Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft is popular because of the unique mechanics and gameplay it offers. In particular, the freedom you have as a player allows you to craft anything and further enhances that build. Likewise, enchanting is a special mechanism in Minecraft that players adore. To this end, below are the Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft.

Weapons are important in Minecraft to survive, as hostile mobs roam around that you need to kill. Additionally, often you need resources only these mobs drop. For example, Creepers drop Gunpowder, which is a very important resource. Hence, having the best weapons at your disposal gives you the best chances of survival and looting.

The quality of the weapons matter and the enchantment on them. Specifically, some enchantments increase your weapon’s damage, while others boost the drop rate of items from mobs. Overall, enchantments completely change the game’s dynamic, so listed below are the Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft.

You can enchant your weapons, armor, and tools to increase their efficiency, durability, along with effectiveness against certain mobs. Moreover, some increase your survival chances and give other boosts such as looting bonuses. While enchanting is useful, the actual mechanics of enchanting are hard for a new player.

There are multiple ways you can enchant your gear. First, the basic one is using an Enchanting Table. In particular, you craft an Enchanting Table which you can use with Lapis Lazuli and experience to successfully enchant. Other than this, you can use Enchanted Books and an Anvil to enchant your gear.

How to Enchant with Enchanting Table 

Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

The first step of enchanting is making an Enchanting Table. For this reason, you need to gather three key resources; a Book, two Diamonds, and four blocks of Obsidian. While crafting the Book is easy as it only needs one leather and three paper, finding other resources is hard. Fortunately, you can find both these things underground.

You need to make sure that you collect enough diamonds for armor, weapons, and your Enchanting Table, so anywhere near thirty. Next, make a Diamond Pickaxe to mine Obsidian, as only Diamonds can break that. After collecting the Obsidian and Diamonds, head to the top to craft your Enchanting Table.

Open your Crafting Table and place three Obsidian in the bottom row of the Crafting Grid. Next, place two Diamonds in the second row with one Obsidian in the middle. Lastly, the book goes on the top row in the center, which crafts the Enchanting Table. Once you craft it, place it anywhere to start enchanting your weapons.

To enchant your weapons, you need experience and Lapis Lazuli which you can find underground. Besides this, you need a lot of Bookshelves around the Enchanting Table to get higher-level enchants. After setting up everything and getting the necessary resources, you can finally enchant all your gear.

How to Enchant with Books 

Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

Another way of enchanting your weapons is with Enchanted Books you can make or find or even trade. Moreover, you place these Enchanted Books with the weapon or armor you want to enchant in an Anvil. Overall, this is a more veteran approach to enchanting as it requires a little more knowledge of everything. 

You need a lot of Iron to craft an Anvil. In particular, you need three Iron Blocks, nine Iron Ingots each, and four Iron Ingots separately. After you collect all the Iron, open your Crafting Table. Next, place the three Iron Blocks in the top row while Iron Ingots at the bottom, with one in the center. 

An Anvil is the first part of Enchanting, now you need Enchanted Books. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can get Enchanted Books. First, you can trade Enchanted Books with a Cleric by constantly trading with them and unlocking that trade. Another way is fishing for Enchanted Books, but that takes time and patience.

Lastly, you can also find Enchanted Books in structures like a Desert Temple or Nether Fortress. Overall, there are many ways you can find these Enchanted Books. Now that you know how to enchant let’s look at the Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Weapon Enchantments

There are a lot of weapons available in Minecraft, so naturally, there are many enchantments available. Although all enchantments are good, listed below are the Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft for you.

Best Sword Enchantments
Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

Sharpness V is the top choice for your Sword, as every Sharpness level adds additional damage to your Sword. For instance, if your Diamond Sword does six damage, Sharpness V boosts that to nine damage with even higher crits. In conclusion, Sharpness V is a must-have enchantment on your melee weapon.

Fire Aspect II is another enchantment that just opens a lot of avenues for you. Especially against mobs susceptible to fire damage. For example, Fire Aspect II sets any mob on fire that you hit, which causes damage per tick. Additionally, you can kill animals like Cows or Pigs to get Cooked Food instead of Raw Meat.

Looting III is one of the best as it increases the number of loot drops when you kill a mob. For instance, killing a Skeleton with this weapon will drop more Bones and Skeletons. In short, this is helpful when you want to collect a specific resource like Gunpowder or String.

Knockback II is another enchantment that makes it fun to kill mobs. Especially when you’re standing on high ground, as you can kick mobs off easily. Knockback II adds a Knockback distance to your weapon, pushing anyone away from you when you hit them.

Best Bow Enchantments
Best Bow Enchantments

Bows are one of the most effective weapons in Minecraft, as they allow you to target enemies from afar. In addition, they pack quite a punch, and enchantments on it just increase the damage you deal.

Power V is an obvious choice for your Bow, as each level of Power increases damage-dealing ability. Power V doubles the damage a natural Bow does, so having this enchantment is a must.

Infinity is useful when you don’t want to craft many Arrows every time. Specifically, Infinity allows you to keep shooting your Bow with only a single Arrow. Although this is useful, you can also add Mending instead of this, so your Bow can heal. While both are good enchantments, it depends on what you prefer more.

Flame adds a fire aspect to your Bow, so you light your enemies when you hit them. Similarly, Punch II adds knockback to your Bow so you can push back enemies. All these enchantments make your Bow one of the best weapons in Minecraft.

Best Trident Enchantments
Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

Tridents are rare but powerful weapons that can cause havoc when you obtain them. In addition, enchantments raise this weapon to another level. Riptide III is one such enchantment that allows you to teleport to where your Trident lands. Moreover, if you have a powerful Sword, this enchantment is perfect for you.

Loyalty III brings the Trident back to you whenever you throw it. Interestingly, Riptide and Loyalty are incompatible, so you cannot enchant these together. In sum, it’s how you want to play the game, which affects which enchantment to place. 

Channeling allows you to strike down lightning wherever you throw your Trident. However, this only works in Thunderstorms, so keep that in mind. In conclusion, the Trident is a fun weapon to use while also being powerful.

Minecraft is a world full of uncertainty, which is why you should always be ready with the best gear. While having gear ready is important, maximizing its potential by enchanting is also necessary. Hopefully, this article on the Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft helps your Minecraft endeavors. 

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