How to Unlock Endless Mode in Vampire Survivors

Do you know how to unlock the new Endless Mode in Vampire Survivors?

There are several new features in Vampire Survivors now that version 1.0 has been released. Probably the most striking new features are Inverse Mode and Endless Mode. 

The difficulty of gaining access to Endless Mode increases the likelihood that it will significantly impact the game’s outcome. The information on this page will give you a complete understanding of the game and helpful tips for improving your experience.

What is Endless Mode?

The Endless Mode does what its name suggests it would do. When the clock reaches the thirty-minute mark, it rolls back to the beginning of the cycle and resets to zero. The enemies usually behave like usual but continue to get more dangerous. 

Each time through the stage, the enemy’s health would consistently increase. Additionally, your maximum damage takes a one-point hit for each cycle that passes.

This option is only accessible after collecting a specific relic you can find on a secret stage.

Moreover, the merchant will reappear at the end of each cycle; however, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional Revives rather than Golden Eggs. 

You may think the difficulty will become too challenging to continue in Endless Mode. However, limit-breaking weapons will keep your damage in line with the strength of the enemies.

Eudaimonia Machine

Eudaimonia Machine to unlock Endless mode

You can only access the Eudaimonia Machine, the game’s final secret level, by first collecting every relic from every other group. The option will appear at the very pinnacle of the level pick screen once it becomes playable.


After reaching this level, your only option is to continue forth and upward. A mystery entity communicates with you and presents a decision. It will give Gracia’s Mirror or the Seventh Trumpet to you.

Since this is a secret stage, you must obtain different relics for this stage to be available.

To select Eudaimonia Machine, you must first have unlocked all of the following relics:

  • Grim Grimoire
  • Ars Gouda
  • Milky Way Map
  • Magic Banger
  • Sorceress’ Tears
  • Glass Vizard
  • Golden Egg
  • Mindbender
  • Yellow Sign
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
  • Great Gospel
Eudaimonia Machine Boss

When you enter Eudaimonia Machine, a Mysterious Entity that looks like a dark tree with hands will confront you. To interact with this thing, walk into it. First, there will be a series of text boxes containing jumbled words, and then a question will appear.

Too Hard option on Vampire Survivors to unlock Endless mode

Your responses to the questions “Too Hard” and “Too Easy” will be collected. If you choose “Too Hard”, you will receive the Seventh Trumpet relic and access to Endless Mode.

Unlocking Endless Mode

Seventh Trumpet relic to unlock Endless mode

You will be able to begin entering the Endless Mode after collecting the Seventh Trumpet, which is a requirement for doing so.

inverse mode

If you press the former, it will redirect back to the starting screen, but this time with everything upside-down, indicating that Inverse Mode is active. 

endless mode option on home screen

The second option also takes you back to the main menu, but this time without any playable characters to remind you that Endless Mode is an option.

After using the newly unlocked mode to complete a stage and return to the main menu, Eudaimonia Machine will once again be accessible. In it, you can have a conversation with the thing, and at the end of it, you’ll receive the other relic.

Greatest Jubilee

You can rediscover this stage by repeating the process with the newly unlocked mode. Go inside to talk about the thing. Eventually, as stated earlier, after several more boxes of jumbled text, the game’s last boss, “The Directer”, will emerge and challenge you to a fight. Slay it, and you’ll gain access to the Greatest Jubilee.

The stage can be replayed after the stage list once “The Directer” has been defeated.

Limit Break on Endless Mode

Limit Break

Suppose you have Limit Break activated and a wholly upgraded build instead of receiving Gold or Chicken as you level up. In that case, you can level your weapons above their usual limitations.

You must return to their previous maximum level after obtaining it due to the consequences of being banished. It will present you with a series of stats, each of which will allow them to increase a particular attribute of one of their weapons indefinitely.


The cap applies to the bonus when a weapon’s base value is capped. For instance, a level three piercing is possible with a fully upgraded Knife or Thousand Edge. With a limit of 10, you can acquire the pierce upgrade a maximum of seven times before it becomes unavailable.

Even at the Limit Break level, it can further evolve weapons. However, it will remove the developed weapon’s supplementary stats, and you will return it to its initial level.

When your weapons have already begun, obtaining a stage item is a late addition. While all the new passive items are being maxed out, There would be a temporary halt on weapon leveling due to limit breaking.

Using weapons that limit breaks can significantly increase your damage and strength when running in endless mode. Now that your enemies are leveling up with you, the playing field is leveled.

That would conclude this article. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything about the new Endless Mode and the requirements to unlock it. 

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