An image of the Valorant agent Breach.

Valorant Agent Breach Abilities and Skills

Is the Valorant agent Breach the best offensive initiator?

Initiators are one of the most underrated characters in the game and Breach is a great example. He only has one damage ability so players often overlook his importance in a team. Breach mains understand that his potential impact is worth more than just getting kills or dealing damage.

His abilities make up arguably the best offensive initiator kit in Valorant. Breach has everything you need to push into a site from stuns to flashes and large area knock-ups. He can play secondary fragger and clear angles or the backline by saving his abilities for post-plant.

If you want to learn how to play one of the most underrated agents in the game, check out our detailed Breach abilities guide.


An image of the Valorant agent Breach in the agent selection screen.

Hailing from Sweden, Breach is Valorant’s resident bionic agent. He uses his mechanical arms to wreak havoc through walls and any other objects on the map. He was born without arms but eventually built his mechanical arms himself. Raze gave him upgrades that he now uses in-game.

Some people believe he was a mercenary before being recruited by Viper into Valorant. He was then recruited together with Raze based on their VP agent numbers. Breach also seems to have a rivalry with Brimstone based on their in-game quotes. They both take shots at each other during a match.

Breach wears green military clothing and a pair of army boots. His bionic arms complete the veteran military look that he has going.

Role: Initiator

An image of the Valorant agent Breach as an initiator.

As an initiator, Breach needs to support his team by helping them enter the site safely. You should use your abilities to clear the angles that your duelists aren’t looking at and immediately trade kill them if they die. Play as the secondary fragger or stay in the backline as long as your team gets to plant the site successfully.

You can also watch the flank to make sure lurkers don’t get your team from behind. Your abilities all penetrate through walls so you can watch the backline from a safe angle. It’s also viable to save your abilities for post-plant scenarios. You can use Aftershock to stop the defuse for a few seconds or Rolling Thunder to knock up enemies.

Breach might be the best initiator for offense, but he can also be a decent defender if you use him right.


Q – Flashpoint

An image of Breach's Flashpoint ability.

Flashpoint is the best flash ability in Valorant. Use EQUIP to hold Flashpoint on Breach’s palms and press the ‘FIRE‘ button to activate it. Flashpoint needs to be detonated through walls and similar structures for them to work. You will see this through the green or red indicator when you aim it on a surface.

This ability flashes everyone with a line of sight to it when activated. You can buy up to two flashes per round, and each one blinds agents for two seconds. Use Flashpoint on offense to blind enemies as you push in. Enemies will either have to fall back to avoid being flashed or risk being killed.

You can also use this ability on defense to delay enemies from attacking or to retake a site easily.

E – Fault Line

An image of Breach's Fault Line ability.

Press ‘EQUIP‘ to charge up a seismic blast and hold ‘FIRE‘ to slowly increase the distance you will hit. Release the ‘FIRE‘ button to detonate the blast and daze all agents in the affected area.

Dazing basically stuns enemies, slowing down their movement and fire rate. It also reduces accuracy and alters your vision for a few seconds. Fault Line is Breach’s signature ability so you get it for free every round and it recharges after 40 seconds.

Use Fault Line when attacking to clear angles and force enemies to reposition. For defense, you can stop the attack by using Fault Line on entryways so enemies will have to back off for a few seconds. Your team can then rotate and set up your defense.

C – Aftershock

An image of Breach's Aftershock ability.

Aftershock is Breach’s damaging ability. Press ‘EQUIP‘ to hold a charge of Aftershock and ‘FIRE‘ to set it off. This ability then penetrates through walls and deals massive damage to all enemies caught in it. Aftershock ticks three times with each one dealing 60 damage. This will kill even full health and armor enemies that are caught in it.

There are a couple of seconds of charging before the first tick so remember to time it right. Use this ability on offense to clear angles that you can’t peek. Enemy agents will be forced to come out and risk getting killed. They may also have to use utility to get away safely.

Use this ability in post-plant scenarios to stop the defuse. This can win you the round when used correctly.

X – Rolling Thunder

An image of Breach's Rolling Thunder ultimate ability.

Rolling Thunder is one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. This game-changing ult is the main reason most people play the Valorant agent Breach. The large area it covers can make site retakes or sieges very easy. There is no escape once you are caught in its vicinity.

Press ‘EQUIP‘ to hold a seismic charge and ‘FIRE‘ to activate it. A large rolling earthquake goes through the area, knocking up and dazing everyone that it hits for six seconds. When you are attacking, this ult can get you quick kills if enemies are defending the site. You can also use Rolling Thunder post-plant to stop enemies from defusing for a long time.

On defense, use this ability to delay the attack or retake a site.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How should I play the Valorant agent Breach?

As an initiator, use your abilities on offense to help your duelist’s entry frag safely. Your whole kit was designed for sieging so use it well. Clear angles and flash opponents to get easy kills. The Valorant agent Breach can change the flow of the game when used properly.

Which guns are the best for Breach?

If you like playing secondary fragger, a shotgun or submachine gun is good for eco rounds. If you prefer using your abilities and then playing the backline, you can use snipers to cover angles.

Rifles are very versatile so you can get them regardless of your playstyle.

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