How to Unlock Victory Sword and Sole Solution in Vampire Survivors

The Victory Sword and the Sole Solution are incredibly potent, but are you aware of this?

The 0.11.0 Patch for Vampire Survivors provided a new armament that was significantly more powerful than previous ones. After obtaining them, the Victory Sword and the Sole Solution will grant you an astounding amount of power.

Without further ado, let us learn everything you need to know about the conditions you need to consider when you try to unlock the Victory Sword and Sole Solution.

Queen Sigma

Queen sigma to unlock Victory Sword and Sole Solution

To unlock the Victory Sword and Sole Solution, you first need to gain access to Queen Sigma. This character has the Victory Sword as her starting weapon.

Unlocking Queen Sigma could take several days of play if you are starting in the game. This is because you are required to finish the in-game Collection before Sigma can be unlocked.

At the beginning of the game, many Reroll, Skip, and Banish cards are dealt to Queen Sigma. Plus, she can buy Candybox from the Merchant. This works to your benefit in getting the body you want.

Thus, Candybox can typically only appear in the level-up menu once every run. There would be no other opportunities to buy it if you purchased from the Merchant. Selecting Candybox from the level-up menu and purchasing it from the Merchant will net the player two Candy boxes.

Victory Sword

Victory Sword and Sole Solution

One of the weapons in Vampire Survivors is called the Victory Sword. It is the primary weapon that Queen Sigma wields when the game begins. You can access it once Queen Sigma has killed 100,000 enemies in a single run.

Mad Forest and Inlaid Library to unlock Victory Sword and Sole Solution

Undoubtedly, unlocking it is a challenge. However, you can take things easy on this run by selecting either the Mad Forest or Inlaid Library stages. Rounds on these stages last for 30 minutes and are somewhat easier to handle than the preceding ones.

Skull O'Maniac

Additionally, The Skull O’Maniac passive item can help you attain the kill goal since it makes more foes appear. In that case, you are making it easier to accomplish 100,000 kills. However, Before raising Skull O’Maniac’s level, you should be sure Sigma can take care of the increased enemy population.

Torrona's Box

The Victory Sword is something that Queen Sigma makes use of. When Torrona’s Box is activated, this weapon will gain the ability to scale. This Passive Item has a chance of appearing at random while the user is carrying six different Weapon Evolutions.

Victory Sword Attack Animation

The Victory Sword is designed to quickly and efficiently dispatch several foes by automatically generating a sequence of slashes and directing them toward the closest opponents. During the counterattack, it slices the target six times around its perimeter.

Victory Sword Icon

There are 12 different levels in Victory Sword. Maximum level Victory Sword increases damage by 35, increases area by 60%, increases the amount by three, and decreases cooldown by 0.75 seconds.

You can see the progress of attributes of the Victory Sword per level:

  • Level 1: Strikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy.
  • Level 2: +1 Projectile Attack.
  • Level 3: +5 base damage, +20% base area.
  • Level 4: +1 Projectile Attack.
  • Level 5: +10 base damage, +20% base area.
  • Level 6: +1 Projectile Attack.
  • Level 7: +10 base damage, +20% base area.
  • Level 8: Enables critical hits and combo finisher.
  • Level 9: +10 base damage.
  • Level 10: -0.3 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 11: -0.3 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 12: -0.3 seconds cooldown.

As stated above, At level eight, the opportunity to deal with critical hits, which do twice as much damage and have a 10% chance to occur, becomes available.

In this instance of chance, luck played a part. At level eight, it also unleashes its finisher, which morphs every five slashes into a vertical finisher that sweeps over a large area. You may only use this finisher once per five slashes.

The Victory Sword’s early levels are not that strong, but by level 12, it can single-handedly wipe out vast groups of foes. Following the utilization of Torrona’s Box, you will have the opportunity to raise your Victory Sword to level eight and observe it transforming into Sole Solution.

Sole Solution

Sole Solution Icon

In Vampire Survivors, both Victory Sword and Sole Solution requires Torrona’s Box for it to evolve. It is a gift from Torrona’s Box, which you can only receive at the maximum level possible.

However, when obtained, it does not take the place of the Victory Sword. The original weapon is not replaced in any way by the Sole Solution Weapon Evolution, in contrast to other Weapon Evolutions. In its place, it creates a ring of tiny sparkles that encircles the figure.

Sole Solution

This builds up, and when the weapon goes off, it unleashes a giant galaxy spinning wildly in every direction. The ability to transform into a ghost and become resistant to damage while maintaining the ability to pick up items is provided by this ability. This weapon’s damage rises without limit for every 5,000 enemies it eliminates from the area.

The Victory Sword and Sole Solution are game-changing arsenals you can use during your runs. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything about them and successfully unlocked them.

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