An image of the Valorant agent Viper.

Valorant Agent Viper Abilities and Skills

Do you want to learn to play as the Valorant agent Viper?

Viper’s abilities are great for both offense and defense. One of the most underrated agents in Valorant, Viper mains rarely have to worry about another player picking her before they can. She can specialize in aggressive attacks or backline and post-plant play.

Check out our detailed guide on Viper’s abilities and skills to learn how to secure rounds and get some wins.


An image of Viper during the agent select screen.

Known as the American chemist, Valorant agent Viper abilities makes use of toxic chemicals and devices to control the game. Use Viper’s poison clouds and wall to block enemy vision or cause a lot of damage with her toxins.

Viper was one of Valorant’s original agents, together with Breach, Brimstone, Omen, Cypher, Sova, Sage, Phoenix, Jett, and Raze. A lot of players hate playing against Viper because they either don’t know her abilities enough or because there is no way to stop her post-plant Snake Bite lineups.

Role: Controller

An image of Valorant agent Viper.

Valorant categorizes its agent pool into four different classes. Duelists, sentinels, initiators, and controllers all have different abilities designed to fulfill their roles. Viper is a controller, which means her abilities are designed to help her teammates. She does this by leading enemies into areas that she wants with her smokes and molly abilities. Viper splits the site with her Toxic Screen and blocks enemy sight with her Poison Cloud or Viper’s Pit.

Controllers are great on both offense and defense because of their abilities’ versatility. They can help duelists get into sites safely on offense but are also capable of holding sites on defense. Viper’s smokes are used to split the side, making it easier to defend. They can also be placed on entryways to force attackers to enter the site blind.

Viper’s ultimate ability covers the entire planting area, which makes it one of the best abilities for post-plant play. It can also be used on defense to discourage opponents from pushing the site.


C – Snake Bite

An image of Viper's Snake Bite.

The Valorant agent Viper’s Snake Bite ability is her molly. Snake Bite launches a small vial filled with chemical toxins that slow and poison enemies. You can use your FIRE button to throw the toxins. You can buy up to two Snake Bites per round, but one is enough to kill full health enemies.

Snake Bite is best used as a post-plant lineup ability on offense. You can stay at a safe angle far away from the site and use Snake Bite to stop enemies from defusing the spike. Use this ability on defense to block entryways or force opponents to burn themselves by pushing into the site.

Q – Poison Cloud

An image of Viper's Poison Cloud.

Poison Cloud was designed to be Viper’s controller smoke ability. You can use your FIRE button to throw a poison gas emitter. The alternate FIRE button also throws the canister at a closer range.

This ability can be picked up and repositioned somewhere else at any point in the round, making it one of the more versatile smoke abilities. You can also turn it on and off since it consumes the same toxin fuel as Toxic Screen, which automatically replenishes over time. Poison Cloud has more potential for tactical plays because of this.

E – Toxic Screen

An image of Viper's Toxic Screen.

Viper’s Signature Ability launches a very long straight line of gas emitters. Toxic Screen is also long enough to split most sites which makes both offense and defense easier. You can turn it on and off just like Poison Cloud. However, you can only deploy this wall once.

On offense, Toxic Screen reduces the angles and corners you have to clear while pushing a site. Split an entryway while protecting your flank on defense.

X – Viper’s Pit

An image of Viper's ultimate ability Viper's Pit.

Viper owns one of the best offensive ultimate abilities in Valorant. Viper’s Pit covers a large area with toxic clouds that impairs vision and slowly reduces enemy health until they are down to 1 health point. This is arguably one of the best Valorant agent Viper abilities.

Use this ability after planting the spike to provide a huge advantage for your team. Enemies will have to find and kill Viper as quickly as they can before they get too low on health. Viper’s Pit does not affect your teammates so you can all just wait inside and ambush the enemies.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How should I play with Viper?

Valorant Agent Viper is an aggressive controller, so she can be your secondary fragger. Use Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to block enemy vision as you push the site. You can also stay back and secure the round by going for post-plant lineups with her Snake Bite. Her molly ability gives you at least 20 seconds of delaying the defuse when done right.

On defense, you can position your smoke abilities to hide certain angles where you can ambush enemies from. Both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud temporarily reduce enemy health so time them well.

What are the best guns to use for Viper players?

Controllers are very versatile in terms of weapon choices. As a secondary fragger, you can buy closer range guns like shotguns or sub-machine guns. If you prefer playing backline, you can opt for automatic rifles and snipers.

Most importantly, pick the weapon that you are most comfortable with regardless of your role.

What other agents work best with Viper?

As a strong offensive controller, Viper works well with Duelists like Reyna and Yoru. They have less angle clearing abilities which Viper makes up for with her Toxic Screen and Snake Bite. You can also have Raze or Phoenix to make pushing the site much easier.

Killjoy is the best sentinel to play with Viper because they both have post-plant lineup potential. When they can both use their lineups, the round is pretty much won. You can block entryways and position Killjoy’s Turret to attack them on defense once they cross the smoke. Also try to conceal her Nanoswarm with Viper’s Poison Cloud for easy kills.

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