estimate that Dr Disrespect earns about $1-2 million yearly from his revenue streams and other projects. 

During his time with Twitch, Dr Disrespect has around 30,000 paying subscribers, which would make him about $30,000 to $50,000 every month. Add that up in a year, and he will earn $300,000 just from subscribers. 

Factor in the ad revenues from his YouTube videos which have 2-3 million views, and he’ll make around $1000 to $2000 for every video he uploads. 

While Dr Disrespect is no longer with Twitch, he still has several deals with big brands like G Fuel, Turtle Beach, FanDuel, and Roccat, which we think is valued at hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars total. 

Dr Disrespect’s Streaming Setup

Since Dr Disrespect has some deals with Roccat and Turtle Beach, some of his hardware are from these brands, like the Roccat Vulcan 121 keyboard and Turtle Beach Atlas Aero. He also uses top tier monitors from BenQ and has a gaming pc built by DigitalStrom.

Here’s a complete list of Dr Disrespect’s setup:

  • Monitor: BenQ XL2546K
  • Gaming PC: DigitalStorm Custom PC
  • Mouse: Roccat Kain 200
  • Keyboard: Roccat Vulcan 121
  • Headset: Turtle Beach Atlas Aero
  • Chair: Maxnomic Commander S

His main gaming rig is powered by a Ryzen Threadripper 3990X running at 3.9 GHz paired with an Asus Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard. Dr Disrespect uses dual RTX 2080 TI from NVIDIA and 256 GB of DDR4 RAM to run games. 

His gaming rig also has a custom water cooling loop to avoid thermal throttling during extended streaming and gaming sessions.

What are Dr Disrespect’s Settings?

Since Dr Disrespect plays various FPS and battle royal games, here are his settings for every game: 

Call of Duty Warzone Mouse Settings: 

  • DPI: 400
  • Mouse sensitivity: 9.8
  • ADS mouse sensitivity: 1.0
  • Mouse acceleration: Off

Apex Legends Mouse Settings

  • DPI: 400
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 3.0
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: 1.0
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off

PUBG Settings

  • DPI: 400
  • Invert Mouse: NO
  • General Sensitivity: 55
  • Vehicle Driver Sensitivity: 50
  • Targeting Sensitivity: 45
  • Scoping Sensitivity: 46
  • Scope 2X Sensitivity: 47
  • Scope 4X Sensitivity: 48
  • Scope 8X Sensitivity: 49
  • Scope 15X Sensitivity: 50

Dr Disrespect usually plays on 1080p resolution with everything set to high when it comes to video settings. Given the amount of GPU power his rig has, he won’t have any issues with FPS even if he turns up all the graphics settings on any games. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Who is Dr Disrespect’s wife?

Dr Disrespect’s wife is a popular internet celebrity, youtuber, and former Twitch streamer with a screen name Mrs. Assassin. She is an American citizen named Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm IV. 

Is Dr disrespect still married?

Yes, Dr Disrespect is married to his wife Mrs Assassin for more than six years now. Mrs Assassin married Dr Disrespect in 2013, when he was still working for Sledgehammer Games where he resigned in 2015 to focus on streaming. 

What is Dr disrespect’s net worth?

Currently, Dr Disrespect’s net worth is estimated at $ 3.5 to $4 million. 

What happened to Doctor disrespect?

Dr Disrespect has been involved with numerous issues in the past including his permanent ban from Twitch, some racism accusations from Jimmy Wong, and a bathroom filming incident in 2019 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. 

We hope that we’ve covered everything that you want to know about Dr Disrespect. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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