An image of the Valorant Agent Reyna.

Valorant Agent Reyna Skills and Abilities

Is the Valorant Agent Reyna your next Duelist Queen?

Reyna was released alongside Valorant’s official launch in June 2020. Her soul-harvesting skills immediately made her a formidable character that was a threat even when she was alone. She heals herself, gains buffs, and even turns invisible by feeding off kills.

Most Reyna users play fast, and are more aggressive to feast on the souls of slain enemies. Reyna will survive a whole round on her own if you play her right. If she doesn’t get consistent kills, she will not contribute much to the round. However, once she gets her momentum going, Reyna is the most dangerous agent in the game.

Check out our comprehensive guide that explores the Reyna’s identity, role, and abilities.


An image of Valorant agent Reyna in the agent selection screen.

According to Riot, proudly from the heart of Mexico, “Reyna dominates single combat, popping off with each kill she scores. Her capability is only limited by her raw skill, making her highly dependent on performance.”

She takes what she wants when she wants it, and she does not care about anyone who stands in her way. She strongly dislikes any kind of technology and loves competing with her fellow Radiants to see who comes out on top. When using her ultimate ability, Reyna is arguably the most terrifying Valorant agent.

Reyna’s hair is dyed purple at the edges and has one arm covered while the other is shown to have dark tattoos. She also has sharp eyes that stare right into your soul.

Role: Duelist

An image of the Valorant agent Reyna.

Valorant places its agents into four categories: Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers. Reyna is a duelist, which means she is a primary attacker who the team relies on for grit and muscle. Duelists specialize in leading attacks, dealing damage, and killing enemies.

The sole purpose of duelists such as Jett, Raze, and Phoenix is to eliminate the opponents as early as possible in a round so their team can plant the spike right away. They also seek out fights first and are usually the top fraggers. They work well with initiators and controllers to assist them in reconnaissance, clearing out angles, and locking in a site.

Without further delay, here are Reyna’s vampiric abilities that help her strive in those clutch encounters.


Q – Devour

An image of Reyna's devour ability.

Pressing Q instantly consumes a nearby Soul Orb. You cannot fire for 1 second, and there will be a tether between you and the Soul Orb. You heal for 100 health in 3 seconds if you don’t break the tether.

This ability can overheal, but there is a limit of 150 health, including the shields. Overheal decays after 25 seconds but refreshes when the ability is recast. You can devour a Soul Orb even if you only get assists.

When Empress is activated, this skill automatically casts, does not consume the Soul Orb, and does not create a tether. The heal that is cast over Reyna is actually faster than Sage’s heal.

E – Dismiss

An image of Reyna's Dismiss ability.

By instantly consuming a nearby Soul Orb, Reyna becomes intangible for 2 seconds while gaining a burst of movement speed for the first second. You can change the weapon she will equip while the ability is active.

You can also use a Soul Orb to Dismiss when you get assists, just like her Devour ability. The Valorant agent Reyna also becomes invisible when Dismissing while Empress is active.

C – Leer

An image of Reyna's Leer ability.

Leer is Reyna’s only ability that is not related to her soul-harvesting powers. Cast this ability to throw out an ethereal eye at a fixed range, which is also able to pass through any objects.

It will apply Nearsight to all enemies who can see it. It then disappears after two seconds or when bullets damage it (needs 100 damage). Leer does not affect teammates.

It is a great ability to use when pushing or retaking a site. Take note of angles or positions where an enemy usually is and use the ability to get an easy kill.

X – Empress

An image of Reyna's Empress ultimate ability.

You need six ultimate points to use Empress.

Once casted, Reyna enters a frenzy for 30 seconds that increases firing, equip, and reload speeds by 15%. It also grants infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. The timer refreshes every time you get a kill. Enemies are also highlighted in red for easy visibility.

Playing with Reyna

Like other duelists, the Valorant agent Reyna shines the most when used aggressively. You absolutely need to get kills for her to reach her full potential. Her Leer and Devour need her to be at the front line when taking a site.

Her kit does not offer as much utility as other duelists like Raze or Phoenix, but her ability to stay alive longer means you can easily change the odds in your favor during a fight. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Best tips when using Reyna?

Most players have a hard time deciding whether they should cast Devour or Dismiss. The deciding factor should be how much time you have left. If it’s the beginning of a round and you just took damage from making the first frag, use Devour to heal and bide time before returning to the fight. If you get a kill and there are other enemies in the vicinity, use Dismiss to reposition. 

When casting Leer, communicate with your team when and where you will place it so they can take advantage of it, especially when pushing. You can also cast it higher in the air and at farther to confuse enemies whether they should shoot you or the Leer first.

What is the best gun for Reyna?

Some Reyna players like using shotguns during save rounds, especially if Empress is ready to use. You can pop Empress, disappear and reappear at shotgun range and kill your next target. Feel free to be aggressive with this strategy, and you can easily catch enemies off guard. 

Is Reyna still viable in the current meta?

You may have noticed that less professional players have been using Reyna. Sometimes she just isn’t the best pick for team play, and most players choose duelists with more utilities like Phoenix or Raze.

However, Reyna’s Leer is still a useful ability that can give your team an advantage. Reyna might not be the best pick in an organized team, but she still has the potential to get you wins on her own in solo queue.

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