An image of how to Toast other players in MultiVersus.

How to Toast Other Players in MultiVersus

How often do you Toast players in MultiVersus?

Toasting is one of the most interesting trivial features of MultiVersus. While it does not have a significant effect on gameplay or your ranking up in the game, it can be a great way to form a bond with other players. This rewards system lets you show respect and appreciation for opponents or teammates after a match.

When you Toast another player, you spend a literal piece of toast, which is one of the game’s several forms of currency. Players also receive some Gold whenever another player Toasts them. You can think of it as like a handshake with a little bonus if you are used to playing platform fighting games on LAN.

If you want to learn how to tip your hat to your opponents, check out our quick guide on how to Toast players in MultiVersus.

Toast in MultiVersus

An image of how to Toast other players in MultiVersus.

Toasts are literally pieces of bread that you receive every day when you log onto MultiVersus. Each day you enter the game, you get 5 free Toasts. You can then use those after a match to reward your teammates or opponents with 25 Gold as a sign of your respect and appreciation.

Another way to obtain some Toasts is by buying the Battle Pass or leveling up your Fighters. If you play honorably and competitively, you may also receive Toasts from your opponents. You can reuse each Toast that you receive by giving it back to future opponents and teammates. Finally, you can stock up on some Toast by spending Gold. You can just pay 350 Gold for 10 pieces of Toast.

Getting Toasted is a sign of being an honorable player in MultiVersus. If you notice that you have been receiving more Toasts lately, you have probably been fun to play with. On the other hand, not having received any Toasts in a while can be a sign that you need a change in playstyle or demeanor when playing.

How to Toast Players in MultiVersus

An image of how to Toast other players in MultiVersus.

Toasting other players is a very easy process. This feature does not require you to pay real money through microtransactions or grind to unlock it. As we previously mentioned, you will only get a limited number of Toasts available per day unless you opt to pay Gold for more.

You just need to consider a few factors before you decide to Toast another person. First, you should check how many Toasts you have left and whether or not you plan to spend all of them today. Next, consider whether your teammates or opponents were fun enough to play with to deserve this honor. There is no point honoring toxic teammates and opponents as that just rewards their poor behavior and sportsmanship.

After you have decided to reward other players with Toast, you just have to wait for the post-match screen. Once you get there, all you need to do is click on the “Give Toast” button at the top of the screen. Suppose you missed out on the post-match screen for some reason, head on over to the Collection menu. You can still Toast other players there.

Take note that if both teams choose to engage in a rematch, you cannot Toast players in MultiVersus yet. You will have to wait until the rematch is over and wait for the post-match screen again.

Become an Honorable Player

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Getting Toasted by other players can be a badge of honor and a way to earn some extra Gold consistently. However, if you become an annoying person to play against, you will not receive any Toasts. Learn how to play fun Fighters and keep a healthy competition with your opponents. It also helps if you do not spam some of the most annoying attacks in MultiVersus.

Because MultiVersus is a very new game, there is still a limited fan base. With different time zones and servers all over the world, there is a chance that you encounter the same pool of players quite often. This is especially true if you are from areas with a smaller player base.

By establishing a reputation as a fun player to play with, you improve the chances of other players recognizing your username. That way, they are much more likely to Toast you every time you play with or against each other. This can also be a great way to form a bond and sense of community with your fellow MultiVersus players.

Use Fun Fighters

An image of LeBron and Shaggy.

A good way to become a fun player to play with is by mastering some of the more unique and interesting characters in the game. You can avoid the more broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus. Try using fun Fighters like Wonder Woman, Velma, Shaggy, or Harley Quinn.

You can also try using very popular characters from live action media. Arya Stark from Game of Thrones or NBA superstar LeBron James are some examples. These characters have massive fanbases, so you increase your chances of having your opponent appreciate your Fighter choice.

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