How to Survive the Furnace Room in The Devil in Me

Do you know how to save Charlie from the furnace room in The Devil In Me? Find out how to do it by reading on.

The Devil In Me is a horror/suspense game that will give you chills while playing. It will test players’ decision-making under time pressure. 

Most of the time, decisions will conclude the life and death of characters in the game. If you are familiar with the Saw Movie, it somehow resembles the game’s mechanics.

One cut scene you will encounter is the crew trying to save Charlie from the furnace room. Saving him is a bit easy. However, Charlie might be in a good situation if you learn the correct way of doing it. 

Note that the content you’re about to read below might spoil you on your game, so if you don’t want any spoilers, read at your own risk.

Without further ado, Let’s Begin!

The Furnace Room

Furnace Room door

As the story continues, Charlie looks for cash to buy cigarettes in the Devil In Me. He will accidentally step on a pressure pad, and the gate will automatically shut, ending up locked up. 

After that, you will notice that a scary-looking mannequin will pop up out of nowhere and release gas from pipelines. After a few seconds, the scary-looking dummy will pull out its lighter and start a small explosion to create a massive fire.

Furnace Room mannquin

At this stage of the game, you will encounter your first decision to make. Charlie will be locked up in the furnace room and find himself with a fire blazing toward him. There are only two options that charlie can do: either him trying to open the gate or hide inside the grate before the fire burns him to death. 

Now, various scenarios would happen based on your every decision. If you want to save Charlie and survive the furnace room, below are the different scenarios you could follow. 

Take note that some decisions will lead to charlie being killed. So if you want him to survive in the furnace room, follow the best scenario for him.

First Scenario: Opening the Gate

Furnace Room fire

If you want charlie to survive in the furnace room, do not follow this first option since it will never save charlie from it. Trying to open the gate will leave charlie no time, and the fire from the furnace room will burn him to death. 

You will see the “Force Door” option on the screen, and with how many tries you make, it will end up with the same result. 

Second Scenario: Hiding Under the Grate

Furnace Room grate

If you play charlie and find yourself locked up, this option will surely make you survive the burning flames. However, there is a specific order for you to press to do this successfully. In this second scenario, hiding under the grate is the only way for you to survive. Once the options appear, you should immediately choose the “Lift Grate”. 

Then, after a couple of texts, you will end up again on the same selection. For the second time, select the “Lift Grate” option for you to hide under it.

survive by hiding under the grate

Remember that you should do this accurately because if you try to open the door the second time, charlie will need more time to hide from the fire. Once you survive, you will be rewarded with a trophy of the Phoenix.

Additional Information


If you are new to the game, this will give you information about Charlie Lonnit. He is British and one of the protagonists in the story of the Devil in Me. He has a determined personality based on his decisions. However, in some scenarios, he doesn’t trust others too much on other people.

In the Story, he is the founder of a well-known entertainment company, Lonnit Entertainment. Moreover, he is a director in the story who directs films and documentaries about murder.

In terms of his appearance, He has a light complexion. Moreover, based on the wrinkles on his face, he is already not in his youth. His hair color is gray, and he always wears glasses. You can also notice that he always wears boots and leather jackets in different scenarios. 

Additionally, Charlie developed a bad habit. He is a smoker. That’s why in this part of the room, the furnace room. He was looking for a cigarette because he smokes regularly.

That would be the end of this post. Knowing that you are stuck in a fire room will undoubtedly give you a panic attack and mixed emotions while playing the game. Hopefully, you successfully survive in the furnace room after reading this article. 

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