How to Unlock Colorways in Gotham Knights

Do you want to know how you can unlock colorways in Gotham Knights?

As you progress your gameplay in Gotham Knights, you will obtain various equipment and iconic suits. These suits can be equipped for each playable character in the game, including Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing. 

Since combat is the main attraction of Gotham Knights, all characters have distinct gears that you can unlock or craft. 

There are different paths for securing pieces of gear in the game, but most of them can be obtained by defeating bosses and enemies or completing missions. A certain gear can also be dropped as a whole set or as materials that you must manually craft. 

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock colorways in Gotham Knights. 

Let’s get started!

Suits and Colorways

Suits in Gotham Knights have three main traits: Style, Colorway, and Power Level. The first two are mainly for aesthetics but the power level depends on the materials used. Overall, there are 56 suits in the game and colorways are a way to customize them. 

unlock colorways in gotham knights

Besides the suits, the Batcycle in the game also has quite a few that you can unlock as you progress your gameplay. 

Basically, a colorway is a color theme or scheme an item features. All colorways in the game consist of up to four colors that create a new look for players to play around with. However, like suits and materials, there’s limited information on how to unlock them. 

Unlocking Colorways

For fans who purchased the Visionary Packs and Deluxe Editions, a few suit colorways will be gifted to them. However, fans can get the remaining after beating/completing specific missions, hitting milestones, and crafting Suit Styles. 

Most of the crafting challenges will result in unlocking suit colorways, so you should ensure that you regularly check your materials and challenges for suits. 

unlock colorways in gotham knights

Crafting materials in the game can be picked up from slain enemies, Batman’s secret caches, or awarded to you after completing story missions. 

Completing every hero’s true identity mission will also unlock their Tribute Colorways. 

Once you have unlocked colorways for suits, you can apply them anywhere and anytime from the Batcomputer under the Gears tab. After selecting a suit, the option to switch colorways should appear. 

Lastly, keep in mind that colorways and suit styles do not affect stats, so it is mainly for aesthetics. 

Batcyle Colorways

The colorways for the Batcycle can be unlocked by accomplishing time trials and traversal trials. These are available at the start of each character’s Knighthood Challenges. You can view the challenges using the Batcomputer menu. 


However, Knighthood won’t be available until you have completed the first challenge. Traversal and Time Trials consist of routes and courses that you must work your way through within a certain period. 

Heroic Travel is among the first and most helpful abilities that you can unlock from Knighthood. 

Once you’ve completed some trials, you can access all the Batcycle’s Colorways from the Belfry after interacting with the bike.


How Do You Get Chroma GREY Ghost?

After accomplishing the mission, you should be able to unlock the Solid Aibi Trophy and the extra Chroma GREY Ghost reward. Hit the ESC key and access the Gear option. Head into the Styles tab and you should see the reward. 

Will There Be Different Costumes in Gotham Knights?

After its launch in November 2022, Gotham Knights features 14 different suits that can be equipped for each playable character. Since its release, this number has increased to 44 suits, or 11 for each character.

How Do You Get Different Batcycle Colorways?

The Batcycle Colorways can be unlocked by completing time trials and traversal trials that are available after starting each Knighthood Challenge.

That ends our guide on how to unlock colorways in Gotham Knights. If you have concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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