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How to Transform Into a Boar in Red Dead Online

Have you tried transforming into a boar in Red Dead Online?

Although most of the Red Dead Redemption 2 experience is realistic, there are bits of the mystical from time to time. From the creepy Manmade Mutant in New Hanover, the Old World Scripts near Annesburg, to the many one-of-a-kind legendary animals, there are a lot of mysterious things to discover in the game.

For Red Dead Online, one such mystery is the ability to transform into animals for a short period of time. This is not a bug or cheat of some sort, but is instead something you unlock by progressing in the Naturalist specialist role. After you get to Rank 5, you will earn a pamphlet that you can use to try out this new ability.

If you would like to become a mythical creature, check out our guide on how to transform into a boar in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online

An image of Red Dead Online.

After the success of Red Dead Redemption 2, an online component was released in December 2018. After it became a huge success as well, it was released as a standalone game. Players would no longer have to get on Red Dead Redemption 2 before launching Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online introduces a whole new character, storyline, a bunch of non-playable characters (NPCs), and career paths. Rockstar Games also ramped up Red Dead Redemption 2’s most beloved features like hunting legendary animals, horse riding, and the best weapons. You can even equip ability cards now to improve multiple facets of your character.

There are also regular updates in Red Dead Online that are meant to enhance player experience and introduce new storylines or activities in-game. One of the biggest updates recently has been the Frontier Pursuits, which introduced several new specialist roles. The Blood Money update was also one of the most popular updates in the game due to the return of familiar characters and the introduction of crime contracts.

Naturalist Specialist Role in Red Dead Online

An image of Harriet Davenport and Gus MacMillan.

The Naturalist specialist role is one of the three new career paths available in the Frontier Pursuits update. You will be tasked to track, study, take samples of, or hunt and skin animals to progress in the role. For each animal you do all these tasks for, your Animal Field Guide will be updated. You can also check your Field Guide if you are struggling to locate certain animals.

To begin with the Naturalist role, you should look for Harriet Davenport. You can find her at the Welcome Center in the town of Strawberry. Once you meet her, purchase the Sample Kit from her for 25 Gold Bars. Apart from Harriet, there is also another personality involved in the Naturalist specialist role.

Gus MacMillan is a famous hunter that will ask you to hunt and skin animals. Give him the carcasses of legendary animals and he will craft them into clothing that you can purchase for a fee. If you work for Gus this way, Harriet the conservationist will be very disappointed in you. In fact, she may even refuse to work with you for a while in protest.

The Animal Field Guide contains everything you need to know to progress in the Naturalist career. Just like Red Dead Redemption 2’s compendium, you can find a complete list of animals as well as their locations.

How to Transform Into a Boar

An image of how to transform into a boar in Red Dead Online.

To transform into a boar, you will need to obtain two different items. First, you will need the Vitalism Studies: Boar pamphlet. You earn this from Harriet Davenport after you achieve Rank 5 in the Naturalist specialist role. Pay 10 Gold Bars to get it from her. Study this pamphlet to learn how to transform into a boar.

Second, you will want to find the Harrietum Officinalis plant. This is a special flower that Harriet Davenport discovered and ended up naming for herself. You can find the Harrietum Officinalis in a lot of places, but they are most common in West Elizabeth and New Hanover.

Harrietum Officinalis is also used for transforming to other animals like a buck, rabbit, and opossum. Depending on the animal and pamphlet, you will need either three or five pieces of Harrietum Officinalis to successfully transform. Your first transformation will be as a buck, then a rabbit, then a boar, and finally an opossum.

Once you transform into a boar in Red Dead Online, you can basically do whatever you want for a while. Some players will try to have fun by attacking non-playable characters (NPCs) and other animals to see their reaction.

Vitalism Studies: Boar

An image of Vitalism Studies: Boar.

This is what the pamphlet contains, which was written down by Harriet Davenport herself.

Now I understand.  I have seen it. Felt it. I have occupied the very strength and diligence of the boars. I have researched these many years! In all my readings and academic studies, nothing prepared my mind for this encounter. Some may question it, but I know, in my heart, the experience was true.

I must confirm my findings. 5 samples of Harrietum Officinalis in this particular location, where I felt the presence of that creature. I believe that is the path to understanding.

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