An image of the newest Valorant Agent KAY/O

Valorant Agent KAY/O Abilities and Skills

Have you tried out the new Valorant agent KAY/O?

With the limited number of playable agents that Valorant currently has, any new addition has the potential to change the meta. Riot created the new Valorant agent KAY/O as a combination of standard and game-changing abilities. He provides the standard flash and introduces a new kind of crowd control ability that the game hasn’t seen before.

Check out our comprehensive guide on the new Valorant agent KAY/O to learn more.


An image of the newest Valorant agent KAY/O.

KAY/O is a robot, which is the first of its kind in Valorant. Players who practice a lot in The Range will notice similarities between this agent and the dummy bots in the training areas.

This war machine was released during the same update as Episode 3: Reflection. Valorant explains that he was “built for a single purpose: neutralizing radiants.” KAY/O provides his team with a big advantage by suppressing the enemy team’s abilities for a period of time. His ult also allows him to be revived by his teammate if he dies while it’s active.

KAY/O is Valorant’s most unique agent so far, but that has been the case for every new one so far.

Role: Initiator

An image of the Valorant agent KAY/O.

Valorant classifies each agent according to their roles. There are duelists, sentinels, initiators, and controllers. KAY/O is an initiator, so he’s in charge of gathering information or funneling the enemy team into areas he wants. His main goal is to assist the duelists so they can rush into and clear the site safely.

Initiators are critical for Attackers because they lead the offense, but they can also be very useful for Defenders. Initiators usually have flashes that they can use to delay the enemy team’s attack. KAY/O can use his flash or molly to stop enemies from pushing onto the site.

He can use his ultimate ability to buy time for his team to rotate by suppressing the enemy initiators for several seconds.


Q – Flash/Drive

The new Valorant agent KAY/O's Flash/Drive ability.

KAY/O’s Q ability is a flash grenade. Use your FIRE button to throw it. It will then explode after a short while, blinding anyone who sees it.

KAY/O’s flash ability has a shorter range compared to other initiators. Skye and Breach have very long-range flashes, while KAY/O has to throw his flash grenade from a short distance.

Because of this, you will need to find good angles to be able to flash the right areas of the map. This is great for entryways with narrow paths like doorways or corners.

E – Zero/Point

An image of the new Valorant agent KAY/O's Zero/Point ability.

This is KAY/O’s most versatile ability. E equips a blade that you can throw to any surface using your FIRE button. The blade explodes and suppresses the abilities of any agent inside its radius. Your team can see which enemies were suppressed by Zero/Point, which makes it as much an information-gathering ability as it is a suppressive one.

You can use this ability as an Attacker to find out which enemies are guarding a particular site. You can do it early as a scouting maneuver or later while pushing the site to stop opponents from defending the site with their abilities.

As a Defender, use Zero/Point early on entryways to find out if the enemy team is pushing on your site. Your teammates can then rotate early to stop the attack. You can also use this ability to retake the site after the Attackers have planted.

C – Frag/Ment

An image of KAY/O's Frag/Ment ability.

Frag/Ment is KAY/O’s molly ability. Use your FIRE button to throw it. The grenade will stick to the floor and explode several times, damaging anyone inside its radius. The closer you are to the center of the molly, the higher the damage dealt.

Like his flash, KAY/O’s molly has a shorter range than other agents’. Brimstone and Viper can throw their abilities from far away, while KAY/O has to be a little closer. You can use this ability to clear angles than you don’t want to peek or prevent enemies from passing through an entryway.

X – Null/CMD

An image of KAY/O's ultimate ability.

KAY/O emits energy from himself, suppressing all enemies within a large radius for a few seconds. During this time, KAY/O also gets a Combat Stim.

If KAY/O is killed while his ultimate ability is active, he gets knocked out. A teammate can then revive him by stabilizing his core. Enemies can also finish off KAY/O by damaging him more while he is down.

You can use this ability to suppress all opponents on a site so your team can push in. You can even use yourself as bait by entering first and having your teammates trade kills for you. That way, they can just revive you after they have secured the site.

On defense, use your ultimate ability to stop the enemy team from pushing into the site with their own abilities. If they continue pushing, they will have to do so with just their guns. You can also retake a site with KAY/O’s ultimate ability.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How should I play the new Valorant agent KAY/O?

KAY/O is an initiator, so you should use your abilities to guide your team on offense. Use your Zero/Point ability to gather information. Unless your ultimate ability is active, you shouldn’t be the entry fragger. Try to stay behind your duelists and clear angles or corners with your flash and molly.

What are the best guns to use for the new Valorant agent KAY/O?

You can use any gun you want as long as you are comfortable with it. Your gun choices depend more on your personal style of play than the agent you are using. That being said, initiators often prefer short to mid-range weapons like rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns as opposed to backline guns like snipers.

What are the best agents to play with for the new Valorant agent KAY/O?

KAY/O is an initiator, so he works well with duelists. You will do well with supporting duelists like Reyna, Raze, or Jett as they enter frag into sites. You can clear basically the whole site with your abilities combined with Raze’s Boom Bot and Paint Shells.

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