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How to Get Water for Villagers in Medieval Dynasty

Do you have enough sources of water for villagers in Medieval Dynasty?

Survival is the most basic and essential goal in Medieval Dynasty. As you progress through the game, more and more people’s survival will also become your responsibility. Once you start a family and recruit some villagers, you will have to provide all the necessary resources for them as well. This includes food, water, shelter, and firewood.

Water is where everything starts. Food and firewood are easy enough to obtain, while shelter just requires some effort to make. Water, on the other hand, may be a little tricky. While you can always personally just drink off a riverbank, it is a little more complicated for your villagers.

If you want to learn how to get enough water supply for the entire community, check out our quick guide on how to get water for villagers in Medieval Dynasty.

Getting Water in Medieval Dynasty

An image of how to get water for villagers in Medieval Dynasty.

If you have started recruiting some new villagers, you will need to provide water for them immediately. The quickest way to do this is by simply crafting a Bucket or Waterskin and taking some water from a nearby river. While this works for a couple of villagers, it is not nearly enough once your village gets bigger.

To craft a Bucket, you must have obtained at least 10 Production tech points. The scheme for it also costs 100 Coins, so make sure you have some money. You will need 2 pieces of Plank and a workbench on a Workshop to craft this item. If you do not have the time or resources to make one, you can also just buy Buckets from vendors in town. You can use a Bucket to carry water or milk.

The Waterskin is a much lighter and smaller item that is also used to carry water. Each Waterskin can carry up to four drinks’ worth of drinking water. Each time you drink from it, your thirst meter is filled by 25%. To craft this item, you will need a tailoring table at a Sewing Hut, 2 Linen Threads, and 4 Leather. Just like the Bucket, you also draw water from sources like rivers into your Waterskin.

Both the Bucket and Waterskin can be placed in your Food Storage building to provide water for your villagers in Medieval Dynasty.

Food Storage

An image of a Food Storage in the game.

Food Storage buildings are structures that you can build to keep your food items in for the rest of the village to consume. There are three tiers of structures, each getting a larger capacity than the previous tier. Whatever you place in these buildings will be available for your villagers to consume. In addition to that, all the food items collected from your Fishing Hut, Barn, Tavern, Farming Buildings, and Hunting Lodge also immediately go to your Food Storage.

The Food Storage I is the most basic structure that you need once you start a village. You unlock this at 5 Farming tech points. To build it, you will need up to 50 Logs, 62 Sticks, 32 Straws, and 14 Stones. This building can hold up to 200kg worth of food items at any given time. Another benefit from Food Storage buildings is that food items will lose their quality at a 75% slower rate than if they were just outside.

For the tier 2 Food Storage, the capacity is increased almost exponentially. You can now keep 1000kg worth of food items in this structure. The Food Storage II is unlocked at 1000 Farming tech points. You can assign two villager workers to this building as well. To build it, you need at least 71 Logs and 24 Planks.

Finally, the Food Storage III is the largest storage structure you can currently build in Medieval Dynasty. Unlocked at 6500 Farming tech points, you can now store 2000kg worth of food items in this structure. To build it, you need to have at least 39 Logs, 24 Planks, and 64 Stones.

Building a Well

An image of a Well where you can get water for villagers in Medieval Dynasty.

Another structure that will help you collect water for villagers in Medieval Dynasty is the Well. It will let you extract water from the ground and you can collect it using a Bucket or Waterskin. Once you have a Well, you will also be able to assign some villagers as Water Carriers.

You unlock the Well when you get 50 Farming tech points. Its barrel will contain up to 50 kg of water at a time. Just make sure each Water Carrier will have a Bucket or Waterskin to use.

There is a way to automate this process once your village grows larger. You can assign some villagers as Craftsmen or Lumberjack to keep making Buckets. Your Water Carriers will then take those Buckets to do their jobs and provide water for your Food Storage structures.

To build the Well, you need 10 pieces of Logs and 16 Straws.

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