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How to Earn the Star Baker Title in Destiny 2

Have you obtained the Star Baker title for yourself yet in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 players are currently enjoying the festivities of the Dawning event. This annual event always brings a lot of excitement and new popular additions to the game year after year. One of the more underrated bonuses this year is the Star Baker title. Titles are usually overlooked by players that only grind toward getting new shiny weapons.

The Star Baker title is only given to the best at baking some delicious treats and throwing lethal snowballs. If you are planning to spend a few hours on Destiny 2 this Christmas season, make sure to earn this title. It only takes a few minutes to accomplish the requirements, and you will definitely have fun in the process.

If you are looking for a brand new fancy title this holiday season, check out our quick guide on how to earn the Star Baker title in Destiny 2.

How to Earn the Star Baker Title

An image of the Star Baker Title.

The Star Baker title is one of the best rewards you can get during this year’s The Dawning live event. You just need to complete a total of 16 Triumph objectives to earn this title for yourself. The number may seem overwhelming, but most of these Triumphs are very easy to do so it should only take a couple of hours.

Here are all 16 Triumphs you need to do to earn the Star Baker title in Destiny 2.

Dawning Introduction Quests

An image of the Dawning Introductory Quests.

To get started on this year’s Dawn of the Dawning, you must accomplish a couple of introductory quests. These tasks are called “Bake a Cookie” and “Give a Gift to Zavala”, which are basically just tutorials for the entire live event.

First, you just need to log in to Destiny 2. Head to the Tower and you should find the game’s resident live event host, Eva Levante. Speak to her and receive Eva’s Holiday Oven, which will be your best friend throughout this event. Next, bake some Gjallardoodles and bring them to Commander Zavala. After that, you should now be ready to do all the other activities in the Dawning event.

Baking Triumphs

An image of Baking Triumphs required for the Star Baker Title.

To earn the Star Baker title, you need to accomplish three unique baking Triumphs. You will go through being an Amateur, Adept, and eventually Expert Baker by making a bunch of recipes. To get to the highest level, you will end up using a lot of ingredients and Dawning Essence, so try to start collecting them as soon as you can.

To get these resources, you should do some bounties from Eva and farm some enemies in Heist Battlegrounds. You can also opt to play in Vanguard Ops, although that may yield a little bit less rewards.

After you have enough ingredients, go ahead and start baking cookies using your Dawning Hoven. Make 6 different types of cookies to reach Amateur level, 13 to reach Adept, and 20 to become an Expert Baker.

Shopping Spree

Next, you will need to purchase all the 12 available Dawning upgrades from Eva Levante. To do this, you must spend some Dawning Spirits. For all 12 upgrades, you need about 380 Dawning Spirits, which is quite a lot. You typically earn 24 Dawning Spirits each day and another 60 each week by doing the relevant activities to the Star Baker title. Players also get three Dawning Spirits each time they give treats to an NPC.

If you happen to have the Starfarer 7M ship, equip it to make use of the extra Dawning Spirits you earn from its perk. Once you have enough Dawning Spirits, buy all the Dawning upgrades as soon as possible.

Snowball Ops

An image of the Snowball Ops for the Star Baker Title.

For this part of the quest, you will need to get into the Vanguard Ops playlist. While playing in Vanguard Ops, you have to defeat 100 other combatants. This will probably take a few attempts since players have gotten a lot better at snowball fights over the years. For a kill to count as a snowball kill, you need to use a snowball to land the final blow.

Snowball Dares

This is almost exactly like the Snowball Ops triumph. Just go to the Dares of Eternity playlist and start battling using snowballs. Kill 100 total combatants to complete this Triumph.


To earn the Thundersnow Triumph, you need to use your Arc-type weapons and abilities. Equip your favorite Arc weapon and play any game mode. Kill some combatants or Guardians with your weapon and you will complete this Triumph.

Deep Freeze

Just like the Thundersnow Triumph, you need a specific type of weapon or ability for this one. To earn Deep Freeze, use Stasis weapons or abilities and defeat some combatants or Guardians.


For the Snowmelt Triumph, you need to defeat any fellow combatants or Guardians using any Solar weapons or abilities.

They Call it sNOw

For this triumph, do the exact same things as the previous ones but use only Void weapons or abilities.

Vanguard Eternity

An image of Vanguard Eternity.

To earn the Vanguard Eternity Triumph, you need to complete six Dares of Eternity or Vanguard Ops games. If you have already completed the Snowball Ops and Snowball Dares Triumphs, chances are, you may have already unknowingly completed this one.

Competitive Spirit

For the Competitive Spirit Triumph, you need to do 10 PvP or Gambit matches before the Dawning live event ends. If you want to accomplish this as quickly as possible, Crucible matches can be a great choice.

Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning

For this particular Triumph, you need to complete at least six Nightmare Containments or Heist Battlegrounds.

With Light Comes Dawn-ing

This is another easy Triumph to accomplish. All you need to do is complete any specific content on Savathun’s Throne World. After that, you will just need one last Triumph to finally become a Star Baker in Destiny 2.


An image of Bake-stravaganza.

Finally, you need to bake a total of 50 treats to earn the Bake-stravaganza Triumph. After you complete this final Triumph, you will earn the Star Baker Title in Destiny 2.

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