How to Use Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded

Want to know how you can use the Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded?

Grounded is currently one of the hottest titles in the gaming world. It is about survival, mystery, and insects. In the game, you are shrunken down into the size of insects and placed in the Backyard. This aspect of the game makes fans compare it to the 90s hit film Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. 

Given that Grounded drew inspiration from this hit 90s film, the most dangerous and intimidating enemies in the game are spiders.

However, it is known that some people suffer from arachnophobia, and this could drive away some players who would otherwise enjoy the game. Fortunately, Obsidian Entertainment included an arachnophobia-safe mode in Grounded, which transform spiders into something more abstract. 

If you are disturbed by the number of spiders and insects present in Grounded, we got you covered. 

Today, we will show you how to use Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded. 

Let’s dive right in!

Enabling Arachnophobia Mode

Players can enable arachnophobia safe mode from Grounded’s options menu under the Accessibility tab. You can find this option at the top of the menu, above other accessibility options like colorblind mode, assistive screen reader, and subtitles. 

use arachnophobia mode in grounded

You should also take note that it is not a fixed setting but a slider. The higher you set the slider, the more abstract the spiders look. 

  • 1st Level: Spiders in the game only have four legs instead of eight.
  • 2nd Level: Spiders float above the ground and don’t have legs. 
  • 3rd Level: Spiders have no mouths, and their faces have eyes on them. 
  • 4th Level: Spiders’ facial features are simplified, and they become round orbs. 
  • 5th Level: Spiders’ bodies have similar orb treatment. 

Keep in mind that while the spiders look less scary, this does not mean that they are less dangerous. Unless creative mode is enabled, where enemies don’t pose a threat, the spiders in arachnophobia mode are still very much capable of slaying unprepared players. 

Of course, even the most careful arachnophobes cannot avoid spiders completely. Not only do they roam crucial parts of the map, but they also offer essential crafting ingredients, like silk ropes for the dew collector. 

For players with minor arachnophobia, the feature can be easily tested. It can be altered at any point while playing. This means that you can just enable the feature when you encounter a spider. 

That is it for our guide on how to use Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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