An image of the Valorant agent Brimstone.

Valorant Agent Brimstone Abilities and Skills

Have you mastered playing the Valorant agent Brimstone yet?

The American Brimstone was part of the original Valorant cast when the game was first released. He dictates the flow of the game with his smokes, molly, and ultimate ability. Brimstone is the best smoker in the game because he can pinpoint exactly where his smokes go. If you want to learn to be a great controller, Brim is a great first agent.

This agent is great for both offense and defense because of his versatile abilities. He can play second fragger or backline, depending on your style. You can also play safe and use your molly to defend the spike post-plant.

Check out our detailed guide on how to become a great Brimstone player.


An image of the Valorant agent Brimstone in the agent selection screen.

Riot gave Brimstone the codename Sarge and designed his character accordingly. The oldest agent in Valorant, he is also the most cooperative personality. He also encourages his teammates and seems to have good relationships with most of the others.

Brimstone seems to be connected to Viper, Killjoy, and the newest agent KAY/O. He also seems to have a rivalry of sorts with Breach. They both have in-game quotes that are passive-aggressive with each other.

Brimstone wears a chest plate, an orange hat, and an arm bracer on his left forearm. He also wears gloves and sports a graying beard and moustache. 

Role: Controller

An screenshot of the Valorant agent Brimstone in the Riot website.

The Valorant agent Brimstone belongs to the controller class. They are the best support agents in the game. Controllers help their duelists enter a site by obscuring enemy vision through their smokes. They also tend to have molly or damage abilities that can be used to clear angles. Controllers can choose to be the secondary attackers or stay in the backline and watch the flank. Brimstone’s molly and ultimate ability are often enough to secure an Attacker round.

Intelligent players will love playing with Brimstone and outsmarting the enemy team constantly. You can even break away from your team and flank the enemies by faking your smokes.


Q – Incendiary

An image of Brimstone's Incendiary ability.

Press the EQUIP button to use your grenade launcher. Your FIRE button then shoots a grenade that detonates on the floor and causes a pool of fire. Brimstone’s molly ability is one of his best ones. It causes a lot of damage per second which is great for closing off entryways or clearing angles.

A lot of Brim players also save Incendiary for post-plant lineups. A perfectly timed lineup can secure the round from a safe angle. You can also delay the defuse just long enough to get a good position.

You can also use your molly to prevent enemies from planting so your teammates can rotate to the site.

E – Sky Smoke

An image of Brimstone's Sky Smoke ability.

Sky Smoke is arguably the best smoke ability in the game. You can equip the ability to see a tactical map with a large range. Use your FIRE button to pinpoint exactly where your smoke will land. Your ALTERNATE FIRE button will then deploy all the smokes you have set.

Brimstone gets one free Sky Smoke every round. He can also buy up to two more. Having three available smokes is usually enough to allow your team to get into the site safely. It can also cover most of the entryways when you are defending.

Combine your Sky Smokes with your molly or ultimate ability to get easy kills.

C – Stim Beacon

An image of Brimstone's Stim Beacon ability.

Use your EQUIP button to hold a Stim Beacon in your hand. Your FIRE button throws it in front of you. Stim Beacons give everyone in its area RapidFire, which speeds up your fire rate significantly.

You can buy up to two Stim Beacons each round. You will also keep RapidFire for a few seconds after leaving the zone.

Use Stim Beacon together with an Ares, Odin, or rifles to maximize the buff. This ability is great on defense for holding angles. You can also use it on offense post-plant to stop enemies from retaking the site.

X – Orbital Strike

An image of Brimstone's Orbital Strike ultimate ability.

Orbital Strike is one of the best abilities in the game. Brimstone’s ultimate ability launches a laser strike that covers a large area for several seconds. It deals massive damage over time that can kill full health opponents very quickly.

This ability can wipe out the entire enemy team if you catch them off-guard. You can easily clear out an area of the site using an Orbital Strike. A lot of players opt to save it for post-plant play. You can wait for enemies to defuse the spike and unleash Orbital Strike on them to get them off.

For defense, use Orbital Strike to delay enemies from pushing on to the site so your team can rotate. You can also use it to retake a site and scrambling the enemy positions.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How should I play as Brimstone?

The Valorant agent Brimstone works well as a secondary fragger with his Stim Beacon and Incendiary. You can support your duelists and trade kill them when they die. Remember to use your Sky Smokes tactically. Smoke off strategic angles that enemies tend to hold.

Save your molly and the ultimate ability for post-plant lineups to secure the win.

What are the best agents to play with Brimstone?

You will do well with duelists because Brimstone is a controller. Raze, Jett, and Reyna are some of the best entry fraggers in the game, so you can support them with your abilities. Use your smoke to cover some angles and then your molly to clear others so your duelist can focus on getting into the site.

Controllers and sentinels work very well together on defense, so Brimstone will be great with a Sage or Killjoy in holding a site. You can combine Sky Smokes and molly abilities to catch attackers off-guard.

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