An image of Velma in MultiVersus.

How to Play as Velma in MultiVersus

How do most players play as Velma in MultiVersus?

As more and more players get into MultiVersus, you will likely have fewer chances to use your favorite characters. If you are used to playing with the most broken and overpowered Fighters, you should expect them to be picked by others more as time passes. Superman, Batman, and Harley Quinn are already contested as it is, but that can only get worse with more players joining the game.

A good way to counter this trend is by learning to play underrated characters and excelling with them. Velma is a great choice, especially if you are a Support player. She is a versatile Fighter who can help her teammates get combo opportunities while also having decent fighting abilities on her own.

If you are looking for a new main Fighter, check out our quick guide and tips on how to play as Velma in MultiVersus.

Velma in MultiVersus

An image of Velma in MultiVersus.

Coming from the very popular Scooby-Doo Universe, Velma Dinkley is a character most people will instantly recognize. This member of Mystery Incorporated is known as the smart one in the group, being able to spot clues and solve riddles very quickly. Velma wears an orange turtleneck and red skirt, accented by her knee-high orange socks. Her most famous feature, however, is her square glasses and pageboy haircut.

In MultiVersus, Velma is a Support class Fighter. This means her main job is to help her teammates find striking opportunities by zoning opponents into bad positions. Velma also has a few abilities that can buff her teammates or hinder their opponents. Currently, you can unlock Velma using 2000 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or a Character Ticket from Founder’s Packs.

Her basic ground attacks include Supportive Words, Quip Master, Bright Idea, and Calculated Victory. From the air, she can do Light ‘Em Up, My Glasses!, and aerial versions of Bright Idea and Supportive Words. Most of her moves are charge attacks that spawn some evidence when they connect. This is a good way to build up her passive ability later on.

For her special attacks, Velma has strong ones like Motivational Speaker, Fast Thinker, Toxic Concoction, and Spread The Knowledge. From the air, she can use Hit The Books, Shutterbug, and aerial versions of Motivational Speaker and Spread The Knowledge. Shutterbug has Velma knocking up her opponents and breaking their armor. This weakens them and lets your teammate deal much more damage for free.

How to Play as Velma in MultiVersus

Velma is quite simple to work with in MultiVersus. You just have to learn the basic playstyle of a Support Fighter. You can opt to stay in conservative positions while timing your attacks to get the best use of your abilities. If you want to be more aggressive, try spamming your abilities to collect as much evidence as possible.

Target Enemies

An image of the Supportive Words ability by Velma in MultiVersus.

Velma Dinkley has two different abilities that can make enemies or teammates targeted. Any targeted allies are buffed and hastened, while also having the potential to heal Velma using bubbles. Supportive Words fires a bubble projectile forward, so try to aim it in the direction of a teammate if you want to assist them. However, most people would prefer to hit enemies and weaken them.

You can also use Motivational Speaker to shoot a speech beam that hits Fighters repeatedly. This applies to both teammates and opponents. The final shot of the beam gives the targeted debuff to that character. If you hit an opponent, they receive a stack of the weakened debuff, so your teammates can then deal a lot more damage with their abilities.

Once you target an opponent with Motivational Speaker, spamming Supportive Words will have all the bubbles turn into homing projectiles straight into the targeted character. If you do not deal enough damage with this combo, you can at least distract opponents enough for your teammate to get some serious attacks in.

Mystery Machine

An image of the Mystery Machine.

The Mystery Machine is one of the most iconic figures in the Scooby-Doo Universe. Because MultiVersus added characters from that Universe to their game, it is only right that the Mystery Machine also makes an appearance. It is not a Fighter in the game or even an active ability. Instead, the Mystery Machine is called in once Velma fills up her evidence meter in a match.

Once you call in this vehicle, it drives straight towards the nearest enemy and disables them. The Mystery Machine will then try to drive off the stage with the opponent unless they manage to struggle and escape. Their teammates must try to attack the Mystery Machine to help them get away.

As far as passive abilities go, the Mystery Machine is one of the best for Support type characters. It buys a lot of time and can basically ring out an opponent if they do not counter it successfully.

Best Signature Perks: Knowledge Is Power

An image of the Signature Perk Knowledge Is Power.

Support Fighters do not always have to deal damage to be effective in their role. Knowledge Is Power is a very good Signature Perk for Velma because it buffs up her teammates without sacrificing herself.

When equipped, Velma’s teammates receive 3 gray health every time they pick up a piece of evidence. If you happen to deal a lot of damage as Velma, your teammate can just keep picking up all the evidence to build up a shield for themselves. This is a simple yet very effective Signature Perk for 2v2 matches.

Best Signature Perks: Studied

An image of the Signature Perk Studied.

Although this Signature Perk may seem underwhelming at first, high-level players will understand how important it is to get an early advantage. If you play it right, you can snowball this advantage into a quick win, especially in 2v2 games.

Studied is Velma’s Signature Perk that she unlocks at Tier 8 mastery. It allows you to start the game as Velma with one piece of evidence already in her evidence meter. That means you are one piece of evidence closer to filling the meter and calling in the Mystery Machine.

This Signature Perk is one of those passive Perks that you can just equip and forget about. It is perfect for players that prefer early advantages and not having to actively use Perks.

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