An image of Superman in MultiVersus.

How to Play as Superman in MultiVersus

Have you learned how to play as Superman in MultiVersus yet?

For such a new platform fighting game, MultiVersus already has one of the most popular character rosters. It took some of the most famous characters in each universe and put them all together. While all of the characters are quite popular, in the game, some are simply better fighters than others in most situations. One of these broken and overpowered characters is Superman from the DC Comics Universe.

Superman is one of the best players overall in MultiVersus. This hefty Tank can absorb a lot of damage while also dealing a lot of his own. The Man of Steel is also versatile enough to have synergy with almost any other character. Whether you are playing with an Assassin, Bruiser, or even a Support Fighter, there is a playstyle that lets Superman be effective in 2v2 settings.

If you are looking to be the next great Tank player, check out our detailed guide on how to play as Superman in MultiVersus.


An image of Superman in MultiVersus.

Also known as Clark Kent or by his Kryptonian name Kal-El, this superhero is simply one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Sent to planet Earth after his home planet was destroyed, Kal-El was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent until adulthood. Superman draws his powers from the Earth’s yellow sun. He uses these powers to protect people from villains both from Earth and beyond it.

In MultiVersus, Superman is a Tank with a unique skill set. As a Tank, his main role is to take all the damage and attention from opponents. He holds down the frontline while his teammate finds good spots to use their powerful abilities and combos. Other than that, Superman can also hold his own against almost any opponent. This makes him a viable pick in both single-player and multiplayer mode.

Superman’s ground attacks include Super Punch, Kryptonian Kombo, Overhead Strike, and Downward Swing. From the air, he can use Bullet Barrage, Flying Swing, Up and Away!, and Falling Haymaker. With the exception of Bullet Barrage and Kryptonian Kombo, all his moves are charge attacks. Use them to deal massive damage whenever you get enough time to pull them off.

For special attacks, Superman has Ice Breath, Locomotive Charge, Meteor Liftoff, and Heat Vision. Locomotive Charge and Meteor Liftoff are charge attacks, while the other two provide strong debuffs. From above, Superman can use Ten-Ton Tackle, Go Long!, and aerial versions of his debuff specials, Heat Vision and Ice Breath. Use Ice Breath whenever your teammate has projectile attacks and Heat Vision to knock up opponents.

How to Play as Superman in MultiVersus

There are several effective playstyles you can pull off with Superman. In this part, we will cover the most basic techniques and strategies that you should learn. You can experiment with the Man of Steel later on once you understand the fundamentals. As one of the best characters in the game, Superman can excel in any situation.

Knock Up and Spam

An image of the knock up and spam combo by Superman in MultiVersus.

One of the best combinations that Superman players use is the knock up and spam technique. Try to knock up opponents and then use Up and Away! to keep them in the air. You might even be able to use Bullet Barrage if you are fast enough. Just be careful not to get too high up because the other opponent might sneak in and ring you out that way.

Once the knocked-up opponent is vulnerable in the air, you can then use Go Long! to grab them and throw them in your chosen direction. If they are still in the air after the grab and throw, you can finish with the Falling Haymaker to throw them to the ground.

This combination is strong enough to finish off any opponent with low health.

Heat Vision Combo

An image of Heat Vision.

Heat Vision is one of Superman’s most powerful moves because it can open up many opportunities. Both the ground or aerial version of this move can knock up opponents while igniting them. It is a little difficult to hit, but it definitely pays off a lot when it connects.

Use Heat Vision to knock an opponent into the air and catch them with your Ten-Ton Tackle. After they are punched off the stage, you can spam any of your other moves to make them fall off the stage. Locomotive Charge, Super Punch, or Overhead Strike can all be good finishing moves for this combo.

Because of how effective it can be at ringing out opponents, the Heat Vision combo is one of the best ways to play as Superman in MultiVersus.

Hold Your Ground

An image of Tanks.

If you have not learned the previous two techniques yet, you can always return to your character’s roots. As a Tank, Superman’s main job is to draw attention and take the damage for your teammate. Superman does this just as well as any other Tank in the game.

Try to stay around the middle of the stage and keep your weaker teammate behind you. If they have strong aerial moves, you can let them stay above you as long as they have enough time to escape. During aerial team fights, you can use Ten-Ton Tackle to grab an opponent from the air and try to punch them off the stage.

If you are on the ground, try to block or dodge their powerful attacks and wait for your opportunity. Once you have enough time, use Super Punch or Downward Swing to get them vulnerable. If you know you can catch them, use Kryptonian Kombo to deal rapid punches. From the air, this can be replaced by Bullet Barrage.

Teaming Up With Superman in MultiVersus

Now that you know how to dominate lobbies with Superman, you should also learn how to play with him as a teammate.The Man of Steel is understandably one of the most picked Fighters in the game, so you will have many matches where your teammate picks him first.

To maximize having Superman as a teammate, try to use some of the faster assassins like Harley Quinn or a strong Bruiser like Batman. Make sure you can take advantage of opponents being knocked-up or ignited by using combos and special aerial attacks.

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