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Best Speedrunning Tricks in Minecraft

What are your go-to speedrunning tricks in Minecraft?

There are dozens of different ways you can play Minecraft. The highest-selling video game of all time prides itself on versatility and relying on players’ creativity. You can focus on one thing and spend hundreds of hours in Minecraft. Whether you play single-player or multiplayer mode, you have plenty of options.

Speedrunning is one of the most popular ways to play Minecraft. specially in the Youtuber and live streaming community. In the different speedrunning categories, players follow rules or mechanics and try to do an objective as quickly as possible. Many content creators have careers focused solely on speedrunning Minecraft.

If you want to learn how to play Minecraft this way, check out our guide on the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

Speedrunning in Minecraft

An image of Minecraft speedrunning records.

A speedrun is a type of playthrough in video games where a player tries to do a certain objective or group of objectives in as short a time as possible. In Minecraft, this is one of the most popular ways to play the game, especially for streamers and content creators.

Objectives can include finishing the entire game by defeating the Ender Dragon. Getting some achievements, making advancements, or building certain structures as fast as you can. As players get better at doing speedruns, they typically progress to more complicated types of runs.

Many speedruns also provide some sort of restrictions to make the game more difficult. For example, some runs do not allow players to dig straight down, use certain tools or weapons, or exploit certain bugs in the game. Some runs use the same seed every time while others require players to play on a randomly generated seed.

Because Minecraft is a sandbox, open-ended game, this is one great way to always have new things to do in the game.

Best Speedrunning Tricks in Minecraft

If you plan on doing Minecraft speedruns, you should learn all the tips and tricks that the best speedrunners in the world use. These are the fundamental skills you will need to reduce your time as much as possible.

Here are the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

Craft a Shield Early

An image of crafting a shield, one of the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

Mobs are the enemy in Minecraft. There are different types of mobs, but almost all of them will attack you if you get too close. They come with different types of weapons or attacks. The most dangerous ones early on are ranged mobs, as they can attack you without having to approach. Even if you are good at running away, a ranged mob can still hit you with projectiles.

Crafting a shield is the best way to protect yourself from archers and other ranged enemies. They are very easy to craft, so you should prioritize them if you are playing a speedrun with ranged mobs. Shields block damage and the status effects of the projectile, like flames, knockback, poison, or wither.

You just need one Iron Ingot and six Wooden Planks to craft a shield.

Ender Pearls Are Key

An image of using an Ender Pearl, one of the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

If you have watched some expert speedrunners doing runs, you should already know how useful Ender Pearls are for setting records. You can move around by throwing Ender Pearls to the right places and teleporting there. More than that, however, Ender Pearls are an essential part of reaching The End. If you are speedrunning to defeat the Ender Dragon, you must do that with enough Ender Pearls.

One of the best ways to obtain Ender Pearls in the game is by trading with Piglins in the Nether using some Gold Ingots. Unfortunately, this method relies heavily on luck, so your speedrun depends on how many Ender Pearls a Piglin will give you. Another way is by finding a Warped Forest Biome in the Nether and killing some Endermen.

Just build a roof over yourself and draw some Enderman towards you. Kill them and pick up the Ender Pearls that they drop.

Building the Nether Portal

An image of building a Nether Portal, one of the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

If you are playing the standard speedrun of getting to The End and beating the Ender Dragon, you must create a Nether Portal very quickly. You may be tempted to grind out mining Obsidian blocks to build it, but this takes way too much time, no matter how lucky you are at finding Obsidian.

The best way to build a Nether Portal without mining Obsidian is by pouring water on lava following the shape of a portal. Just leave the 2×3 space in the middle for the Nether Portal to work properly. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a big slab of useless Obsidian.

Bucket Falls

An image of falling on a bucket of water, one of the best speedrunning tricks in Minecraft.

When you do speedruns, you may put yourself in dangerous places to travel faster or get better vantage points. This can mean getting into very high places or walking across dangerous cliffs in the Nether. Fall damage can easily kill you if you are high enough. Dying ends your speedrun, so you should avoid that as much as possible.

A bucket of water is the best way to protect yourself from fall damage. In Minecraft, you take zero fall damage if you drop into the water. Ensure you always have a bucket or two full of water in your inventory. When jumping or accidentally falling from a high place, equip your bucket of water and pour it right before you hit the ground so that you land on it instead.

The timing for this trick takes some time to master, so you should take a few practice falls before doing a speedrun.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What is a speedrun?

A speedrun is a type of gameplay where players try to finish a game or accomplish some objectives as quickly as possible. The time is recorded, and players compete to get the lowest times.

What are the best Minecraft speedruns?

Minecraft’s most popular speedrun category is getting to The End and defeating the Ender Dragon. Other popular categories include obtaining certain ores, items, weapons, or armor as fast as possible.

What speedrunning tricks in Minecraft should I learn?

If you are playing the standard speedrun category, learn how to make a Nether Portal using water and lava, prevent fall damage using a bucket of water, and use a shield against mobs.

Mastering Speedruns

Now that you have learned some useful speedrunning tricks in Minecraft, you can start attempting to break world records. It will obviously take hours and hours of practice before you can get close to the top of each category, so you need to have patience.

Work on these fundamentals, develop your own tricks, and start grinding some speedrun attempts.

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