How to Upgrade Your House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want to know how you can upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Upgrading your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley to get more storage space is one of the first mysteries you’ll face in the game. After all, you are going to gather a lot of items in the game that you will want to stash away just in case you’ll need them later on. 

While it is simple to expand the size of your magical pockets through the ‘expand’ button, sorting out an upgrade for your house needs a little more work. 

Scrooge McDuck is one of the first characters you will get access to in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is a welcome sight since the key to upgrading your house is to complete a few of his quests. 

After you have set up his shop as part of Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening, you will get a quest called Valley Economics 101. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Let’s begin!

Upgrading Your House in Dreamlight Valley

Economics 101 is a quick one and will require selling seven items to Goofy at his stall. After that, this should allow you to upgrade your house’s interior. The elevator appears inside and to the left of your home’s front door and will allow you to expand your main space. 

upgrade your house in dreamlight valley

This should also extend to additional rooms for different amounts of Disney Dreamlight Vally Star Coins. 

  • Main Room Expansion (1st): 1000 Star Coins
  • Main Room Expansion (2nd): 2000 Star Coins
  • Additional Rooms: 3000 Star Coins (10×10), 2000 Star Coins (8×8), 1000 Star Coins (6×6)

Keep in mind that it is also possible to add three additional rooms to your first floor if you want. 

Getting More Storage in Dreamlight Valley

Once you have made one internal upgrade, the next time you come back home, Scrooge will have a builder sign outside your house. Ensure that you check your mailbox outside your house for any items from Founder’s Packs. 

This sign should allow you to make upgrades for your house’s exterior and also expand the storage capacity of every chest you build. 

upgrade your house in dreamlight valley

You can also build as many chests as you like, but initially, they will only have a row of storage capacity. This can be enhanced after upgrading the exterior of your home. 

  • First External Upgrade: 2000 Star Coins (Extra Storage Row)
  • Second External Upgrade: 20000 Star Coins (3rd and 4th Storage Row)
  • Third External Upgrade: 75000 (Unknown Storage Upgrade Level)

Keep in mind that you can have as many chests as you want in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You also have to ensure that you place them by cookers and crafting tables to instantly access the items inside. 

That ends our guide on how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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