How to Unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

Did you know that a game mode in Vampire Survivors will make you complete a run faster than usual? Read on to learn how to unlock Hurry Mode.

Playing Vampire Survivors is undoubtedly a stress reliever. However, it is also draining if you’re not used to playing longer hours per run. 

The players of Vampire Survivors can now select the Hurry Mode gameplay mode as an option.

With this specific game mode, you can enable, you can play every run in vampire survivors and complete it in no time.

This will give you more time to understand the game and learn more by trying different builds on different stages. However, as with all new content in this game, you must unlock Hurry Mode before accessing it.

Fortunately, unlocking this mode is easier than you may think. So without further ado, let’s discuss how to unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors.

Gallo Tower

Unlock hurry mode in gallo tower

To access the Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors, you first need to unlock the Gallo Tower, which serves as a stage in the game. But before we go into how to finish it, let’s talk more about this stage that we’re now in.

Unlocking Gallo Tower

dairy plant to Unlock hurry mode

The fourth and final stage of Vampire Survivors is called Gallo Tower. You will be able to access this stage once you have reached level 60 in the Dairy Plant.

You can use various characters and builds, such as Santa Water, which is effective at controlling crowds, to make it easier for you to level up to 60 in the Dairy Plant stage.

In addition, the Song of Mana attacks enemies from above and below, effectively piercing them. You will be required to navigate through confined spaces to overcome the challenges of the Dairy Plant. 

Because it has a vertical attack, this weapon will make it significantly easier to maneuver through these congested corridors.

Moreover, Because of the Gallo Tower’s vertical layout, most enemies will appear from above or below the screen, as mentioned earlier. There are 34 distinct foes to face in Gallo Tower, 14 of which also serve as bosses.

Items and Drops

Item drops in gallo tower

In terms of items and drops, At the beginning of this stage, you will be given two different passive items that are unique. The locations of these items are displayed using the Milky Way Map. There is a 100% chance of receiving at least one of each item:

  • Bracer: North of the map.
  • Spellbinder: South of the map.

Additionally, If you have the Yellow Sign, you will gain access to the four Stage Items that are hidden:

  • North of the starting area is where you’ll find the Silver Ring and the Metaglio Left.
  • You’ll find the Gold Ring and the Metaglio Right south of the starting area.

On top of that, you can find two relics in Gallo Tower: Randomazzo can be found north of the starting area. The location of Sorceress’ Tears is to the south of the starting area.

Unlocking Hurry Mode

Unlock hurry mode in gallo tower

Now you’ve learned everything about the Gallo Tower. We can now start unlocking the Hurry Mode by completing the stage.

sorceress' tears in vampire survivors

Once you’ve unlocked the Gallo Tower, you need to start a run and enter the stage. The unlocking process of the Hurry Mode is simple. You must locate and obtain the Sorceress’ Tears relic on the south of the map.

follow the green arrow to Unlock hurry mode

As soon as you step inside the Gallo Tower, a green arrow will appear on your screen and point you toward one of the treasures. Keep going in the direction of the green arrow until you find it.

Take note that it will be pretty long, so you must stay focused and save time and resources. You should also remember that you will have to combat the relic’s guardians whenever they enter the area where you are located.

sorceress' tears

You shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating these guardians, but you must exercise extreme caution around them. After defeating them, you will obtain the Sorceress’ Tears relic and exit the stage.

Play Hurry Mode

unlocked: sorceress' tears

After you obtain the Sorceress’ Tears relic, you will gain access to Hurry Mode, located at the bottom of your screen on stage selection.

hurry mode in stage selection

When you begin a run with Hurry Mode enabled, the time on the clock is sped up by a factor of two. It means that a normal stage that takes 30 minutes to complete will only take 15 minutes to finish.

In addition, the rate at which waves of new enemies appear has been sped up. One of the advantages of playing in Hurry Mode is that it boosts experience gains by 25%.

This will help you keep up with the increasing power of your foe. The stage is the same as the standard thirty-minute version in every other stage.

That would be the end of our discussion. Hopefully, this article helped you successfully unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors. You can now use this mode to the fullest and complete a run without spending too much time.

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