Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Dota 2 has hundreds of heroes and items that further make up thousands of different combinations of playstyles. Among these are three categories of heroes based on their attributes. Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. This guide will help you identify the Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2.

Agility Heroes are set apart from the rest due to their high mobility and attack speed. Their movement speed allows them to chase down enemy heroes or escape from them effectively. While their attack speed helps them secure last hits and deal out more attacks in a short span of time.

There are a total of thirty-eight Agility heroes in Dota 2. Out of these, we will be discussing the top 10 Agility Heroes that stand apart from the rest.

Anti Mage

Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Anti Mage is a hard carry hero who requires a lot of Gold and XP to become active. For this, he needs to farm more than half of the game. The payout for this is that he becomes an unstoppable killing machine in the late game. 

The reason he is a part of the Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2 list is because of his high mobility due to Blink. It allows him to quickly move through the map farming efficiently while chasing down any high movement speed heroes. 

His attack speed helps drain out mana from enemy heroes due to Mana Break. This can prove to be a fatal attack on Intelligence type heroes.  

Drow Ranger

Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Drow Ranger is a ranged high damage hero who utilizes her agility gain to help her maximize Marksmanship. Her high attack speed benefits her in the late game, where her itemization helps her deal the most damage. Additionally, her frost arrows leave the enemies with no movement speed to escape.

The high attack speed and damage make her a great pusher as well. She can push out towers early on from a safe distance. Her silence makes it easy for her to kill supports. As they are unable to cast spells or escape due to the frost arrows.

Monkey King

Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Monkey King can be a very hard hero to deal with. This is because he can ambush you from trees and also use them to escape away to safety. In the lane, Monkey king has high sustainability thanks to his in-built life steal ability. His Boundless Strike also makes it easy for him to clear creep waves helping him defend his towers with ease.

His Ultimate ability is perfect against Strength-type heroes. A face-to-face confrontation with him means taking additional damage from his Wukong Command. Therefore, enemy heroes have no choice but to turn to their heels. 

The new update on the Aghanim’s Scepter lets Monkey King continuously spawn soldiers around him. This helps him push towers more easily. 



Riki is a roamer carry hero who prays on the weak by utilizing his invincibility to sneak upon them. This makes it hard to detect him unless the supports dedicate wards and dust for him. His itemization has always remained the same despite the test of time. 

This hero is a part of the Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2 list due to his high attack speed. His ability also allows him to silence his enemies while dealing bonus damage against them if he attacks them from behind. 

His escape abilities are essential as once the Dust of Appearance is cast, there is not much Riki can do. Therefore, the Blink Strike and Trick of Trades come in very handy for him in order to evade high damage attacks until he turns back invisible.



Luna is a great agility hero who utilizes her attack speed to attack multiple targets at the same time. This gives her a great advantage to push towers and creep waves. It also allows her to farm jungle creeps very efficiently to gain more XP and Gold.

In the laning phase, Luna is powerful due to her bonus attack damage that also affects allies allowing them to push the enemy T1 tower. Her Lucent beam lets her last stun heroes and deal damage to them, giving her a strong lane presence.

Her growth throughout the game remains steady as she becomes even more of a threat once she gets her Satanic and Manta. Eclipse is a powerful ability that can be used in team fights to wreak havoc among the enemy team, forcing them to retreat while they take massive amounts of damage.

Phantom Assassin

Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Not many heroes can stand up to Mortred the Phantom Assassin. She is capable of dealing high critical damage that can even kill the fragile support heroes with one hit. Her ability to blink close to allies and enemy heroes makes her that much more dangerous as it serves both as an escape ability and a way for her to chase down enemies.

Her only weakness lies against high magic damage nukers as her low HP pool can have her killed if she’s not careful. However, she does exceptionally well against heroes with a large HP pool due to her high damage capabilities. 

With a Battlefury, Phantom Assassin can clear out entire creep waves with 2-3 hits. She is a great hero for beginner players as her abilities are fairly straightforward to understand.

Shadow Fiend

Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2

Nevermore, the Shadow Fiend, is a mid-lane hero who has high damage based on the enemy souls he captures. His early game damage advantage makes it hard to last hit against him. Making it very tough to lane against this hero as he will constantly deny you Gold and XP. If you’re not careful, he can shadow raze you, which has a lot of damage early on that is enough to kill most Mid lane heroes.

His ability to cast fear and terror into his enemies leaves them with little to no armour, making his already high-damage right-click attacks deal even more damage. With the right itemization, his damage can be increased even further to the point that enemy heroes melt like butter in front of his attacks.

Not to mention, his ultimate ability is perfect for killing solo heroes and even in team fights. He can simply go stand in the middle of the enemy team and deal massive amounts of damage to them by releasing all the souls he has captured. However, this move has a time delay, so be careful not to let your ability get interrupted while it is being cast.



Slark is a dangerously slippery hero. He has high movement and attack speed, which makes him formidable. Not to mention, that he can steal essence from his enemies, which gives him a stat boost. So even if Slark is up against a High HP pool strength hero, he will eventually come out on top due to the essence steal.

His ultimate ability gives Slark both a passive as well as an active ability. Passively, he can heal up his HP as long as he remains within the fog of war. It also gives him movement speed that allows him to quickly roam the map hunting enemy heroes. 

When active, this move creates a black smoke around Slark, hiding him from enemy heroes while he receives the heal and movement speed buff. This ability cannot be interrupted or broken as no gem, sentry, or dust can make Slark visible while this move is active.



Viper is another great hero that can be played in almost any lane depending on the match-up. Preferably, it’s best to play him in the Mid lane since that’s where he shines the most. He functions as a ganker, nuker, and carry using his low cooldown spells to deal heavy DPS to single target enemy heroes.

This magic damage hero also has great farm potential due to Nethertoxin. It is equally dangerous for heroes as it disables the passive of all who are targeted by this toxin. Making it highly useful against certain heroes. 

His ultimate ability, Viper Strike, deals huge amounts of damage while considerably slowing down enemy heroes, leaving them helpless. If this doesn’t kill them, Viper can continue to assault them using Poison Attack until they fall.



Kardel, the dwarf, is an excellent sniper who never misses his mark. His high range and damage make him a tough opponent. Not to mention that his second ability mini-stuns the targets, which at a high attack speed can render heroes unable to even move. 

Apart from two passive abilities, he has an AoE that slows and damages heroes in a targeted area. It is best utilized in the early game laning stage and the late game team fights where the movement slow can make it easy for Sniper to kill his targets. 

The ultimate ability grants him a lot of range to lock on to a single target and deliver a huge damage attack to the hero after a certain time delay.

That concludes our list of the Top Agility Heroes in Dota 2. Hopefully, this guide will help you try out new heroes to add to your hero pool furthering enhancing your gameplay and allowing you to take the maximum advantage against enemy heroes.

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