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Village Mood and Approval Guide in Medieval Dynasty

Are you keeping your village mood and approval at a high level?

If you want to grow your village and speed up its development, there are several things you need to take care of. Keeping your villagers happy and healthy is always a top priority. Having many villagers means more help doing the different necessary jobs, but they also come at a cost. Your upkeep will keep increasing the more villagers you recruit.

Village mood and approval is affected by several factors. This includes having enough resources to house and feed all your villagers. You also need to provide firewood for everyone in the village. By keeping everyone happy, you should be able to improve their skills and build a thriving industry in just a few seasons.

If you are looking to build your community efficiently and effectively, check out our quick guide to village mood and approval in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty

An image of Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty is a new open-world adventure game set in the Middle Ages. It is one of the more underrated titles in recent years. With the hype around Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, MultiVersus, and Elden Ring, Medieval Dynasty was overlooked by many critics and fans. After its release, however, many of us quickly realized how immersive and entertaining this game is.

You will play as a poor peasant who just escaped from the terrors of war. Players can opt to play however they like. You can play the main objective, which is the storyline. Others may want to master skills like hunting and fishing. You can also focus on building a thriving village instead, which includes things like finding a wife, producing an heir, and recruiting villagers to help you build the community.

Medieval Dynasty is available for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox Series X and S, and the PlayStation 5.

Village Mood and Approval in Medieval Dynasty

If you followed our village recruitment guide, you should now have at least a few villagers. The next step is to keep them happy and healthy, so they work hard. You also need to make sure they do not go hungry. Otherwise, they will just leave the village and move elsewhere.

Here are our best tips for keeping your villagers’ moods and approval at a high level in Medieval Dynasty.

Learning New Jobs

An image of jobs which affect village mood and approval in Medieval Dynasty.

An interesting mechanic for villagers in Medieval Dynasty is learning new skills for jobs. Each NPC will come with a random set of skill levels. That means you are able to check which jobs a person will be good at before recruiting them to your village. If you need a specialist, you can pick someone who is exceptional at one job, regardless of their other skills.

If you want to make the perfect villager, it is best to find someone who is at least above average in every skill type. You can then train them by making them do jobs until they become great at them. If you have the patience, you can turn your inexperienced villagers into master workers after just a few seasons.

It is important to note that villagers will dislike doing jobs that they are bad at. This means their mood will be sour for the first few weeks until they become proficient at it. Once they have mastered it, they will be quite happy doing that job consistently.

That means you will need to find a balance between teaching villagers new skills and having the masters do their job to keep your village mood and approval at a positive level. If you are training one or two people with level one skills, you should balance that out by having level ten workers do theirs. Just keep checking your approval levels to make sure your villagers are decently happy.

Providing For Your Village

An image of villagers which dictate village mood and approval.

There are four main resources that you need to provide for your villagers. To keep them happy, each person in the village must have enough food, water, firewood, and a place to stay.

For housing, you need one house per person. If your villagers are married, you only need to provide one house for each couple. For food and water, each new village recruit will add to your upkeep. To make up for this, you need to either increase production from your workers or find some yourself.

Firewood is one of the most important resources in the Middle Ages. That means you also need to provide a decent amount for your Medieval Dynasty villagers. You need firewood to do anything at night, so they will be quite disappointed if there is not enough.

If you provide enough of all these resources, your approval rating and village mood should be at a high level. Combining that with a balanced workforce should keep your village happy for weeks.

Keep Your Wife Happy

An image of your wife and child.

Your wife is arguably the most important NPC in the game. Everything from choosing an eligible bachelorette to keeping their mood up will drastically affect your future.

The first step is, of course, finding a young, single woman to flirt with. There are three different personality types that will affect how you need to interact with them. It is up to you to go for a woman with a Snob, Naturalist, or Peasant personality. You are free to play the field, but you should know that talking to too many women will cause them to be uninterested in you.

To keep your wife happy and affectionate, you need to have good conversations with her. This may be difficult once you go on adventures where you cannot come home to the village everyday. In that case, it is best to buy some expensive gifts from exotic vendors. Give her these gifts whenever you visit the village.

Your wife will eventually produce an heir. Once your character dies, you will begin playing as the heir instead. This makes it very important to keep your wife happy and stay in the village. If your wife becomes disgruntled and decides to leave the village, she will take the child with her. They will never return, which means you no longer have an heir.

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