Talon Cache Locations in Gotham Knights

Want to know about all the Talon Cache locations in Gotham Knights?

In Gotham Knights, players have tons of suit options to choose from for each playable character. This is similar to other Arkham series games, where players can customize the appearance of Batman. 

However, fans can do more than simply equip a suit since they can also customize the suit’s colorway, symbol, cowl, boots, and gloves. 

One of the coolest suits you can get in Gotham Knights is the Talon Suit. This is the signature outfit of the Court of Owls, and you can obtain it by finding Five Talon Caches hidden around Gotham City. 

Aside from obtaining the suit, players will also be rewarded with highly coveted resources like the Nth Metal, making the caches worth finding. 

Today, we will show you all Talon Cache locations in Gotham Knights. 

Let’s dive right in!

First Talon Cache

first talon cache

The first Talon Cache you can find in the game is located northwest of the Orcan Chemicals Factory on the Southside area of Lower Gotham. Fans will find the cache facing the waterfront on the back of the building on Gate Street. 

Upon analyzing the cache mural, you will receive 8000 EXP, Organic Composite, Electrum, and Nth Metal. 

Second Talon Cache

Second Talon Cache

For the second Talon Cache, fans should head to the heart of the Financial District. The Talon Mural should be underneath the Elliot Center building, which can be reached by locating a set of stairs next to the building. 

Fans should see the Mural beside the Wine and Liquor store. Examining this Talon Cache will reward you 8000 EXP, Electrum, Nth Metal, and Organic Composite. 

Third Talon Cache

talon cache locations in gotham knights

Another Talon Cache can be found in the Old Gotham District in Gotham City. This should be behind Gotham City Hall, the eastern end of Wycliffe Avenue. You should see the Talon Cache next to the large fountain at the center of the area. 

Upon examining the cache, it will give you 8000 EXP, Nth Metal, Organic Composite, and Electrum. 

Fourth Talon Cache

talon cache locations in gotham knights

The fourth Talon Cache can be found in the Bowery District in New Gotham. You will need to go to the Falcone Residence building, located right at the center of Scituate Street. You should find the Talon Mural underneath the Falcone Residence sign. 

Examining this Talon Cache will net you 8000 EXP, Nth Metal, Electrum, and Organic Composite. 

Fifth Talon Cache

talon cache locations in gotham knights

The last Talon Cache in Gotham Knights is located in the Gotham Heights District, within the city’s university area. Once you are at the center of Gotham University, you should look for an arched hallway and turn left down the hallway. 

You will spot the 5th Talon Cache at the end of the hallway. You will receive the Talon Transmog Suit Style, allowing you to use it on all playable heroes. 

That ends our guide for all the Talon Cache locations in Gotham Knights. If you have other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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