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Valorant Agent Omen Abilities and Skills

How good are you at teleporting with the Valorant agent Omen?

Omen is one of the harder agents to master in Valorant. His kit is quite unique from other agents, which means he has the potential to make unexpected plays or just fail completely. As a lurker, he can take down enemies from their flanks and disrupt their positioning. 

Controllers can choose to play aggressively or passively, depending on what their team needs. Combine his smokes and teleport to catch enemies off-guard. This versatile agent needs a lot of game sense and creativity to reach his maximum potential as the game’s best lurker. 

Check out our detailed guide where we discuss the character and features of the Valorant agent Omen so you can be the ultimate controller.


An image of the Valorant agent Omen.

Omen is easily Valorant’s most mysterious agent. Nobody knows what he is. We only get some hints of his story and the source of his powers in-game. Riot calls him “A phantom of memory…” who hunts in the shadows. His abilities enable him to blind enemies, teleport across the map, and inflict paranoia using shadows.

Based on his voice lines in the game, Omen is friendly towards agents he knows well like Vipers, who he calls by her real name Sabine. Omen wears gray armor, black pants, and a purple cape. He wraps his arms in gray bandages, which conceal his true form underneath. You cannot see his face under the hood or if he even has one.

Role: Controller

An image of the Valorant agent Omen as a controller.

Valorant classifies its agents into four categories based on their team roles: Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers. Omen is part of the Controller class, which also includes agents like Viper, Brimstone, and Astra.

They are experts in slicing up the enemy territory so their team can safely push onto a site if attacking. The same applies to retaking a site when defending. Use your smokes to block off enemy vision or blind them with Paranoia to get quick kills.


C – Shrouded Step

An image of Omen's Shrouded Step ability.

EQUIP this ability to see its range indicator on the ground. You can place it anywhere, even on boxes or places that you normally can’t jump on to. Casting the ability channels it with an audio cue that can be heard by nearby enemies. You then teleport to the location that you marked. Use this to get out of a tight spot or misdirect enemies.

This ability is best used to confuse enemies. Omen players do fake teleports or teleport in the same sight line to be unpredictable. You can also teleport into smokes so enemies can’t find you easily.

Shrouded step does not allow Omen to teleport through a wall and his range is also limited to your own vision. You can cast it twice during a round and costs 150 each. 

Q – Paranoia

An image of Omen's Paranoia ability.

Paranoia blinds your opponent’s vision and also disrupts their audio by muting down the audio. It can be fired through a wall but is much slower, which makes it dodgeable. Once it hits your opponent, they can’t run away from it. Take note it travels in a straight line and can near sight your teammates as well, so be mindful of where your allies are. 

You should practice positions and angles where you can use paranoia, so you don’t waste it. It is very useful when assisting your teammates that are pushing, so make sure to communicate where you will release the paranoia so they can take advantage of it and get some easy kills.

E – Dark Cover

An image of Omen's Dark Cover ability.

EQUIP a shadow orb to see its range indicator. Your FIRE button throws the shadow orb to the location you marked and blocks vision for a duration. Holding ‘FIRE‘ while targeting moves the orb farther, and holding ‘SECONDARY FIRE‘ while targeting moves the orb marker close.

Dark Cover is Omen’s signature ability, so you get it for free at the beginning of the round. You can position this ability in high places as long as you anchor it on a surface.

Use the smokes on areas where the enemies might push. Choose entry points and spots on the map to ruin their line of sight. Smokes are best used in defense but also quite valuable during post-plant scenarios.

X – From The Shadows

An image of Omen's From The Shadows ability.

Activate this ability to equip a tactical map. Press ‘FIRE‘ on a location on the map to teleport there. While channeling, Omen appears as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy, which cancels his teleportation. Pressing ‘EQUIP‘ while teleporting also cancels the teleport.

Due to its audio cue, opponents will know when you are using your ult. The mini-map also becomes covered in shadows. Omen is also completely vulnerable while materializing out of the shadows in his destination point. You need to be careful where you teleport and when to cancel it.

Players often use From The Shadows to gather information from a location. If you don’t find enemies while channeling, then it’s probably safe to materialize there.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How should I play Omen?

Omen should be played strategically. You should stay back and utilize your abilities well to assist your team. As a controller, he can dictate the way his team plays. Use Omen to block out common angles and catch opponents off guard from unusual angles with his Shrouded Step. Try to lurk and kill enemies from behind.

What guns are good for Omen?

For lurkers like the Valorant agent Omen, gun choice really depends on your style. If you like coming from way behind, rifles and snipers are good options. For tight angles, shotguns and submachine guns will work really well.

What agents play well in a team with Omen?

Omen is a Controller who can usually hold his own, so it’s great to pair him with sentinels and duelists who can take advantage of his smokes. Reyna, Phoenix, and Yoru are great duelists to work with Omen because of their blind abilities. Killjoy and Cypher are good sentinels that can pair their abilities with Omen’s smokes.

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