An image of Straw in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty

Do you have a steady source for Straw in Medieval Dynasty?

Straw is one of the most useful resources in Medieval Dynasty. There are lots of uses for this material no matter what stage you are in the game. Beginners will need to craft some important items with it, while village leaders can use it to build more structures in town.

Because Straw is very widely used in the world of Medieval Dynasty, it is also quite easy to obtain. Learning how to grow your own Straw will speed up that process tenfold. The larger your village grows, the more Straw you will need but will also be able to produce. We will go through all the ways you can get Straw in this article.

If you are looking to start expanding your village, check out our quick guide on how to get Straw in Medieval Dynasty.

Straw in Medieval Dynasty

An image of Straw in Medieval Dynasty.

Straw is a common resource in Medieval Dynasty. It is widely used due to its low value and high versatility. You can never go wrong with having some extra in your inventory or storage. There are also several different ways you can obtain some Straw, so you should be able to get some regardless of where you are in the game.

Each bunch of Straw only weighs 0.04kg, which in the grand scale of things is almost nothing. You can carry hundreds of these at a time without it slowing you down. Depending on your technology tree levels, each bunch can be bought or sold for 0.1 to 0.2 Coins. However, its purpose is a lot more important than just a fraction of a Coin.

Like we previously mentioned, Straw is used to craft and build a variety of different things. For simple crafting, you will Straw to make Animal Feed, Daub, Simple Torches, Flat Straw Hats, and Straw Hats.

For construction purposes, Straw is also used for many different structures. It is basically used as a part of building things like thatch roofs or even walls. You will not be able to build your first house without some Straw with you. Straw is also a by-product for threshing some crops, so you can get loads of it without even meaning to sometimes. Farmers will have a lot of Straw lying around that they can repurpose.

How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty

An image of the riverbank.

There are many ways you can get Straw in Medieval Dynasty. The easiest way is by harvesting some Reeds. These plants grow randomly on riverbanks but can also be produced by Miners. For each Reeds plant that you harvest, you can get around 1 or 2 bunches of Straw. You can also get dozens of these for each trip to the river as long as you have the patience.

Visit the river near the city of Gostovia to collect some Reeds on its banks. You just need to hold your ‘E’ key to take some Straw from these plants. When building your first house, you need at least 32 bunches of Straw just for your thatched roof.

Another way to obtain Straw is by threshing some crops. If you do not already have a farm, you can start one just for their by-products. After harvesting your crops of Oats, Rye, Wheat, or Flax, go ahead and thresh them at your Barn. Apart from their usual products, you will also get some Straw in the process.

If you are very early in the game, you may resort to stealing Straw from different villages. We do not recommend this because you will lose some Dynasty Reputation every time you do it. However, if you do not care about that aspect, you can easily get your hands on some Straw this way. When you visit towns, you will see bunches of Straw just lying around on tables or behind homes. Just take them and ignore the villagers’ criticism.

Automating the Process

An image of farming.

If you are just starting out in the game, you will not have any access to Barns or even functional farms. Your only options are to steal some from villages, which lose you Dynasty Reputation or by harvesting Reeds from riverbanks. This takes a lot of patience, but do not worry, because you will eventually be able to automate this process.

Once you have a working village with a farm, you can assign some villagers to some roles in the farm. They will be able to thresh your crops for you and collect the Straw that this process yields. After you understand how the entire farming system works, you can automate everything from preparing the fields, planting the crops, harvesting them, and threshing the crops to produce Straw as well.

Seasons will go by where your stock of Straws just keeps increasing by the hundreds. You can just take these from your storage anytime to craft items or construct some buildings.

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