Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

Do you want to build the best aesthetic towers in Minecraft for your friends to see?

The creative freedom Minecraft offers to its players is the main reason for its popularity. Specifically, the liberty to create almost anything that a person can imagine is what keeps this game famous after all these years. One of the many things players can create in Minecraft is towers. This article tells the best tower ideas to build in Minecraft.

There are different kinds of towers that players can build. They can be fantasy towers that take inspiration from different games, and others can take examples from movies and replicas of real-life buildings.


Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

Towers in Minecraft, similar to real-life are huge structures that touch the sky. Similar to their real-world counterparts, they require time and patience to create. The towers are creatively made with extreme attention to detail because a single block out of place can ruin the aesthetics. 

Players can build anything they wish for in this game, but making these huge towers gives a sense of accomplishment. Specifically, making something this big and full of detail proves the player’s building skills in Minecraft. Furthermore, they are nice to look at and add another layer of excitement to the Minecraft world.

The player also makes towers for survival purposes. If players make these towers in survival mode while playing with friends, other players can’t attack them. Towers are huge buildings that the player can fill with traps so no one can enter without knowing the layout. Overall, there are multiple reasons to build towers in Minecraft.

Towers are huge creations, and the player needs to follow certain steps to ensure that their build is perfect. Even a small slip-up or block misplacement can ruin the final product. For this reason, below are all the steps the player needs to take care of when building a tower.

How to Build a Tower

Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

There are certain steps the player needs to be careful of when building a tower. While the player can also build according to their preference, these steps make sure that there are no faults with the build. Each tower is different and requires players to channel their creativity in order to make the best build possible. 

The first step is deciding how tall and wide the actual building is going to be. This is important because players can go off track and destroy their builds without a proper layout of the build. For this reason, deciding on the height and width of the building is necessary. Also, creating a boundary around the tower also helps while building it.

Players should always start with making the spire or main body of the structure as everything depends on it. In particular, how the roof will look, the basic design, and the aesthetics of the tower depends on the body. The player has to decide whether the spire will be round or square, as that determines how the roof will take shape. 

The player should use different blocks that depict unique textures to give a sense of realism to the build. If following an example from a real-life or another medium, the player should first choose which block represents the actual colors. Later, this will help when the player has to start detailing, and all blocks are already sorted according to the building.

Players should also work on the roof before starting on the interior. The roof is an integral part of making a tower because it can completely change how a tower looks. For example, a domed roof looks completely different from a roof that’s triangular. Also, the player should design the interior after the exterior.

The Best Tower Ideas


The towers that depict detail, a sense of story, and show good aesthetics are the best to build. These towers completely change how the world looks and make it more exciting for anyone who visits the world. However, to create the best towers, the player needs inspiration. For this reason, below are the best tower ideas to build in Minecraft.

Avengers Tower – Marvel Avengers

Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

The Avengers Tower in Minecraft is an immediate choice for all Marvel fans. All Marvel fans know the importance of this location in the Marvel universe and to have this build in Minecraft is exciting. This build is an honest replica of the Avengers Tower from the movie, depicting everything very clearly. 

The giant A on the front tells everyone who this tower belongs, while the shape is iconic to its fans. The tower is extremely large, and even players far away from the building can see its massive shadow. Overall, this is one of the best tower ideas to build in Minecraft. 

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

This is an in-game replica of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Similar to its real-life counterpart, this building is massive in Minecraft as well. The build depicts all the different floors of the building and the garden outside of the tower. In sum, making this build is challenging, but the result is worth it.

Light House

Light House

This unique idea allows the player to make the Ocean biomes more interesting by introducing this amazing building. A Light House can act as a gathering point for players traveling in the Ocean. It’s good for players playing on multiplayer servers. The actual advantage of this tower makes it one of the best tower ideas to build in Minecraft.

Wizard Towers

Best Tower Ideas to Build in Minecraft

Wizard Towers add aesthetics and magic in the same build. In addition, there are many choices when building a Wizard Tower, which allows the player to flow their creativity in their builds. For example, players can build towers with different roofs and different bases, or even take inspiration from other Wizard Towers. Namely, the Tower Of Sauron.

Minecraft allows players to craft anything that comes up in their imagination which is why players love this game. They can bring their favorite creation to life through this game. Hopefully, this article on the best tower ideas to build in Minecraft helps you set your creativity loose and build something amazing.

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