How to Unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors

Do you know how to unlock the Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors? It is one of the strongest characters in the game.

In the game Vampire Survivors, each character possesses a unique special ability that sets them apart. These powers are well-balanced and provide a level playing field for players.

 However, the gameplay mechanics of Vampire Survivors can give certain characters an advantage over others. Each character also begins the game equipped with a weapon, but not all weapons are created equal. 

The newest character, Queen Sigma, is one of the most powerful characters available with the release of Patch 0.11.0. Queen Sigma has various passive perks, making her powerful in the game.

It’s worth noting that while Queen Sigma does have a drawback, it is not significant enough to impact gameplay negatively. She is an excellent addition to the Vampire Survivors roster, providing players with a powerful new option for their gameplay strategies.

Starting Weapon

victory sword

Queen Sigma uses the Victory Sword. Activating Torrona’s Box will allow this weapon to advance. When carrying six unique Weapon Evolutions, this Passive Item may appear randomly.

An array of slashes are generated by the Victory Sword and directed at the nearest foes. Upon striking, it delivers six slicing blows to the target. At level 8, critical hits become possible, dealing twice the damage and having a 10% chance of occurring. 

Luck has a role in this random event. At level 8, it also unleashes its finisher, transforming every five slashes into a vertical finisher that sweeps over a wide area.

After using Torrona’s Box, you can level up your Victory Sword to 8 and watch it transform into Sole Solution. Unlike other Weapon Evolutions, Sole Solution does not supplant the original weapon. Instead, it produces a halo of tiny sparks surrounding the figure.

queen sigma sole solution when unlocked

Eventually, it will release intense energy showing a galaxy-looking attack on your screen. It turns the player into a ghost, making them immune to harm while still allowing them to pick up items. The damage from this weapon increases unboundedly for every 5,000 foes you kill.

Now that you’ve learned about Queen Sigma, let’s discuss how to unlock it and the requirements.

How to Unlock Queen Sigma

collections to Unlock Queen Sigma

To unlock Queen Sigma, you must collect 122 items in the “Collection” section. Also, you can check your progress and access it from the main menu. The Collection has different things like weapons, arcana, pick-up items, and passive items.

The game now has three other Achievements, which will display the next time you start it up. When you click “Complete the Collection”, a portrait of one of the playable characters will appear. 

complete the collection to Unlock Queen Sigma

The aforementioned is Queen Sigma. “Complete the Collection” refers to obtaining all collectibles in a game.

Usually, new players will need to play the game quite a few times. But, old-timer players that have worked to obtain all characters, weapons, and arcana will not have to put in much effort to unlock Queen Sigma. 

For Queen Sigma to be available during character selection, if the game begins with an entire Collection, it may be necessary to initiate a run and leave the level. You can select Queen Sigma on the character-choosing screen without the use of gold.

Abilities and Stats

queen sigma stats

As stated above, she has many passive advantages once you unlock Queen Sigma. Almost every statistic, including Might and Area, receives a substantial boost, often as considerable as or more significant than the increase the corresponding passive item provided. Because of this, it’s tempting to think of a run with Sigma as too simple.

Queen Sigma Stats:

  • Max Health: 333
  • Armor: 3
  • Recovery: 3
  • Move Speed: 150%
  • Might: 150%
  • Cooldown: 0.75
  • Area: 100%
  • Speed: 100%
  • Duration: 150
  • Amount: 1
  • Luck: 150%
  • Growth: 100%
  • Greed: 100%
  • Curse: 110%
  • Magnet: 1
  • Revival: 1
  • Reroll: 108
  • Skip: 108
  • Banish: 108

Queen Sigma is so strong that she cannot be affected by the game’s enhancements. For example, the use of Golden Eggs does not affect her. 

golden egg

She instead has among the strongest base attributes in the game and increases 1% might and 1% Growth per level without limit. The Golden Eggs have replaced the Candybox weapon in the Merchant’s arsenal.


Queen Sigma also can gain and equip more arcana than other characters at a faster rate. At the beginning of each run, Sigma chooses an arcana like any other character. 

She can choose an additional arcana. Up to seven arcana can be obtained with Sigma if the player remains at level 1 until getting the arcana at the 11:00 and 21:00 minute marks.

Further, Sigma selects one arcana from the total pool of 24 cards rather than only 4. All in all, this character is completely broken and just recompense for complicated unlocking requirements.


Tips on Using Queen Sigma


Queen Sigma begins the game with many Reroll, Skip, and Banish cards. Additionally, as stated above, she has access to Candybox, which may be purchased from the Merchant. You can use this to your advantage to achieve your desired build.

So, usually, Candybox can only appear in the level-up menu once per run. If you purchased it from the Merchant, it would not appear again. To get two Candyboxes, the player must first select Candybox from the level-up menu and buy it from the Merchant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Queen Sigma get Golden Eggs?

While some players may consider Queen Sigma the top character for gold farming, she is not suitable for farming Golden Eggs, as she is the only character in the game who cannot pick up or purchase Golden Eggs.

How can Queen Sigma farm gold without the use of Golden Eggs?

Despite the limitation of not being able to pick up Golden Eggs, Queen Sigma remains a top choice for gold farming due to her power when equipped with the Victory Sword and a well-suited build. She is particularly efficient at farming gold on specific maps such as Moonglow.

What is the strongest weapon in Vampire Survivors?

The Santa Water weapon starts weak but becomes one of the strongest at level 8. Its evolved form, La Borra, is considered the best weapon in the game.

Does Vampire Survivors have an end?

Upon reaching a specified level, like level 20 in the first stage, it will unlock the next, and so on. Completing a stage by surviving for 30 minutes will also unlock a hyper version of the stage. However, as it is a survival game, there is no definite endpoint.

Undoubtedly, this character is one of the strongest in the game. Hopefully, this article gave you the needed information and helped you unlock Queen Sigma.

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