Special Structures in Minecraft 

Wanna know about the Special Structures in Minecraft?

The infinite world of Minecraft has many Biomes that you can explore, each with its own differences. In particular, Biomes differ in geography, climate, animals, hostile mobs, vegetation, and special structures. Surprisingly, everything other than these structures is also present in some other Biome. So this list presents the Special Structures in Minecraft.

The Overworld has some interesting places to explore, but the world of Minecraft doesn’t end here. Interestingly, you can travel to different dimensions like the Nether or the End, which have Special Structures of their own. Overall, these spread out worldwide and make Minecraft much more interesting.

Diversity is one reason for Minecraft’s popularity, alongside the limitless potential of exploration. Above all, the diverse world allows you to travel to different lands, with different Special Structures. Furthermore, these structures have different loots and physical appearances, so this will tell you about the Special Structures in Minecraft.

Special Structures

Special Structures in Minecraft

The Special Structures in Minecraft are pre-existing generations in the world, which you can explore. Moreover, most of these contain a lot of loot and other items that help you survive. In sum, these structures give you an enormous advantage when you find them early on, but some can be dangerous. 

Most of these structures came out with recent updates of Minecraft. For example, the earlier version only had Dungeons, so it wasn’t as exciting. However, there are Special Structures in every Biome that differ in appearance, mobs, and loot. Overall, finding one of these early on gives you more chances of survival.

Loot is only one aspect of what makes these structures so special. Namely, the lore aspect, along with the different blocks you can find, makes them so exciting. For example, many players wonder how the world of Minecraft came into being, so they theorize by exploring these structures. 

You can find many blocks in these structures that are hard to craft or take a long time to make. For example, the Nether Bricks, which make the Nether Fortress are only present here. Another instance is the Purpur block, which makes up the End Cities. Along with these, there are other unique elements that make these structures more fascinating.

Lastly, the loot present in these structures is amazing. For instance, you can find Iron Ingots, Saddles, Horse Armor, Gold Ingots, Enchanted Books, and even Diamonds. In addition, you cannot craft some items, so it’s necessary to find these natural generations. Overall, Special Structures in Minecraft make this game more intriguing for players.

Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress

The Nether is full of surprises, out of which is the Nether Fortress. Especially since this structure is fairly rare and is only present in the Nether. Besides rarity, these structures are gigantic fortresses built above lava with Nether Bricks. Furthermore, these have superb loot and rare mobs which drop special items. 

Treasure chests present in the Nether Fortress contain very good loot. For example, you can find Diamonds, Gold and Iron Ingots, Saddles, and much more loot. Furthermore, you can find Nether Warts here, which are necessary for brewing potions. Lastly, there is also Soul Sand here, which you can use to grow these Nether Warts.

There are Blaze Spawners, which are flying hostile mobs which throw fireballs when you anger them. Also, these drop Blaze Rods when you kill them, which is necessary to make Eyes of Ender and Potions. Also, Wither Skeletons also spawn here, which drops the Wither Skull to make the Wither. 

Bastion Remnant

Special Structures in Minecraft

Bastion Remnant is another structure that you can find in the Nether. Surprisingly, you can find Bastion Remnants in every Biome in the Nether except Basalt Deltas. Besides the location, these are enormous, castle-like structures that house different mobs and a lot of loot. 

Blackstone and Basalt blocks make up the Bastion Remnant, along with the different variations of these blocks. In addition, this structure has a wide interior and bridge that connects its different parts. Overall, this is a huge find but is one of the most dangerous places to visit.

You can find Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins roaming around the building that attacks you on sight. In addition, if you open any chests around them, they get angry and hunt you down. Also, there are Magma Cubes here, so you should be careful of them. Overall, the Bastion is extremely hazardous, and you should be cautious when exploring these.

The loot in a Bastion Remnant is amazing. In particular, the chest in the middle contains Diamonds, Gold Ingots, and more. You can even find Ancient Debris, Enchanted Golden Apples, and Diamond Armor in this chest. Aside from this, the Bastion is full of Gold Blocks, which you can gather for your own crafting. 

Ruined Portal

Special Structures in Minecraft

You can find these Ruined Portals scattered around the Overworld. Ruined Portals are broken Nether Portals, which have Crying Obsidian and Gold Blocks, along with regular Obsidian. Also, there are Magma Blocks and Netherrack surrounding the Ruined Portal. 

While the Ruined Portal is mainly for aesthetic reasons, you can harvest the Gold Blocks to use in your crafting. Aside from this, there is a chest usually nearby that contains the loot, such as Gold Armor, Obsidian, and tools. Above all, the Ruined Portal helps in one major aspect.

You can complete this Ruined Portal instead of making one from scratch, saving a lot of time and resources. You need to break the Crying Obsidian and any other block and replace everything with Obsidian. Next, light it up with a Flint and Steel to travel to the Nether. Interestingly, these Ruined Portals also exist in the Nether.

Woodland Mansion

Special Structures in Minecraft

Woodland Mansion, as the name suggests, are enormous mansions in the Dark Oak Forest Biome. While these are amazing to explore and have insane loot, they are one of the rarest structures to find. Overall, finding one of these is a tremendous boost to your progress, but be careful of what lies inside.

The Woodland Mansion is full of rooms and hallways you can explore, with chests and resources everywhere. There are secret rooms that you can find which have even more loot. Furthermore, to just explore this building without even looting is a treat for Minecraft enthusiasts.

The chests in the Woodland Mansion contain Diamond Armor, Potions, Name Tags, Music Discs, and more. Besides the loot, there are Bookshelves and Iron Bars that you can break to use in your own builds. Also, there are Carpets, Beds and a lot of aesthetic items which can make your own homes look pleasing.

Woodland Mansion has some of the most powerful mobs inside it. You can find multiple Evokers and Vindicators who are strong on their own. In addition, the dark rooms in this mansion spawn regular hostile mobs like Zombies, Skeletons. Overall, Woodland Mansion is one of the toughest and most rewarding structures.

The world of Minecraft is full of surprises that you can uncover by exploring the vast land. Overall, it’s in your luck whether you find these, but discovering them will surely help your journey. Hopefully, this list on Special Structures in Minecraft enables you to locate these structures and the loot inside them.

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