How to Unlock Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

Did you know there is a stage where you can find the final weapon in Vampire Survivors? Read on to learn how to unlock Greatest Jubilee.

With the latest patch in Vampire Survivors, new content has been added, including a new character, a new stage, new weapons, character skins, and music tracks.

Players can now access the game’s final stage and boss battle in Vampire Survivors version 1.0. The Greatest Jubilee is one of the new weapons with great uses.

The game’s final chapter is Eudaimonia Machine, but you must find it like the rest of its hidden content. Both the stage’s final boss and the stage itself present challenges.

Eudaimonia Machine

Eudaimonia Machine

In Vampire Survivors, there is a particular stage called The Eudaimonia Machine. It will be possible for you to begin a run once you have collected every regular Relic found in every stage.

You’re in luck because you might already have some of the required relics if you’ve been playing Vampire Survivors for a while. The list of necessary relics that you’ll need to access this hidden stage is as follows:

  • Ars Gouda
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
  • Glass Vizard
  • Golden Egg
  • Great Gospel
  • Grim Grimoire
  • Magic Banger
  • Milky Way Map
  • Mindbender
  • Sorceress’ Tears
  • Yellow Sign

There are currently no available item drops or relics on this map in terms of item drops. However, the relics and the Greatest Jubilee you can obtain after finishing the run are the primary motivation for unlocking and completing this.

The Seventh Trumpet and Gracia’s Mirror are the two artifacts at this stage. When you collect these relics, you can access Inverse and Endless Mode.

Greatest Jubilee Stats and Effects

Unlock Greatest Jubilee

Once you’ve got your hand on the Greatest Jubilee, it will give a noticeable power spike since it is the last weapon you can unlock in the game.

Fireworks are called to the top half of the screen by Greatest Jubilee. Its finisher also becomes active at level 9, triggering a light display at the bottom of the screen.

There are nine levels in Greatest Jubilee. Greatest Jubilee has a finisher effect, +4 Amount, +20 Base Damage, +50% Area, and -1.0 seconds of Cooldown at max level.

  • Level 1: “Has the potential to call forth light sources.”
  • Level 2: Shoots one extra projectile.
  • Level 3: Base damage increases by ten and Reduced cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
  • Level 4: Launches one extra projectile.
  • Level 5: Base damage increases by 10 and 25% more base area
  • Level 6: Launches one extra projectile.
  • Level 7: Base Area is 25% and Reduced cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
  • Level 8: Launches one extra projectile.
  • Level 9: Provides the finisher.

Unlocking Greatest Jubilee

Unlock Greatest Jubilee

The Directer will engage the player in combat after the third time the player enters the Eudaimonia Machine and speaks with it. The Directer will show up to the player’s left, surrounded by seven Atlantean heads.

The player cannot damage The Directer or the heads now. Every 5 seconds, the Directer will randomly call upon either 50 Swarm Bats or 16 Yellow Trainees to swarm the player.

Fighting the Directer

The Directer

There are different phases in the game fighting the directer. As you go to the later phases of the fight, the directer will bring you to other areas of the stage.

In the early stages of the fight, The Directer also starts throwing damaging Golden Egg Bullets at the player. The enemy pool grows to include groups of 24 Dust Elementals, 24 Milk Elementals, and 24 Skullinos. 

Fight Reaper to Unlock Greatest Jubilee

Each summon cycle brings one more enemy to the battlefield. After another 30 seconds, if the player is at least level 7, the next phase of the battle will begin.

In mid-game, you will notice that behind the black frame, the playable area and previous stages appear. 50 Swarm Bats + 24 Zombies appear in Mad Forest’s background, 12 Mummies + 12 Ghosts in Inlaid Library, 12 Lizard Pawns + 24 Merman.

lizard pawns

Additionally,  in Dairy Plant, 24 Skulorossos + 12 Testa di Mano 1s in Gallo Tower, and 16 Yellow Trainees + 24 Skeletons in Cappella Magna. In this phase, each summons cycle adds one enemy. The Directer’s hands move to the right and throw two eggs. 

After 60 seconds and level 14, Atlantean heads lose invulnerability and break when hit. After breaking seven, phase 3 begins.

phase 3 of eudaimonia M

In the later stage of the fight, The Directer summons five skulls and two eyeballs to circle the flaming background. They’re invulnerable like heads.

The Directer will now summon 12 Weak Eyes, increasing by one every attack cycle, and attack the player with damaging explosion zones, like The Ender, or exploding eyes, like The Maddener in Holy Forbidden, every 5 seconds.

It will fire 50 shots at 0.06s intervals, ten at 0.03s intervals, 20 at 0.1s intervals, two centers, and two damaging side zones.

Final Phase

Unlock Greatest Jubilee

The original background reappears, and The Directer generates coin and gem clusters to surround it. Depending on the severity of the damage done, the player will receive either 0.5 Gold or 3 Experience Points for damaging a cluster. 

In addition, a large number of Weak Reapers are born. In this phase, even if the player dies, they will be brought back to life by the hands.

Final phase of eudaimonia m

Assuming at least 45 seconds have elapsed since the player reached level 22, the clusters will become breakable and must be broken to progress to the final phase. The wall of darkness gives way to the blackness of space, and The Directer vanishes.

As soon as the hands appear, the player is showered in gold and experience, and you will unlock Greatest Jubilee as a reward. There is free roaming for the player, but no objects to interact with. The credits will roll once the game has finished loading.

That would conclude our discussion. Hopefully, this article helped you unlock the greatest jubilee in Vampire Survivors and learn everything about it.

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