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How to Make and Place the Spice Rack in Valheim

Have you tried making the Spice Rack in Valheim?

Because Valheim is a sandbox adventure game, there are lots of aspects that you can focus on. While most players try to finish the game by upgrading fighting attributes and defeating bosses, others are more creative. You can try any of the other popular aspects like building, gathering, or even cooking.

If you are into the culinary arts, you will want to upgrade your Cauldron as soon as possible. The first upgrade for the Cauldron is typically the Spice Rack since it is quite easy to achieve. Having the Spice Rack upgrades your Cauldron to level 2, which introduces a bunch of new recipes you can cook.

If you want to test out any of these recipes, check out our quick guide on how to make and place the Spice Rack in Valheim.


An image of Valheim.

Valheim is a popular sandbox-type action adventure video game set in the Norse mythology universe. It was developed by Iron Gate Studio and later published by Coffee Stain Publishing. Originally released for early access in February 2021, it is available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux users.

You will play as a regular Viking who is tasked with defeating the evils of the world one by one. You must improve yourself until you are able to beat the five main bosses in the game, each with their own home biome. There are countless things to discover and do in the game, including fighting, crafting, gathering, cooking, and building.

Valheim is a game where Norse mythology comes to life and you can battle some of the best creatures in ancient Viking lore. In the first month after release, the game sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. It was also nominated as the Best Debut Indie Game and Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards 2021.

Cooking in Valheim

An image of the Cauldron with a Spice Rack in Valheim.

Cooking is one of the most fun aspects of Valheim for several reasons. You can simply grind for the most effective and most efficient food to sustain you in your adventures or get creative and try to make everything from simple Bread to Lox Meat Pie. There are also a bunch of different cooking instruments in the game.

The Campfire is the most basic structure where you can cook food in Valheim. Requiring only 5 Stone and 2 Wood, you can build it on the ground without having to use your Workbench or Hammer. Use the Campfire to cook basic meats like Neck Tail and Fish. It also repels smaller creatures like Greydwarfs, Necks, Greylings, and Boars from your base.

As you progress in the game and discover more resources, you can build upgraded cooking instruments. You can upgrade from the Campfire to the Cooking Station, Cauldron, and Stone Oven. Once you have the Cauldron, you can upgrade it using the Spice Rack to unlock several new wonderful recipes.

Spice Rack in Valheim

An image of the Spice Rack in Valheim.

The Spice Rack is the first and cheapest upgrade to the Cauldron in Valheim. To get this upgrade, you must first gather the necessary materials for it. First, look for 2 Carrots, 3 Turnips, and 5 Mushrooms. Carrots and Turnips cannot be gathered in the wild, so you will need to grow them using the Cultivator. Carrot seeds can be found in the Black Forest biome, while Turnip seeds are typically found in the Swamp biome.

Mushrooms can be foraged in either of those two biomes or the Meadows. Next, you need to find 3 Thistle and 3 Dandelion pieces for the Spice Rack. Dandelions can also be found in the Meadows biome. They respawn after about 4 hours, so you can keep coming back to the same location. Thistle is one of the easiest ingredients to find as they are commonly found in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes.

What to Do With the Spice Rack in Valheim

An image of the Serpent Stew.

Once you have upgraded your Cauldron with the Spice Rack, you can begin cooking some brand new recipes. You can try making the Turnip Stew, Black Soup, Sausages, Serpent Stew, and most recently, the Muckshake. The Turnip Stew is quite easy to make as you will only need 3 Turnips and a piece of Boar Meat. It gives 18 Health and 55 Stamina over 25 minutes.

The Black Soup requires a 1 Bloodbag, 1 Honey, and 1 Turnip. It gives you a maximum of 50 Health and 17 Stamina at a rate of 3 Health per tick. Sausages are great for groups as they yield 4 pieces per recipe. You just need 4 Entrails, 1 Boar Meat, and 1 Thistle. This gives out a maximum of 55 Health and 18 Stamina at 3 Health per tick.

Serpent Stew is the hardest to make since you need 1 Serpent Meat, 2 Honey, and 1 Mushroom. If you have the ingredients, however, you cannot go wrong with this recipe. It gives a massive 80 Health maximum together with 26 Stamina. It also goes at a rate of 4 Health per tick for up to 30 minutes.

Making Food for the Journey

An image of Sausages.

It is essential to make enough food to last you and your group for the entire journey. Adventures sometimes take several in-game days, especially if you are going to fight a boss character. In that case, you should cook as much food as you can. You may even want to spend a day or two gathering ingredients and cooking them all.

There are few things in Valheim that are more frustrating than being sluggish due to lack of Health and Stamina. The best way to regain health is by eating food. Once you have the Spice Rack, try making Serpent Stew, Sausages, or Black Soup to sustain you for the duration of your next adventure.

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