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Valorant Queue Disabled Error? Here’s The Fix!

Have you come across the Valorant Queue Disabled error lately?

Valorant is a new game with massive servers, so errors from time to time are to be expected. Error codes like Van 135, Code 68, or even Vanguard Not Initialized are pretty common. The Valorant Queue Disabled error happens just as often, but may be a little harder to fix.

A screenshot of the in-game platform status that explains the Valorant Queue Disabled error message.

If you’ve come across this issue and could not fix it, check out our detailed guide on what to do:

1. Check the Valorant Server Status on Riot’s Website.

A screenshot of the Valorant Server Status page on their official website.

Before you try to fix an error, you should always check Riot’s official website for announcements regarding their servers. The Valorant Queue Disabled error usually happens when the servers have been shut down for updates or maintenance.

If there is a patch or update currently happening, you can just wait it out. The servers will usually be up again within an hour or two.

If the servers are up and running but you still get the error code, you can start trying the solutions we have listed down below.

2. Restart Your Valorant Client.

A screenshot of the Valorant login screen after restarting the client due to the Valorant Queue Disabled error.

If the servers are working fine, the issue may be with your Valorant client. When your client is unable to connect with the servers, this can cause the Valorant Queue Disabled error message.

This is the quickest fix for that error since restarting your client only typically takes a few minutes.

3. Run Valorant as Administrator.

A screenshot of the Run As Administrator button on Windows.

If the error isn’t fixed by a simple Riot client restart, you can try closing the program again before trying to run it as an administrator. For Windows users, running a program as an administrator gives you higher clearance and access to more files on your computer.

If your Valorant client has any other issues, this fix will usually also work for them.

4. Restart Your PC.

A screenshot of the Windows restart button for the PC.

If restarting the Valorant client doesn’t work, you can move on to rebooting your computer. This is the go-to fix for most game issues, especially online ones with as many users and large servers as Riot’s Valorant.

Make sure to restart your PC properly or shut it down before booting it up again manually.

5. Reinstall Valorant.

A screenshot of the Valorant website page where you can download it.

Reinstalling the entire game is quite a hassle and can take a lot of time, but it is a viable last resort if none of the other fixes work. The Valorant Queue Disabled error usually doesn’t need a complete reinstallation though, so you should keep this as a last option.

If even this doesn’t fix your problem, you should submit a report to the Riot Support Team so they can help you.

6. Submit a Report to Riot Support.

A screenshot of the Valorant Support page where you can report the Valorant Queue Disabled error that you can't fix.

The Riot Support Team is there to help you with issues that you cannot solve on your own. You can submit a ticket through the official website and they will typically get back to you in a couple of days.

Make sure the Valorant servers are not offline before sending the report to avoid flooding the team with unnecessary tickets. This way, they can respond to all the relevant ones as quickly as possible.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

A screenshot of a tweet from the official Valorant twitter account explaining the server status.

What causes the Valorant Queue Disabled error?

This typically means that the Valorant servers are offline. This can be caused by server maintenance, updates, unscheduled server downtime, or issues with the Riot client on your end.

How long does the Valorant Queue Disabled error last during maintenance?

Server maintenance varies in duration, but the servers are usually back online a few minutes after maintenance has finished. The same goes for Valorant updates.

For unplanned server downtime, it is unpredictable how long it may last.

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