Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft 

Do you want to know the top 7 useful facts in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an interesting game, not only because of its unique mechanics, but also the facts that revolve around it. While most players know this game’s basic information, only some know truly unique and valuable facts. With this in mind, this article tells the top 7 useful facts in Minecraft that players definitely don’t know.

Facts About Minecraft


Minecraft is popular because of the different gameplay and freedom it offers to players. In particular, the way a player can basically make anything they wish for is why players keep coming back to this game. While people are massive fans of this game, many don’t know much about this. For this reason, below are the top 7 useful facts in Minecraft.

Two Editions of Minecraft

Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Two editions of Minecraft exist currently, which constantly release new updates featuring new mobs, items, builds, and biomes. Namely, these are the Java and Bedrock Editions of the game. While both versions are similar, the major difference lies in the available mods, skins, in-game maps, and available platforms. Both retail for the same value.

The Java version was the first available edition on PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Interestingly, it’s still only available on these platforms, which prevents players from playing with each other. However, the player can still access massive online servers and players with random players. In addition, there are a lot of new developing mods available.

The Bedrock Edition, previously known as the Windows 10 Edition, was fully released in 2016. This version is available on almost all platforms. For instance, it’s on PC, PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS, Nintendo, and others. Interestingly, this version has cross-play, and players on any device can play with their friends on other platforms easily.


Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Minecon, previously known as MinecraftCon, is an interactive fan convention and livestream that occurs yearly. In particular, this convention is all about Minecraft, including but not limited to, discussion about new updates, gaming panels, and discussion groups. Moreover, they also began voting systems for new mobs, items, etc.

The last Minecon had live voting for new mobs, which comprised the Glare, the Allay, and the Copper Golem. Most players voted for the Allay, which is now part of Minecraft in the new Wild Update. In addition, the creators also revealed more information about this new update, like the Deep Dark biome, Mangrove Swamps, and overall new additions.

Minecraft – Famous and Best Selling

Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Everyone knows about Minecraft, and anyone even slightly associated with the video games industry knows about this game. Minecraft is famous for its unique sandbox-style gameplay and limitless creativity in-game. Minecraft is also the most selling game of all time currently, with two hundred and thirty-eight million dollars worth of sales.

Multiple Modes in Minecraft

Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Most players are aware of the two basic modes of Minecraft, which are the Survival and Creative modes. However, not everyone knows about the other two modes. Namely, the Adventure and Spectator mode. While players consider Survival as the primary way to play Minecraft, other modes have their own specific ways of playing. 

The Survival mode is the true way of playing Minecraft, according to most players. The player, as the name suggests, has the primary objective of surviving. In particular, they must collect resources, craft different gears and weapons, and fend off hostile mobs. Moreover, they can also end the game by progressing and killing the Ender Dragon.

Creative mode is perfect for players who want to build vast structures and creative builds without the hassle of collecting resources. Specifically, this mode allows the player to use any item that’s available in the game without any restrictions. In addition, they don’t have to eat, sleep or fight. Interestingly, players cannot die in this mode except by the Void.

Adventure mode is the lesser-known mode out of the four available. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t interesting. In fact, Adventure mode is perfect for players who want to turn Minecraft into a Role Playing Game or RPG. Specifically, players can set a custom story, challenges, and path to create a unique story. 

Spectator mode is one of the most overlooked things by players in Minecraft. In fact, most players don’t even know about this mode. However, it’s incredibly useful when playing the game. Specifically, the player turns invisible and gets the ability to fly and phase through objects. This way, they can see all caves, structures, and even valuable items.

Different Achievements in Minecraft

Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Minecraft is mainly a sandbox game that allows the player to play the game indefinitely. While the game doesn’t have a concrete storyline, it has achievements that entice players to keep advancing in their worlds. These achievements range from collecting wood to defeating the Ender Dragon and even scouting all existing biomes.

The Java Edition of Minecraft has a total of a hundred and two advancements divided into five categories. Namely, these are Minecraft, Nether, The End, Adventure, and Husbandry classes. Each category has various challenges that the player needs to complete. For example, having all status effects in the game at the same time. 

The Bedrock Edition differs from the Java Edition in this context as it has a total of one hundred and twenty-two achievements. While there aren’t different categories, each achievement is a unique obstacle that the player needs to complete. Interestingly, some achievements give the player emotes, character creator items, and other things as well.

Achievements give players a reason to continue playing even after defeating the Ender Dragon. For instance, most players would think of leaving their world, but challenges always attract players to keep on going. Surprisingly, most people don’t know about these achievements, which makes this definitely one of the top 7 useful facts in Minecraft.

End of The World in Minecraft

Top 7 Useful Facts in Minecraft

Most players suggest that Minecraft is an infinite world that never ends and the player can spend hours looking for a border. However, this isn’t true as the World Border exists in Minecraft. Only hardcore fans of Minecraft have been able to reach it because it’s so far away. In fact, it’s thirty million blocks away from the original spawn location of the player.

Players have reached the World Border, but it took them around eighty days in real life to do this. Interestingly, this was on a flat world that has no hostile mobs, mountains, or obstructions. With this in mind, one can only imagine how much time it will actually take to reach the boundary in Survival. 

The World Border is depicted by a bluish, translucent wall that stops the player from going beyond thirty million blocks. While players can still get past it with Ender Pearls, they start dying or the game throws them back. Overall, Minecraft’s world is finite, but it’s almost impossible to reach it without specific conditions. 

Minecraft and Education


Education and video games seem very different, as most adults consider games to be time-wasting and useless. However, schools in Sweden make it mandatory for students to play Minecraft as a part of their curriculum. In particular, they taught environmental problems, future planning, and architecture through the game.

Minecraft is an ever-green game that continues to grow popular even after so many years. While most people know about the basic game, hopefully, these top 7 useful facts in Minecraft will teach people more about it.

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