Player Spotlight: Topson – Greatest Underdog in Dota 2

Do you want to know more about Topson- the Greatest Underdog in Dota 2 history?

Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen, known in the community as Chadson and Godson due to his plays is a Dota icon. Incredible dedication and an attitude to persevere, all mixed with luck and the right timing, have made him exceptionally successful. Learning about the Miraculous story of Topson Greatest Underdog in Dota 2 will help you understand him better.

With his transformation from having a shy demeanor to becoming an extremely confident Midlaner, Topson has come a long way. In this short professional esports journey, he has gained respect from pro players and an impressive fan following. Moreover, his entertaining twitch stream is also one of the most popular on the platform.

Personal History


Born on the 14th of April, 1998, Topson is 24 years old and is one of the richest esports athletes. His birthplace is a small Finnish municipality called Haukipaudas, which is a remote area with limited facilities for esports. Even with this limitation, he started playing the original Dota at just eight years old in 2006.

Apart from this, Topson is part of a very large family as he has seven brothers and four sisters. His father works in construction, and his mother is a housewife, which further leaves him with limited opportunities for gaming. At first, Topson studied to become an electrician before switching to cooking school after just a year in school.


Topson Greatest Underdog in Dota 2

With the popularity of Dota booming in the 2010s, Topson thought that he could be successful in the pro scene. Though his parents were not happy with his decision to spend so much time playing the game, he stayed hopeful. In 2016, he would get his first chance to participate in the professional famous Dota 2 scene.

This started through the European Division of the ProDota Cup, where he joined a team called Oogway. More Finnish players also joined him in this venture, and he played in minor tournaments with this roster throughout 2016. However, no notable results caused him to quit the team and focus on other ventures.

Staying inactive until 2017, Topson joined the Russian team SFTe-sports and renowned players like Taiga and Illidan. With these teammates, he finally won his first tournaments and gained a bit of confidence. Moving on, Topson also won another Tier 3 tournament at the advent of the new year.

While playing these minor tournaments, he also continued to stream on twitch to build his follower base. This continued until Topson received a life-changing offer from the four-time major winner N0tail. This lucrative offer was too good to pass on, and Topson soon joined the team as an unknown rookie.

This is where the story of Topson starts and is the exact moment where he would become a living legend. A legendary tale of a superstar who won the hearts of all; the story of Topson – Dota 2’s Greatest Underdog.

OG and his First TI Win

Topson Greatest Underdog in Dota 2

Joining the team right in the middle of the DPC season caused OG to not receive an invitation directly to TI8. This development meant that OG and Topson had to fight their way through the Europe-West open qualifiers for a chance. Easily clearing the qualifiers, OG entered TI as the weakest team and Topson as their weakest link.

No experience at tier-one LAN tournaments and an uneventful professional career made Topson stick out like a sore thumb. Many thought that this team would soon drop out and that Topson would not be able to perform in the tournament. However, his doubters could not be more wrong about what would come up.

Absolutely persevering through the group stage, OG barely made it to the upper bracket with a fourth-position finish in groups. Breezing through the upper bracket with the help of Topson’s obscure hero pool, OG soon found themselves in the grand finals. Picks like Pugna, Arc Warden, Invoker, Lina, and Monkey King helped him claim the competition.

Although OG had an easy time in the main event matches, their biggest challenge was yet to come. One of Topson’s signature heroes, Monkey King, helped them gain the lead with an unmatched score of 14-7-9. However, the next two matches had disappointing performances from Topson, leading to two quick losses.

The next game would then be the best game in the tournament with out-of-world performances from Topson. His iconic Quas-Wex Invoker dominated and was the key to winning the game. The next game was also easy for OG and led to Topson becoming the greatest Underdog in Dota 2 history.

TI9 and Making History

Topson Greatest Underdog in Dota 2

In two weeks, Topson went from being a nobody with 3000 US Dollars in his account to being a millionaire. This Cinderella story gave Topson worldwide fame and solidified his position as one of the best ever to play Dota. With nothing to lose, OG barely made it to TI9, and doubters started calling OG’s first win a fluke.

However, OG played as if nobody could affect them, showing that OG was in extremely dominating form. Not even coming close to Topson, most teams feared OG, and all their doubters shut up soon after. Moreover, with a no-care attitude and risky strategies like carrying IO, OG found them in the same position as last year.

Absolutely demolishing any competition they faced in the upper bracket, they once again faced LGD in the upper bracket finals. Repeating history, they slaughtered PSG.LGD and were once again comfortably in the grand finals. However, they faced new opponents in the form of Team Liquid, who had also won TI before.

An early loss made many think that this would be where OG fell. However, perseverance is what OG has mastered. In the next two matches, Topson would embrace his name of Godson by running over and wrecking Liquid’s Midlaner. These two matches proved to be easy, and soon OG found themselves just a game away from being 2-time TI winners.

Next up was the last game of TI 9, a match still discussed today. This match acted as just another piece of evidence of Topson’s overwhelming game sense and awareness. Revolutionizing the meta, he made a Diffusal Blade on Gyrocopter, and with its help, he became Dota’s most successful Midlaner.

TI9 to Present


Topson, along with his teammates, has made history and a record that is almost impossible to recreate. After this record, Topson has slowed down and played in only a few online tournaments in the lockdown period. Still performing to the top of his abilities, Topson is quite young and still has much to play for.

As of now, Topson is an inactive member of the OG roster and now focuses much more on his streaming. His twitch streams are among the most popular Dota 2 streams, and he easily reaches an average of 8000-10000 viewers. It is unlikely that Topson will return to the pro scene any time soon.

Trivia and Statistics

Topson Greatest Underdog in Dota 2

In his tournaments, he also holds a few records that represent his skill and performance in those tournaments. Firstly, these records include him holding the record for the most average deaths of any core player in TI8. Following this is the record for the most average kills per game of any player in The International 9.

Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen is now easily one of Dota 2’s most popular professional players. His inspiring story of coming from a lowkey pub star background to winning back-to-back TIs is perhaps the greatest story. He is the man who conquered Dota, and thus, knowing about Dota 2’s Greatest Underdog is crucial for all players.

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