How to Get the Toasty Trophy Achievement in The Devil in Me

Wondering how to get the Toasty trophy in The Devil In Me? You will successfully acquire it after reading this post.

A recently released horror interactive game in 2022 is making its name for its uniqueness and scary cutscenes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is a game with a storyline where players must make different decisions in different scenarios.

Their chosen options will result in different outcomes in the game. Additionally, these decisions could lead to a character’s death, so selecting the correct choices will determine the storyline and ending of the game.

Like other video games, The Devil In Me comes with trophies and achievements that players may acquire by finding hidden items or when players choose specific options in several scenarios.

In that case, the toasty trophy is one of them. You can achieve this trophy when you encounter Charlie in the Dinner Table chapter.

Before we jump into the main topic, let’s briefly discuss how to get to this chapter and more information about Charlie.

So without further ado, let’s start!

Charlie as a Character


Charlie Lonnit is one of the main protagonists in the game The Devil In Me. As the story progress, you will learn that Charlie is the founder of an entertainment company which is Lonnit Entertainment. 

As you choose a character, Charlie is notable since he is the only older person in the crew. You will notice him with his wrinkled skin and wearing a pair of eyeglasses.

In terms of Charlie’s attitude and personality, he often shows a narcissistic nature since he always cares only about himself. 

In one of the scenarios in-game, you will notice that he does not have good leadership skills because he doesn’t like helping the crew and always do things on his own.

On top of that, Charlie has a bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Additionally, there will be one part of the game where he wants to smoke so badly that he ends up in a complicated situation.

Obtaining the Toasty Trophy, other characters will talk to Charlie, and you should choose the dialogue in the Dining Table chapter. However, this task is quite confusing since, knowing Charlie, some lines are not suitable for him to say.

Let’s continue to the Dining Table chapter for you to know the correct words to say when you talk to Charlie.

The Dining Table

Toasty Trophy at the dining area

In this chapter of the game, the crew will not encounter intense chasing of the killer, but they will sit at a table and talk to everyone about the day’s happenings.

As the crew completely takes seats around the table, they will wonder why Mr. Du’Met is not there. Suddenly, Jamie will tell that Mr. Du’Met will not come because she saw him riding the ferry and leaving the island right after they went to their rooms.

After that, Kate will express her feelings towards Mr. Du’Met since she feels sketchy about the island and weird things happening that do not make any sense.

Toasty Trophy: Kate

On top of that, Jamie will say horrifying words like they will get killed since their primary purpose on that island is to make a horror documentary. 

As the discussion continues, you playing as Charlie, should select the correct dialogues to achieve the Toasty Trophy.

Correct Order of Dialogues

Toasty Trophy: Erin

The dialogue choices will start when Erin asks the crew if they have seen Mr. Du’Met at the start of the discussion. 

In this scene, Charlie will have a set of options, and you, as the player, should choose the Reassuring option.

Toasty Trophy: Mark

The second scene is where Mark asks Charlie if he found any cigarettes. After that, you should choose “Playful”, and Charlie will joke about finding a pack of invisible cigarettes.

Toasty Trophy: Mark

In the middle part of the discussion, Charlie will now decide to stand up holding a wine glass, and you will be given a set of options. 

You should choose “Enthusiastic” to make Charlie give a toast to everyone and give his speech.


Charlie will continue his speech for the fourth dialogue, and the topic will lean toward Kate and compliment her. 

You will be given options and choose “Appreciative” to show Kate appreciation.

Charlie Authorative

After Charlie gives his speech and shows appreciation, the crew will ask him what to do next. 

Charlie will tell the crew to start exploring the lobby, and the team also talks about how to set up a light in it.

Suddenly, Erin asks Charlie what they would do if Mr. Du’Met showed up. In that scene, you will be given a set of choices, and you should select the “Authorative” option for Charlie to say that he will take full responsibility and have a word with him.

Toasty Trophy obrtained

The team would agree on the plan and start to stand up and leave the dining room. After you’ve chosen the choices above, the Toasty Trophy will show up on your screen as you’ve acquired it.

Acquiring the Toasty Trophy is tricky, especially when you’re new to the game. Hopefully, after following the correct order stated above, you’ve successfully obtained it.

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