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How to Play Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus

Have you learned how to win matches with Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus yet?

There are several things players need to know to win competitive matches in MultiVersus. First, you need to choose a Fighter you have prior experience in. You rarely want to enter into a ladder match with a brand-new character. Next, you must learn which characters match up well with your partner if you are playing 2v2. Finally, you must figure out how to set up your team for success through Perks.

Fortunately, Tom and Jerry are one of the most versatile characters in the game. They can find synergy with almost any Fighter in MultiVersus because of their unique skill set. Regardless of your playstyle, you can find a way to be effective in most matches. Mages are quite unique in the game, and Tom and Jerry are definitely up there in terms of power.

If you want to win more matches with the game’s resident duo Fighters, check out our quick guide on how to play Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry

An image of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry are two of the most iconic cartoon characters in history. First created in 1940, this duo has been a fan favorite among children and adults alike for over 80 years now. There are about 164 short films that feature Tom in his attempt to capture Jerry, which he has yet to achieve after all these years. The original production company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, established themselves in the cartoon genre with this show.

In MultiVersus, Tom and Jerry play as a duo Fighter under the Ranged Mage role. Despite their antagonistic relationship, they work surprisingly well together on stage. As a Mage, they specialize in dealing damage and crowd control effects from a distance. Most of their abilities are charges and projectiles that can help their teammates and hinder their opponents.

Tom and Jerry’s ground attacks include Volley!, Mallet Time, Paddle-Paddle-Paddle, and Feline Pounce. They can also do strong aerial attacks like Scratch Cat, Trash Can Band, Cast-Iron Crusher, and an aerial version of Volley!. All their ground attacks are charge abilities by Tom that can deal some good damage when you hit them.

Their special ground attacks include Slingshot Sharpshooter, Goin’ Fishin, Rocket Mouse, and Snap Trap. From the air, they can do Look Out Below! as well as aerial versions of Slingshot Sharpshooter, Goin’ Fishin, and Rocket Mouse. Tom and Jerry also have a passive ability that lets teammates pick up Jerry and get a bonus in their damage dealt and speed for a while.

How to Play as Tom and Jerry

Mages in MultiVersus are at their best when dealing damage using their special attacks and abilities from a distance. In the case of Tom and Jerry, however, you can also do some good damage from up close using some of their charged attacks. Their particular playstyle is also perfect for playing with a powerful Tank or Bruiser who can draw the attention of their opponents.

Here are our best tips for playing as Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Fight From A Distance

An image of how to fight from a distance with Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Slingshot Sharpshooter is one of the most annoying attacks in MultiVersus for a reason. This ability has Tom using Jerry as a projectile. You can aim this skill and then launch Jerry into whoever you wish. If Jerry is already away, Slingshot Sharpshooter will use tennis balls as ammunition instead. You can keep firing tennis balls until you run out of them.

Another strong ranged ability from this duo Fighter is Rocket Mouse. This move has Tom strapping Jerry into a rocket and then launching it into opponents. While it deals more damage than Slingshot Sharpshooter, this ability comes with a cooldown so you cannot just spam it. If Jerry is away from Tom, he will instead shoot a rocket that hits Jerry’s location.

Best Signature Perk: Fly Fisher

An image of Fly Fisher.

This is one of the best Signature Perks in MultiVersus because it basically saves your life. Fly Fisher weakens Tom’s fishing pole, which means Goin’ Fishing will not be as effective. However, the payoff is extremely worth it. Whenever your fishing pole hits a ground or wall, he will be able to pull himself onto that piece of terrain.

Using your fishing pole this way is very useful whenever you are about to fall off the stage. Like other platform fighting games, MultiVersus works around the objective of staying on the stage while trying to knock your opponents off it. Having this ability to pull yourself back onto the stage is like having another lifeline to keep fighting. Tom and Jerry will be able to take more risks because they always have this skill to fall back on.

Best Perks for Tom and Jerry

An image of combat with Perks.

Because Tom and Jerry have several projectile abilities, Make It Rain, Dog! is definitely one of the best Perks you can use. This offensive Perk increases projectile speed by 10% when equipped by Tom and Jerry. The bonus is increased to 25% when both players equip it. If your playstyle is spamming projectiles, this Perk is arguably the best in the game, especially when coupled with our next choice.

Another strong Perk you can use together with Make It Rain, Dog! is Shirt Cannon Sniper. This offensive Perk increases your projectiles’ damage by 7% to opponents that are far away. When both players equip it, the bonus increases to 15%. When you equip this Perk with Make It Rain, Dog!, your projectiles will be both faster and more powerful, so you can just spam Slingshot Sharpshooter to victory.

Finally, the best defensive Perk for Tom and Jerry in our opinion is I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge. This Perk cuts your abilities’ cooldown by 10% every time you dodge an opponent’s attack. When both teammates equip it, the cooldown refund is increased to 15%. As a Ranged Mage Fighter that specializes in projectiles, this bonus will go a long way towards spamming your way to a win every time.

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