Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Do you know about the top 7 dangerous mobs in Minecraft and why you should run from them?  

Minecraft is full of mobs, animals, and anything that the player can think of. While some of these mobs are passive or neutral and don’t harm the player, some are out only to kill players. These are hostile mobs in Minecraft and really dangerous to be around. This article covers the Top 7 dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

Dangerous Mobs

Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Dangerous mobs are aggressive mobs that attack the player on sight. These are in-game entities specifically designed to make the adventure harder for a Minecraft player. They are also of different rarities, and difficulties and have various forms of attack. For instance, hostile mobs can give explosive, melee, or ranged damage.

Each dangerous mob has a unique movement according to its stance toward the player. For example, they can be passive moving or can run towards the player if they see them. Besides this, the player can also hurt and kill these mobs through different means. Players can use Swords, Bows, Tridents, and many other ways to kill a hostile mob chasing them.

Dangerous mobs are certainly dangerous to be around, but sometimes players must find and kill them on their own for loot. In particular, these hostile mobs drop many unique items like the Nether Star, Prismarine Shards, and even Blaze Rods. For this reason, the player must find them and get the necessary item. 

As the name suggests, all dangerous mobs are threatening to be around, and players need to be extremely careful. While all mobs in this category hurt the player, some are more dangerous than others. Listed below are the top 7 dangerous mobs in Minecraft and the unique drops they give when killed by the player.


Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Creepers are the classic dangerous mob every Minecraft player has died to at least once in their adventure. These mobs live up to their name, and creep up on the player silently, exploding and ruining everything. While some players find them adorable because of their simple expressions, these are very dangerous mobs.

The Creeper itself is a dangerous mob, but it becomes even more hostile when it transforms. Specifically, if the Creeper is hit by lightning, it turns into a Charged Creeper. Players can distinguish them with the electric blue aura around these Creepers. While there’s a physical change, their explosive damage also increases significantly.

Players can kill Creepers to get Gunpowder which is an extremely useful resource. For instance, players can craft Firework Rockets, TNT, and Fire Charges with these. Overall, the Creeper may seem like a simple mob but is definitely in Minecraft’s top 7 dangerous mobs.

Evoker and Vex

Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Any list will be incomplete without mentioning the Evokers, who are one of Minecraft’s most dangerous mobs. These are Illagers, which are the opposite of the peace-loving Villagers in Minecraft. Aside from this, Evokers are spell-casting mobs that summon different spells and creatures to fight for them and kill the player.

Evokers have a Fank Attack, which produces fangs out of the ground that snap shut on the player and damage them. While this attack is powerful on its own, this isn’t the main reason why they are dangerous. Specifically, Evokers can spawn Vexes, one of Minecraft’s most annoying and powerful mobs.

Vexes are small, flying gray hostile mobs that carry swords in their hands and attack the player on sight. While their damage is already high, the Vexes can also overcome obstacles, so it’s almost impossible to escape. Moreover, the Evoker spawns at least three Vexes, which can easily overwhelm the player and kill them easily. 

The Evokers are dangerous mobs, but they also reward the player with a unique item. In particular, this is the Totem of Undying, which, as the name suggests, prevents the player from dying from fatal damage. However, it’s one-time use only and needs to be held in hand to get its benefit. Moreover, it also gives multiple status effects.



The Wither is by far one of Minecraft’s strongest hostile mobs and deserves a spot on this list. This man-made beast wreaks havoc on land and is hostile to all surrounding mobs. Moreover, it also gives the Wither effect on each hit, damaging the player over time and eventually killing them.

Players have to spawn in the Wither to fight these. This happens by collecting and placing three Wither Skeleton Heads on four pieces of Soul Sand. However, collecting the Wither Skeleton is a task on its own. While the Wither is a powerful mob, it also drops a Nether Star on death, which can be used to make a Beacon.


Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

The Warden is a brand-new hostile mob available in Minecraft. This mob is rare, and players must travel in the Deep Dark biome, which spawns underground, to fight this mob. In addition, they need to activate special blocks known as Sculk Shriekers to summon these. After summoning, the player should get ready for a world of pain.

Warden has extremely high health and durability, second only to the Ender Dragon. In addition, they deal the highest melee damage out of all melee mobs in Minecraft. Besides this, they also use ranged attacks to damage the player and block incoming projectiles. Besides this, the worst fact is that they are faster than the player and can easily catch up.

The Warden is a powerful mob but has the downside of being blind. Consequently, they rely on the senses of sound and smell to track entities. Players can use this to their advantage and crouch their way out of danger. Aside from this, the Warden drops a Scult Catalyst on death, a brand new, unique block in Minecraft.


Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Shulkers are one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft, but that doesn’t make them less dangerous. In fact, this makes them more lethal as new players tend to fall trap of their cuteness and end up dying. The Shulker spawn in the End Cities in the End biome, and players can often find them hiding under shells to camouflage.

Shulkers are the only mob to give the Levitation status effect to the player. They are also the only ones to shoot a tracking bullet following the player. Basically, Levitation removes gravity for the player, and they start floating upwards for ten seconds. Players often fly too high and fall to their deaths when the effect wears off.

Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is the final boss of Minecraft and the ultimate dangerous mob in Minecraft. This mob has the highest health, damage, flight, and everything to kill the player easily. However, if the player slays this beast, they will get the Dragon Egg and the ability to visit the End Cities.

Chicken Jockey

Top 7 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

Players may wonder what’s worse than the Ender Dragon, the easy answer is the Chicken Jockey. This abomination of nature is a Baby Zombie riding a Chicken, which chases the player until they successfully kill them. They are incredibly fast and have a small hitbox so players need to carefully hit them. Fortunately, these are incredibly rare to encounter.

Minecraft is full of surprises and often these end up taking the life of the player. Hostile mobs are such surprises and the player should vary of them. Hopefully, this guide to the top 7 dangerous mobs in Minecraft helps you survive against them.

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