Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft 

Do you know what are the top 6 rarest item finds in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a vast inventory of items available for players to use in their adventure. While some are relatively common, others are harder to find. This article tells about the top 6 rarest item finds in Minecraft and where to find them.

Rare Items in Minecraft

Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

Rare items in Minecraft are any items with a low spawn rate or are difficult to find because of the surrounding. They can also be items that require certain mobs to be killed. With this in mind, below are Minecraft’s top 6 rarest item finds.

Dragon Egg

Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

The Dragon Egg is famous among the Minecraft community as the rarest item in Minecraft. While there are other items harder to find than this, the player can find the Dragon Egg only once. For this reason, it’s at the top of this article about Minecraft’s top 6 rarest item finds. Not only is it difficult to find, but it is also hard to collect.

Players need to defeat the Ender Dragon to collect the Dragon Egg. However, it only drops once, so the player needs to pick it up carefully. Unfortunately, the player cannot simply break it with any tool because it teleports when it breaks. For this reason, the player has to push it off its pedestal with a Piston. This drops the Egg as an item.

The Dragon Egg is certainly a rare item, but there aren’t many uses for it. For instance, players can use it for aesthetic purposes or even as a trophy showcasing their victory. Besides this, they can also respawn the Ender Dragon with this. However, they need to make End Crystals and place them in a certain way to spawn the Ender Dragon.

Nether Star

Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

The Nether Star is a rare item similar to the Dragon Egg. In particular, the player has to defeat the Wither, one of Minecraft’s bosses. While the player can kill multiple Withers in the game, it’s incredibly hard, making the item drop unique. Moreover, there’s an essential use of the Nether Star as well. 

The Wither is one of Minecraft’s hardest mobs to defeat because of its huge health pool and high damage output. In addition, it has a ranged and melee attack, making it a nuisance for all mobs around it. Moreover, it gives the Wither effect on hitting, slowly draining the player’s health. Overall, the Wither deserves its boss status.

Players can use the Nether Star to craft a Beacon. To do this, they require Obsidian, a few pieces of Glass, and a single Nether Star. This crafts the Beacon, which provides useful status effects in an area around it. For instance, players can choose to get Swiftness, Strength, and even constant Healing through the Beacon.

Enchanted Golden Apple

Golden Apple

The Enchanted Golden Apple, as the name suggests, are regular Golden Apples that have been enchanted to become superior. However, players don’t actually enchant it themselves. In fact, these are incredibly hard to come by, having only around a five percent chance of spawning in loot chests. This makes them one of the rare items.

The Enchanted Golden Apple serves a similar purpose to regular Golden Apples, but on a larger scale. In particular, they give a huge amount of Absorption and other status effects for a longer duration. Specifically, the player’s ger Fire Resistance, Regeneration, and Resistance for around five minutes. This makes them near impossible to kill.

Interestingly, players could previously craft Enchanted Golden Apples by surrounding an Apple with eight Gold Blocks. However, this recipe was removed from version 1.19, making them rare to find. Overall, these items definitely deserve to be in the top 6 rarest item finds in Minecraft.

Mob Heads

Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

Mob Heads in Minecraft, as the name suggests, are heads of different entities present in the game. For instance, players can find Skeleton, Zombie, Pig, Chicken, Blaze and even Villager heads, among others. However, players can only get six Mob Heads in Survival mode in the Java Edition. On the other hand, the Bedrock Edition has seven.

Most of them are decorative blocks that the player can mount on Item Frames to act as trophies. They mainly serve an aesthetic purpose and can make the player’s home spookier. Besides this, players can even wear these heads as Helmets that cover their entire face. While looking fancy, the range at which mobs detect the player also lowers.

Some Mob Heads are useful, for example, the Wither Skulls, which the player needs to spawn the Wither. However, gathering these heads is incredibly hard because the conditions and spawn rate are unique. In particular, the Wither Skeleton has a two and a half percent chance of dropping its head. Players can increase this with Looting.

Other Mob Heads are also hard to get because they need certain conditions to drop. For instance, the Zombie, Skeleton, and Creeper head drops only if a Charged Creeper kills these mobs. Aside from this, players can also use Mob Heads to make different Banner designs. Overall, this is a quirky and unique item that’s exhausting to collect.

Totem of Undying

Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

The Totem of Undying is a relatively new item that immediately caught players’ attention because of its unique effect. In particular, as the name suggests, the Totem of Undying prevents the player’s death from all causes except falling into the Void. For this reason, every player wants to collect at least one Totem of Undying to prevent death.

While players can collect a lot of Totem of Undying, the problem is the mob that drops them. Specifically, the Evoker. This mob is durable, casts different spells, and summons the Vex, which are small, flying, hostile creatures that attack the player on sight. In addition, they can phase through walls, so the player cannot escape them easily. 

The Totem of Undying is certainly a rare, yet incredible item because of its use. While it prevents death, it also gives the player certain buffs to increase durability. Namely, it provides the player Regeneration, Fire Resistance, and Absorption. Overall, having a Totem of Undying in the inventory takes a lot of stress away from traveling in Minecraft.


Top 6 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft

Elytra is one of the most popular items in Minecraft because of its amazing ability. In particular, it gives the ability of flight to the player, which is great for travelling around the world. Besides this, players can also use it to escape mobs or even rush them. Overall, the Elytra is an amazing item every player should collect in their journey.

The Elytra is useful, but players need a lot of patience and time to find it. Basically, players first have to defeat the Ender Dragon, which is a task on its own. After this, they need to enter the End Portal, which leads them to the End Cities. These are different structures in The End biome made of Purpur blocks. Shulkers spawn here as well.

Players must carefully scour the land to find an End Ship, which, as the name suggests, is a floating ship. After finding it, the player must carefully build towards the End Ship and enter it. Next, they must explore a little to find the Elytra stuck on an Item Frame in the End Ship. The End Ships have a little more than a ten percent chance of spawning.

Minecraft is full of exciting items that players can find and use in their adventure. While most items are found rather easily, some need a lot of time and patience. Hopefully, this article helps you find the top 6 rarest item finds in Minecraft.

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