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Top 10 Best Guns in Valorant

Have you mastered using each of the best guns in Valorant?

Did you know? The Phantom deals slightly less damage but has a higher fire rate (11 rounds/second) than the Vandal (9.75 rounds/second). As a tactical shooter, Valorant requires complete mastery of each of their weapons for you to succeed in the competitive scene.

Every gun in the game varies in terms of damage to the head, body, and legs, as well as in their fire rate and ability to penetrate through the different objects on the map. Knowing the gun you are using lets you maximize its strength and also dictates which angles you can hold with it.

If you want to master all the guns in the game, check out our detailed guide on the top 10 best guns in Valorant.


The 10 best guns in Valorant:

  1. Vandal
  2. Phantom
  3. Operator
  4. Odin
  5. Judge
  6. Sheriff
  7. Marshal
  8. Spectre
  9. Frenzy
  10. Classic

Valorant Weapons

Weapons in Valorant are classified into several different categories based on their price, fire rate, and spray patterns. 

First, Sidearms are your standard pistols priced at 800 credits and below, typically used for the first round of each half and during save rounds. Next, Submachine Guns are fully automatic weapons that deal medium damage and have medium penetration.

An image of one of the best guns in Valorant.

Shotguns are the best close-range weapons in the game that have a slow fire rate and penetration but spray a bunch of bullets each time. Rifles are your standard assault rifles that are great at any range, have good penetration, and deal much damage for headshots.

An image of a headshot in Valorant.

Snipers are semi-automatic weapons with zoom scope mechanics, allowing you to aim well at long distances. Finally, Heavy weapons are fully automatic guns with large ammo capacities, very fast fire rates, and high penetration on objects and walls.

An image of pushing with an Odin on Split.

There are a total of 17 weapons in the game right now, but for this article, we will be focusing on the top 10 best guns in Valorant.

An image of all 17 guns in Valorant.


The Vandal is one of the most popular weapons in the game, and for good reason. It has Medium wall penetration and a pretty good fire rate at 9.75 rounds/sec. Of the four Rifles in the game, the Vandal is the most versatile from any range. It does 160 damage on headshots from almost any range, which means an instant kill with a single bullet.

An image of the Vandal, one of the best guns in Valorant.

The Vandal is priced at 2,900 credits.


The Phantom is the other top-tier Rifle in Valorant. It also instantly kills with headshots at a range of up to 15 meters, but its damage falls off slightly after that. However, the trade-off with that drop in damage is that the Phantom is much easier to control, has more rounds per magazine, and has no bullet tracers.

An image of the Phantom, one of the best guns in Valorant.

The Phantom costs 2,900 credits, just like the Vandal.


The Operator is the most dangerous gun in the game. As a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle, it instantly kills when it hits the head or body at any range. While it is also the most expensive gun in Valorant, the Operator is extremely powerful for Sniper mains. It also scopes in at 2.5x and 5x.

An image of the Operator, one of the best guns in Valorant.

The Operator is priced at 4,700 credits.


The Odin is one of the most hated guns in Valorant because it is also very strong. Next to the Operator, the Odin is the most expensive weapon. It has High penetration and a fire rate of 12 to 15.6 rounds/sec, slowly increasing as you hold fire. The Odin is perfect for maps like Ascent with thin, penetrable walls.

An image of the Odin.

The Odin is priced at 3,200 credits.


If the Odin is one of the most hated guns in the game, the Judge is certainly number one on that list. The game’s only automatic Shotgun fires 3.5 rounds/sec, with each round firing 12 pellets at a time. The Judge is the best weapon you can use to hold narrow angles and chokepoints.

An image of the Judge.

The Judge currently costs 1,850 credits.


The Sheriff is the most expensive Sidearm in the game. It is also commonly known as the gun that confident players and duelists buy for pistol or eco rounds. This is because the Sheriff does 159 damage to the head at 0-30 meters and 145 from 30-50 meters. Players can only buy up to a half shield in pistol rounds, which means all Sheriff headshots are instant kills.

An image of the Sheriff.

The Sheriff is priced at 800 credits.


The Marshal is the only other Sniper in the game. At its very low price point and high damage, the Marshal is perfect for saving rounds. The Marshal does 101 damage to the body and 202 damage to headshots at any range. Duelists often buy this gun in thrifty rounds to try and get quick kills against stronger weapons.

An image of the Marshal.

The Marshal is priced at 950 credits.


The Spectre is the best submachine gun in Valorant. Its bullets are silenced and without tracers, making it difficult to locate where the shooter is coming from. It is fully automatic as well, firing 13.33 rounds/sec. Although it has Low penetration, the Spectre is very easy to control and is the best run-and-gun weapon in the game.

An image of the Spectre.

The Spectre currently costs 1,600 credits.


Another famous run and gun weapon in Valorant is the Frenzy. This fully automatic pistol fires 10 rounds/sec, making it the fastest-shooting Sidearm in the game. If you need more confidence in hitting headshots using the Ghost or Sheriff, the Frenzy is a great alternative.

An image of the Frenzy.

The Frenzy is priced at 450 credits.


We cannot have a list of the best guns in Valorant without including the only free gun in the game. The Classic is the weapon everyone immediately gets when they spawn. It has Low penetration and fairly low damage to the body, but its alt fire is its main calling card. The classic can fire like Shotgun, shooting 3 bullets at a time, which can instantly kill when you hit headshots.

An image of the Classic.

The Classic is free for all players upon spawning.

Now that you have learned what the top 10 best guns in Valorant are, you can start maximizing their potential and holding optimal angles to catch your opponents off guard. Knowing your weapon better than your opponent does means you will win most duels and gunfights that you take.


In open maps like Breeze, Icebox, Pearl, and Haven, snipers like the Operator are a good choice. The Odin is particularly strong in maps with thin walls like Ascent. For tight maps like Bind and Split, shotguns are perfect for holding narrow angles.
The best way to get started is by learning at least one of each weapon type in the game. Choose one Sidearm, one SMG, one Shotgun, one Rifle, one Sniper, and one Heavy weapon to practice with. The better you get at the game, the more you can expand your repertoire.
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