An image of the Valorant agent Killjoy.

Valorant Agent Killjoy Abilities and Skills

Is the Valorant agent Killjoy the best Sentinel?

There is no shortage of sentinel users in the game, but Killjoy is easily the most dangerous. Players use her aggressively because her kit is full of damage and crowd control abilities.

Try out Killjoy if you prefer backline and post-plant play. You can also get quick kills with her Nanoswarm or Turret from a safe distance. Professional players prioritize Killjoy for her strong ultimate ability.

Check out our complete guide on the Valorant agent Killjoy with her role and abilities.


An screenshot of the Valorant agent Killjoy in the agent selection screen.

This German sentinel uses her invented devices to hold areas of the map and eliminate enemies. Killjoy often secures a site by herself with her inventions, earning her the nickname the “genius of Germany”.

Valorant players love Killjoy’s kit because it can wipe out the enemy team safely. She can close off entryways with just her abilities. This makes her the most dangerous defensive player in Valorant.

She wears a yellow jacket and green beanie hat with round black glasses. Killjoy also wears ripped-black jeans and a fanny pack to complete her modern genius look.

Role: Sentinel

An image of the Valorant agent Killjoy in her role as a Sentinel.

Valorant sorts their agent pool into four different roles: Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels. Play Killjoy as a defensive agent since she’s a sentinel. Sentinels use their abilities to lock down angles and entryways. They can also stop the enemy team’s siege altogether.

Killjoy’s Alarmbot detects enemies when they get too close. It renders them vulnerable if it hits. Nanoswarm usually works together with Alarmbot by instantly killing the enemy after they are vulnerable.

Most players use Killjoy because of Turret’s signature ability, which is also her most versatile defensive one. Killjoy stays in the backline and is typically the last agent left alive.


Q – Alarmbot

An image of Killjoy's Alarmbot ability.

Press FIRE to place your Alarmbot on the ground. This robot wakes up and charges at the first enemy that enters its vicinity. Once it gets near enough, it explodes and renders the target vulnerable. You can reuse the ability to recall the Alarmbot and place it somewhere else.

Vulnerable opponents are much easier to kill, even with low damage weapons. Many players position the Alarmbot at entryways and spam the area with an Ares or Odin once the robot is triggered.

E – Turret

An image of Killjoy's Turret ability.

You can deploy Killjoy’s signature ability by equipping it and then pressing FIRE. You can also recall it by holding the EQUIP button and then repositioning it. Players do this when they have to rotate to another site so they can use the Turret there.

Deploy this robot in hidden angles or facing entryways to prevent enemies from just walking up to your site. It tells you where the enemies are and can even kill them. If you use it in combination with your Alarmbot or Nanoswarm, it almost certainly kills an opponent.

C – Nanoswarm

An image of Killjoy's Nanoswarm ability.

Nanoswarm simply drives opponents crazy. Players will tell you that it is Killjoy’s most annoying ability. You can’t see the deployed Nanoswarm until you’re close enough for it to kill you. Killjoy players use this ability for post-plant or ambushing the attackers.

Press FIRE to throw the grenade. Activate it to deploy a swarm of nanobots that deal a lot of damage per second. Killjoy can use two Nanoswarm grenades per round, which is great for post-plant play. Just wait for the enemy to defuse the spike and activate it to kill them or get them off the spike.

X – Lockdown

An image of Killjoy's Lockdown ultimate ability.

Lockdown is one of the best ultimate abilities in Valorant. It loads up for several seconds and then activates all the enemies caught in its large perimeter to Detain. Lockdown covers such a huge area that it can successfully push enemies out of a site or Detain and get them killed.

Killjoy is one of the best Sentinels for her ultimate ability alone. You can use it to prevent enemies from pushing into your site. It can also be used to retake a site and defuse the spike quickly.

Enemies can destroy the Lockdown device by shooting it or using molly and grenade abilities.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Best tips when using Killjoy?

Stay in the backline and support your teammates by providing cover fire. You should also clear angles using your Nanoswarm or Turret. Try not to die early because your abilities are very valuable late in a round.

On defense, cover the normal entryways using your Turret, Alarmbot, and Nanoswarm. Use your ultimate ability to delay the attackers when you are outnumbered.

What are the best guns for Killjoy?

Valorant agent Killjoy users should try rifles or snipers if they are playing in the backline. You can also opt for the Ares or Odin if the spike was planted on wallbang spots.

You should consider using shotguns during save rounds on defense. A shotgun will deal massive damage when coupled with an Alarmbot or Nanoswarm.

What other agents work well with Killjoy?

Because Killjoy plays behind and uses her abilities more than dueling with guns, she will work well with aggressive duelists. She can support Reyna, Jett, and Raze well on offense. Her kit helps clear angles and pushing into the site.

On defense, Killjoy works great with controllers like Viper or Brimstone. Their smokes conceal Killjoy’s damage abilities, so you can ambush opponents as they enter the site. Killjoy with Viper and Brimstone also combine for several post-plant lineups.

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