How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2

Creep stacking is a remarkable way to boost your net worth and stay on top throughout the game. It’s a process in which a hero pulls the neutral creeps towards himself. If the creeps don’t get back to their pit before the full minute mark, creeps spawn again. This article will tell you about how to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2, and all the advantages that come from it.

Camp Stacking is an art that is essential for every role in the game. Supports can use it to speed up their income, as stacking gives bonus gold to the hero that stacks it. Carries can farm more creeps in a smaller time frame by stacking many camps. Creep stacking is beneficial for every person in your team and should be on top priority.

Camp Stacking

How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2

Strategy is a big part of every match in Dota 2. This involves using every technique available in the game to ensure that your team’s gold curve is always higher. Creep stacking is a massive contributor to this aspect, and mastering it is crucial for every player. Jungle stacking can be the deciding factor in which team wins the game.

This article will guide you through the process of stacking and help your future games to be smooth sailing.

Creep Stacking

How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2

There are multiple ways you can stack a camp, but the key aspect is timing. In simple words, your hero persuades the Jungle creeps towards himself. If they don’t reach the range of their camp at the full minute mark, creeps respawn in the camp. It conveys to the game system as if the camp is empty, so creeps spawn again. The old creeps move back to their original spot making it a double stack. This way, a core can get more farm in a smaller time frame. Supports can use it as a passive income source.

First, you choose a camp to stack. You press “ALT” on your keyboard, and now you see a yellow boundary around the camp. That is the camp’s boundary that you need to pull the creeps out of until the full minute mark. The creeps walk towards you if you attack them by ability or right-click. Once they follow you, keep running until the timer reaches the respawn time. It is safe to move back now and check if the camp is stacked successfully.

If you’re a core, you can continue to farm, or if you’re a support, you can leave or stack again. XX:53 to XX:55 are the timings for when you attract the creeps. Practice is the only thing that will help you get better. Bot matches are a great way to practice your Camp stacking timer. Jungle stacking should be part of your normal movement, and you should not waste a lot of time accomplishing it.

Heroes with long-ranged attacks or abilities are the best at stacking. They can hit creeps from far away and receive no damage if done properly.

Benefits of Creep Stacking

How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2

The most significant role in Dota 2 is the carry. The carry is the one that wins the game for the team, and that only happens if you have farm. If the carry fails, your winning chances diminish. Even though the carry may have failed in lane, if the support adequately stacks the Jungle, he can get back on track. The carry cannot Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2 himself, as he would lose valuable gold and XP from the lane. It is important that the support performs this efficiently, to increase their impact on the game, and also benefit the core of the team.

Camp stacked by the support will give him 35% gold for whatever the carry gets, which is a tremendous source of income for the support. Supports are heroes with low farm, so this is a great way for them to complete their necessary items. If you effectively stacked the camps, they will give the carry an enormous boost in gold and XP. Efficiently farming the stacked camps is an important aspect as well.

Supports should stack a few camps, while the carry pushes out the lane. Then after pushing the lane and farming creeps, the carry moves to the stack and farms it. This way, you are getting Gold and XP from the lane, and a bonus from the Jungle camps, significantly boosting your net worth.

A failed lane can hinder the impact of your hero; however, stacking is the way to overcome this obstacle.

Disadvantages of not Stacking

Camp stacking is one of the best ways for your team to be ahead on farming than the opponents, and if not done properly, the enemies can leap ahead of your team. Enemy cores can farm more efficiently in the early phase of the game with stacks, while your carry is still making his first item. This way, the enemy can snowball the game and end before you even have a chance to fight back.

Supports get little farm throughout the game, and stacking is one way to boost their income. However, if it’s not done efficiently, supports lack of gold drastically and has little impact on the game.

Best creeps for stacking

How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2

There are multiple types of Jungle camps available, which you can stack according to the time. You should stack small Jungle camps in the early game, as they are easier to clear out than the others. Hard camps can deal a lot of damage to heroes in the early game, and should not be stacked more than twice this early. Ancient creeps are the biggest and most durable creeps in the game. They can be cleared out only if you have AOE abilities, or tanky heroes available in your team. Ancient camps give the most Gold and XP, so they should be carefully stacked and cleared out before the enemy team has a chance of stealing them.

Neutral Camps are one of the biggest sources of farm for anyone in Dota 2. When paired with stacking, they can tremendously boost your net worth and make you a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully, this article gave you a clear view of what stacking is and How to Stack Neutral Camps in Dota 2.

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