An image of the Stagbreaker in Valheim.

How to Get the Stagbreaker in Valheim

Have you killed monsters with the Stagbreaker in Valheim?

There are many dangers in the world of Valheim, so you will need the best weapons and armor to defend yourself. You can craft or find all kinds of weapons from axes, clubs, sledges, swords, spears, to bows and arrows. Each weapon is best used in a specific situation or against a particular type of monster. Against melee monsters, you may want ranged weapons to wield against it.

The Stagbreaker is the first of the two-handed clubs. These weapons deal massive damage but take some time to swing and can be easy to miss with. However, one or two hits with a two-handed club is usually enough to take down a small creature. If this is your weapon of choice, the Stagbreaker is a great starting club.

If you are looking to craft a reliable, powerful starter weapon, check out our guide on how to get the mighty Stagbreaker in Valheim.

Weapons in the Game

An image of weapons and armor.

Because combat is a very important aspect of Valheim, there are countless weapons and armor that you can choose from. You basically cannot defeat all five bosses and finish the game without a good set of armor and some powerful weapons. Gathering resources to craft items or build a base may also bring you to dangerous locations with a bunch of creatures.

Different players will opt for different types of weapons, so it is important to find the right one for your playstyle. If you are playing with a squad, you may also want to have variety so not everyone wields a sword and just hacks at bosses simultaneously. Some of you should use swords, clubs, maces, or axes for a lot of close combat damage. On the other hand, some players should wield bows and arrows or spears for ranged fighting.

Stagbreaker in Valheim

An image of the Stagbreaker in Valheim.

The Stagbreaker is the first two-handed club you can craft in the game. Predictably, it has quite a slow attack speed. You can only swing and strike with it once every 2.12 seconds, which is one of the slowest in the game. Each swing of this club also takes 12 stamina, so make sure to conserve your energy.

For blocking, the Stagbreaker has a block armor of 4 to 6, a parry block armor of 8 to 12, and a block force of 50. This weapon has a durability of 100 at crafting level and repair level 2, it should last you quite a while early on in the game.

As a starter two-handed club, the Stagbreaker only has one attack available. Its primary attack deals 20 Blunt damage and 5 Pierce with a direct hit. For backstabbing, it deals double damage. It also causes 25 Staggering and 150 Knockback, which is great for fighting off one monster at a time.

Although it is a melee weapon, the lengthy Stagbreaker has 2 Range and a Radius of 4 meters. Because of its weight, you will not get penalized for hitting multiple targets with a single swing. You can fight off an entire horde of weaker monsters by swinging once to knock them all back.

How to Get the Stagbreaker

An image of how to get the Stagbreaker in Valheim.

The Stagbreaker can be crafted as long as you already have the level 2 Workbench. You will need 20 Core Wood, 5 Deer Trophies, and 2 Leather Scraps. Unfortunately, you cannot use regular wood for making this weapon. First, to find some Core Wood, head over to the Black Forest biome. Make sure to bring your axe and maybe another weapon to protect yourself from creatures there.

Cut down Fir and Pine trees until you collect 20 Core Wood. If you want to make a backup two-handed club, you can get 40 Core Wood instead. Next, you will need at least 5 Deer Trophies. You can get these by killing deer in the wild, which is fairly easy with a basic wooden bow or spear. Deer will also yield Leather Scraps, which you will need two of for the Stagbreaker.

Once you have all these resources and a level 2 Workbench, you can now craft the old reliable Stagbreaker. Enjoy destroying low level creatures and enemies with this heavy, powerful two-handed weapon.

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