How to Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors

When playing Vampire Survivors, do you know how to unlock the Big Trouser character? Find out just how formidable he is.

Vampire Survivors is a thrilling game that allows players to take on the role of various characters, each with a unique set of abilities and stats. One of the most popular characters in the game is Big Trouser, who excels at collecting Gold Coins, a vital part of the game. 

This article will delve into the world of Big Trouser, providing you with all the information you need about this powerful character. Also, It will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors and how to use him to your advantage.

So, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this guide will help you make the most of Big Trouser’s strengths and dominate the game.

Starting Weapon 

Candy Box

The Candy Box is a weapon that Big Trouser starts with. Players must combine and evolve different weapons to unlock their full potential.

Also, if you unlocked Queen Sigma, you can now pay the Merchant 1,000 Gold Coins to have the Candybox sent to her palace. You can do this instead of buying a Golden Egg.

After acquiring Candybox, a selection menu will appear with all your default weaponry. However, it will depend on your Luck stat multiplied by five. Also, it can substitute for Big Coin Bags in Treasure Chests, but only once.

Treasure Chests

Additionally, you can find it in Treasure Chests instead of Big Coin Bags. It will only emerge until you’ve unlocked every potential evolution and upgraded every weapon and passive item to its maximum level. 

That said, Candybox is a viable option for arming yourself with more than six weapons. Moreover, once this weapon is unlocked, You can equip it with Gemini and its mirrored arsenal of weaponry if you play as Cosmo Pavone.

Big Trouser’s Stats and Passive Bonuses

Stone Mask

In Vampire Survivors, as in every other game with a specialized method of combat, stats play a very significant role. Before adding Big Trouser to your roster, you should understand his power level accurately.

The love of money was Big Trouser’s defining characteristic, which is fitting given the nature of his legacy. He begins every run with 20% Greed and gains an additional 1% with each level he advances. This stat determines how much gold your Big Trouser will obtain from treasure chests and pickups throughout his adventure.

Gold Fevers

In addition, his Gold Fevers are extended, enabling him to make the most of the short period in which he has access to more significant money. His fevers are fifteen seconds long, and each pickup adds one second to that timer.

On top of his enormous wealth, Big Trouser possesses a natural buff to his movement speed equal to 30% of its base value. As was said earlier, his starting weapon is a Candy Box, which indicates that he will start each round with a different weapon in his inventory.

Moreover, when it comes to making money through farming, Big Trouser will is one of the most valuable characters in Vampire Survivors. Because so many exciting things are waiting to be purchased, you should probably get over to Moongolow and unlock him as soon as possible.

Unlocking Big Trouser


Once you’ve upgraded every regular stage item in Moongolow to its maximum level, you’ll unlock Big Trouser. There are 16 items to be found in that hidden location, and you must max out all of them.

Here are the 16 required items and where to find them in the Moongolow:

  • Southwest: Hollow Heart, Pummarola, Armor, and Wings
  • Southeast: Empty Tome, Duplicator, Tiragisú, and Attractorb
  • Northwest: Clover, Crown, Stone Mask, and Skull O’Maniac
  • Northeast: Spinach, Bracer, Spellbinder, and Candelabrador
Item Collections

There is a technique to simplify this process, even though it will require numerous runs. Gains Boros, the nightmare serpent monster, is an option because of its improved Growth stat. This improves its leveling efficiency by increasing the experience it earns from each gem.

Big Trouser

Once you unlock Big Trouser, you can buy him for as low as 5,000 gold. Take note that he could be pretty pricey because his price increases with each additional character you buy.

On the other hand, since adding a secret menu, there is now a second method to unlock Big Trouser. After gaining access to the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, you can enter the spell “Earrivatolarrotino”.

Farming Guide

Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors: Passive Items for Farming

Once you unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors, he could be a great character choice for farming gold. Certain passive items are essential to make the most out of this character when farming gold. 

First, Torrona’s Box and Skull O’Maniac. These items will give the “Curse” effect, which is crucial for fast farming. However, Torrona’s Box is more important than Skull O’Maniac, as it will give you double stats. The more “Curse” you have, the faster the mobs will spawn, allowing you to farm more quickly. This will result in more level-ups and more “Greed”.

Crown, Clover, and Attractorb are less crucial for farming efficiency. However, they can still provide some help, particularly for lower-level accounts.

Additionally, you can replace these three with Empty Tome, Spinach, or Candelabrador. The Candelabrador is required if you want to build the Death Spiral, which you can do by combining it with the Axe.

Tips on Playing Big Trouser

Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors: Stone Mask

In terms of the game’s mechanics, getting the Stone Mask passive Item in conjunction with Big Trouser is advantageous.

The greed rating of Big Trouser will climb even further due to using this item. If this is the case, the Inlaid Library is an excellent stage to play when going on gold runs with Big Trouser because one of the stage items is the Stone Mask that you could use along the way.

Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors: The Bone Zone

Additionally, the fact that the light sources in the Bone Zone only drop gold coins and bags makes it another reason it is a fantastic stage.

Unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors: Disco of Gold

On the other hand, Big Trouser is a fantastic choice with The Disco of Gold arcana since it activates Gold Rush whenever a Coin Bag is picked up. This makes The Disco of Gold an excellent choice.

Last but not least, remember to use Big Trouser when in Hyper Mode because being in Hyper Mode also makes it easier to acquire gold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you trigger the Gold Rush in Vampire Survivors?

You can trigger the Gold Fever or Gold Rush using the Disco of Gold (XV). This is one of the Arcanas in-game, a powerful tool that can help you farm gold more efficiently. 

This Arcana can be unlocked after the 30-minute mark in the Inlaid Library. Once activated, it will allow your character to heal for the same amount of gold you obtain. This means that the more gold you collect, the more health your character will have.

How do you unlock Scrolls of Morbane?

The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane is a rare item found in Vampire Survivors, dropped by the Sketamari when defeated in The Bone Zone. It appears as a question mark on the Milky Way Map, and though it cannot be dropped again, it will spawn every time players start a run in The Bone Zone.

Why is Curse good in Vampire Survivors?

The Curse effect in Vampire Survivors increases the speed at which enemy waves spawn, giving monsters additional health and speed. But it also gives players a significant advantage by providing bonus rewards such as experience points and gold. This feature is helpful for players who want to progress quickly and efficiently in the game.

It’s safe to say that this character is one of the simplest to gain access to. Several advantages are yours to reap with its primary weapon. Hopefully, you can unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors with the knowledge you gained from reading this article.

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