How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

Every new patch in Call of Duty Warzone brings buffs and nerfs to existing weapons, Sometimes introducing new weapons. This article will tell you How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone introduced the Nail Gun in season four, and it took the players by storm. Specifically, the stats of the Nail Gun were surprisingly good, and players instantly wanted to unlock it. It is a powerful SMG that is fatal at close range, and that’s the selling point of the gun.

The Nail Gun has different unlocking methods, and all are difficult without having knowledge. However, you don’t have to worry as we have your backs. With this in mind, listed below are the ways on How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone.

Nail Gun

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

The Nail Gun is a slow-firing SMG with a massive damage output at close range. Furthermore, it can kill a fully armored opponent in four to five shots at close range. Therefore, it became one of the most popular guns in the Call of Duty Warzone. 

It has a small magazine size that only carries fifteen bullets, but the high damage compensates. In addition to this, the Nail Gun has a very low recoil that makes it hard for you to miss any shots at close range. Overall, the Nail Gun is a powerful weapon that can devastate your enemies on correct usage.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

There are multiple ways to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone. All of them require different levels of experience or resources. In conclusion, all the ways require some time to complete except the first one to buy the weapon. 

Buy the Nail Gun in the Store

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

The first and the easiest way of unlocking the Nail Gun is to buy the bundle in-store. You can simply buy the Framework bundle in the Call of Duty Warzone store. Along with the Nail Gun, you will get other items, including a Finishing Move, Gesture, a Calling Card, and more.

The Framework bundle showcases the Puncture Wound, a blueprint of the Nail Gun. You can use this to customize your loadouts and play with this weapon before completing the challenges. However, you won’t be able to use the base version of the weapon, nor can you upgrade it.

This way is perfect for those who have spare cash and can spend money in-game. Besides this, it’s an effortless way of getting this weapon, after which you can complete the challenges in your own time. Nevertheless, if you find this way too easy, follow the methods below.

Challenge Completion for the Nail Gun

Nail Gun

The primary way of unlocking the Nail Gun is completing its challenges. You have to complete these challenges in a certain way for them to count. To summarize, this method will require a lot of time, but it’s worth it to unlock the Nail Gun.

The challenge is to get five eliminations with Special Weapons in fifteen different completed matches. What this means is you can’t leave the match after getting eliminations or use another gun. In addition to this, the Special Weapons you have to use are hard to get kills with.

The Special Weapons are:

  • Ballistic Knife
  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • R1 Shadowhunter

Call of Duty Warzone doesn’t have a specific special weapons category, but these are the weapons that come under it. Aside from the Nail Gun, these are also powerful weapons but difficult to kill with. Below are all the ways to make it easier to complete these challenges.

Tips to Complete the Challenges 
How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

First, make a loadout with these weapons to use them in-game. The best way to complete these challenges is by playing multiple Plunder matches. Plunder allows you to respawn many times in-game, which is necessary if you want to get five kills together. However, don’t leave the game if you get the kills, as they won’t count if you leave.

You just have to get kills with one of the Special Weapons to complete the challenge. With this in mind, the M79 Grenade Launcher is the best weapon to get eliminations in a single match. Especially if there are more people in an area, the M79 Grenade Launcher can rack up kills with perfect execution.

The best choice is to drop in a heavily populated place. This will give you the best chance to get a kill on opponents who are already fighting. Aside from this, the M79 Grenade Launcher is an area damage weapon, so more people are better for you. Overall, the more people there are, the more chances you have to get eliminations.

If you feel up for the challenge, you can use the other Special Weapons. The R1 Shadowhunter is a Crossbow that fires a high-power bolt that can one-shot but is hard to hit. On the other hand, the Ballistic Knife is a spring-action knife launcher that can fire blades.

Both weapons are single targets and easy to miss if not careful. So choosing which weapon to complete the challenge is necessary, as you have to play fifteen games with five kills each. Overall, the M79 Grenade Launcher is your best bet to complete this challenge in the least time.

Unlock the Nail Gun in Multiplayer
How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

You can complete these challenges in Multiplayer matches if you have access to that mode. The challenge is vastly easier to complete in multiplayer than in Warzone. Besides being easier, you can quickly complete them because matches are shorter. Multiplayer is the way to go.

Build a loadout with the Special Weapons so you can choose them in-game. Now, just play game modes like Team Deathmatch as they are shorter and easier to get eliminations in them. Overall, Multiplayer modes have a lot of action and are more fast-paced, so you can complete the challenge in them.

Another technique of completing this is to camp in your game. Camping is a famous tactic but very unpopular among gamers, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Camping allows you to stay hidden and wait while enemies come to you. This way, you can get kills on unsuspecting enemies.

If camping is your choice, building your loadout according to this playstyle will help a lot. You can add a Decoy Grenade to your loadout, which will attract enemies to your position. Aside from this, you can select perks for better survivability or ammo scavenging, so you never run out.

Overall, Multiplayer is an excellent way to complete challenges and your best bet in unlocking the Nail Gun.

Unlock the Nail Gun through Black Ops Cold War Zombies
How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have progress that interlink together. This means you can unlock the Nail Gun in Black Ops Cold War, and you will also get it in Warzone. To summarize, you can play the Multiplayer or Zombies mode in Cold War, which will count in Warzone.

The Multiplayer works just like the Modern Warfare Multiplayer mode, and you can complete the challenge in the same way. On the other hand, you can play the Zombies mode and complete its own challenge to unlock the Nail Gun.

To unlock the Nail Gun, get twenty-five kills with Special Weapons in 12 different regions of Outbreak. The Special Weapons are the same, but the mode and amount of kills are different. 

These are all the ways of How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty Warzone. Hopefully, this article helps you in unlocking the Nail Gun with ease.

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