How to Unlock Lab Doors in GTA Online

Do you need to unlock lab doors in GTA Online?

GTA Online recently received an expansion featuring a handful of new missions from Franklin Clinton, one of the main characters in GTA V’s main storyline. Besides the missions, there are also new features added to the game, such as new tracks on the radio. 

The missions included in The Contract DLC revolve around gathering intel on the whereabouts of each phone copy for Dr.Dre’s stolen phone, eliminating waves of enemies, and recovering the phones. 

However, you’ll also encounter other tasks while doing The Contract, like finding hidden items and solving mini-puzzles. 

One of the trickiest tasks that you’ll need to do to advance this questline is unlocking the lab doors while saving the client’s monkey from Merryweather. This portion of the DLC is not part of Dr.Dre’s questline but a mini job that you can do to make some dough. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can unlock the lab doors in GTA Online while saving your client’s monkey. 

Let’s get started!

Unlocking the Lab Doors

The first thing you should do before you can unlock the lab doors is get rid of all the Merryweather guards inside the lab. While doing this, try not to use explosives, as you can risk destroying the vans inside. 

Once you’ve taken down the guards inside, go to the van that has the stolen monkey in it and look at the large doors that lead out of the laboratory. 

unlock lab doors in GTA Online

Now, head to the door on your left, and on the left side of this door, you’ll see a concrete pillar with a switch. This will be the button to unlock the doors of the loob. 

unlock lab doors in GTA Online

When you’re ready, hit the switch to open the doors. Get in the van with the monkey and drive to the doors. Keep in mind that some Merryweather cars will be waiting for you outside, so be ready to put up some fight. 

unlock lab doors in GTA Online

For the final task, you’ll have to get clear of the cars before you can head back to the agency to return your client’s monkey. 

Security Contract Rewards

After successfully returning the monkey to your client, you’ll receive a generous amount and some RP. Besides that, you’ll also unlock the option to take on VIP Contracts, which involves tracking down Dr.Dre’s lost phone. 

You can also unlock the Payphone Hits missions if you manage to complete all three security contracts. 

If you’re doing the vehicle recovery security contract, check our guide for unlocking the hangar doors in GTA Online.

That wraps up our guide on how to unlock the lab doors in GTA Online. We hope that this guide helped you complete one of the security contracts in Grand Theft Auto Online. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have some clarifications or concerns. 

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