An image of Taz in MultiVersus.

How to Master Taz in MultiVersus

Have you developed a go-to strategy for playing as Taz in MultiVersus yet?

As one of the strongest and most popular Fighters in the game, Taz is one of the first characters you should try to learn. The Tasmanian Devil is a decent Bruiser that is serviceable in many situations. This energetic Fighter is excellent for solo matches or teaming up with any of the MultiVersus characters.

You can adopt several different playstyles when playing as Taz. Players often use him early on to experiment and see which styles fit them best. Once you decide to move on to more broken and overpowered characters, at least you still have this handy Fighter in your back pocket for emergencies.

If you are looking to learn how to move and fight like the Devil, check out our detailed guide on how to master Taz in MultiVersus.

Taz in MultiVersus

An image of Taz in MultiVersus.

The Tasmanian Devil is one of the most popular characters from the Looney Tunes Universe. Known for his aggressive yet endearing personality, Taz often spins into a tornado when he gets excited. His entire character is based on being a temperamental personality with a massive appetite.

In MultiVersus, Taz is a Bruiser Fighter capable of dealing a significant amount of damage while also tanking quite a bit. He is preferred by players for 2v2 mode due to his synergy with some of the game’s other Fighters. In 1v1 matches, Taz can hold his own as well but can sometimes be overwhelmed by some of the broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Taz’s ground attacks include Soup’s On!, Well-Seasoned, Slam-Wich, and Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!. For his aerial attacks, he can do Soup-er Spinner, Feed the Beast, Flying Slam-Wich, and Sunder Down Under. As a Bruiser, many of his attacks are melee charges that can deal quite a bit of damage. His Soup moves, however, are projectiles.

For his special attacks, Taz can do Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out, Taz-Nado, Dogpile! Dogpile!, and You Spit What You Eat both on the ground and in the air. Taz also has some decent passive abilities and Perks. His Signature Perk Iron Stomach lets him consume a projectile and spit out an anvil item. Another Signature Perk of his is I Gotta Get In There!, which lets allies jump onto his Dogpile projectile, giving it a lot of buffs.

How to Master Taz in MultiVersus

Being able to master Taz in MultiVersus is a great step towards dominating competitive lobbies. There are several steps towards this goal and we will be covering each one in this article. You will have to consider everything from your own playstyle, the type of Fighters you usually play, and how Taz matches up with all the other Fighters, both in 1v1 and 2v2 settings.

Bruiser Type

An image of the Bruiser Fighter Taz in MultiVersus.

Taz is a Bruiser, which means he specializes in close range fighting and getting into it with opponents. He is also known for his horizontal knockback move, just like fellow Bruisers Shaggy and Garnet. Taz often uses this move to try and knock his opponents off the stage. As a result, he ends up fighting on the edges of the terrain more often than not.

Tanks usually try to draw their opponents’ attention to the middle of the stage, while Supports move around trying to find strategic positions to deal damage or utility in. On the other hand, Assassins have a lot of mobility and try to find crucial or even killing blows anywhere. Bruisers can play a combination of all these types due to their fairly balanced offensive and defensive capabilities.


An image of the Taz-Nado move.

Taz-Nado is easily Taz’s best move in terms of efficiency. You can beat any beginner by spamming this attack, which is one of the game’s most effective and annoying moves. Even in intermediate and higher level competition, this tornado spin is still quite effective.

This move lets Taz spin forward into a tornado and hit anyone that he makes contact with multiple times. When Taz goes through a teammate, he earns a Hasten buff and moves even faster. As a Bruiser, the Taz-Nado is perfect for zoning enemies into specific parts of the stage where your partner can then deal their combos.

The most important aspect of this special move is that it basically has no cooldown. The only way for opponents to really stop Taz is by hitting him with projectiles while he is spinning. He is can also do this move in the air, which is perfect for ringing out opponents while they are vulnerable.

Swallowing Projectiles

An image of swallowing projectiles.

While projectiles are effective in stopping Taz in the midst of his Taz-Nado, the Tasmanian Devil also has a good counter move for this. Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out is another very unique move by Taz. It lets Taz eat projectiles that hit him and end up destroying them. After that, he can then spit them out and deal some Tasty debuffs on whoever he hits.

If you are quick enough with the combos, you can use Taz to constantly spin and stop quick enough to catch and swallow approaching projectiles. Other than that, Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out also lets Taz eat his enemies and disable them for quite a while. After he spits them out, they receive a Struggle debuff.

Passive Abilities

An image of passive abilities.

Taz’s passive ability is Bottomless Pit. Some of his attacks will inflict Tasty damage on enemies when they are knocked back. If you stack up enough Tasty debuffs on an opponent, they will end up being Cooked.

Every time you deal damage to an opponent that is Cooked, some chicken bits will fall off of them. Taz or his teammate can pick these up and heal themselves for a small amount of health. The chicken pieces last for 8 seconds before they disappear.

Another passive ability that Taz has is licking his allies when he passes through them. This heals them quite a bit but this passive skill comes with a cooldown.

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