Twinning Isle Hymnal Ring Chest Puzzle Solution In Genshin Impact

Do you want to know how you can solve Hymnal Ring Puzzles in Genshin Impact? 

The Golden Apple Archipelago is full of puzzles, hidden items, and islands to explore, which can give you exceptional rewards once solved or discovered. Many of the puzzles in the Golden Archipelago requires a specific gadget called Wind-Blessed Harpastum. 

It is an interesting device with many uses across the islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago, such as destroying Dodo-King paintings and solving Hymnal Ring Puzzles.

Hymnal Ring Puzzles are a brand new addition to Genshin Impact, together with the Golden Apple Archipelago update. These puzzles give you the chance to open chests and earn great rewards, but you need to solve them first. 

Today, we will show you how to solve Hymnal Ring Puzzles in Genshin Impact. 

Let’s begin!

solve Hymnal Ring Puzzles in Genshin Impact

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 1

The first ring puzzle in Twinning Isle can be seen in the southeastern part of the upper island. Once you reach the location, all you need to do is position the arrows in a way that will lead the Harpastum to the target. 

  • Ring 1: Don’t change anything
  • Ring 2: Select Move Up
  • Ring 3: Adjust to Position 1
  • Ring 4: Adjust to Position 2

Once you’ve adjusted the rings, you need to stand on the platform and throw the Harpastum through the first ring. This will lead the Harpastum to the target and unlock the nearby chest.

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 2

Below your map, you will find a small island. This would be the location of the second Ring Puzzle in Twinning Isle. This puzzle is straightforward, but you’ll need to time your throw perfectly. Stand on the platform and throw when both rings align with the target. 

Once done, the second chest should unlock automatically, and you can collect the rewards.

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 3

Travel to the southernmost part of Twinning Isle. From there, you can access the third puzzle. You need to do the same thing with the first puzzle for this puzzle, but you’ll have to position the rings differently. 

  • Ring 1: Rotate 90 Degrees Two Times
  • Ring 2: Adjust To Position 1
  • Ring 3: Select The Move Up Option

The last thing that you should do is go to the platform, then throw the Harpastum through the first ring. Once it hits the target, the third chest should unlock automatically.

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 4

The fourth Ring Puzzle in Twinning Isle would be located opposite the third Ring Puzzle. You can refer to the map shown above to find it faster. When you get to the location, the only thing you have to do is stand on the platform and activate the ring.

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 5

The fifth puzzle in Twinning Isle is located beside the 4th puzzle’s location. Just head south from the 4th puzzle, and you should see it easily. Once you’re in the location of the fifth puzzle, position the rings as stated below: 

  • Ring 1: Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise Twice
  • Ring 2: Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise
  • Ring 3: Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise Thrice
  • Ring 4: Adjust to Position 1

Afterwards, go to the platform, throw the Harpastum through the first ring, and wait for it to hit the target. Approach the chest to claim your reward.

Hymnal Ring Puzzle Location 6

For the last Ring puzzle, make your way to the smallest island that you can see on the map. Once you’re in the location, approach the middle ring and choose Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise two times.

Stand on the platform and throw the Harpastum through the first ring. The final chest should unlock, and you’ll be able to complete all the puzzles in Twinning Isle.

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You Might Ask (FAQs)

When will the Golden Apple Archipelago Event End? 

There’s still no specific event as to when the Golden Archipelago will disappear. However, it is already confirmed that the new area would only be available for a limited time. This also made some players upset since there are many places to explore in the archipelago.

What is a Wind-Blessed Harpastum? 

Wind-Blessed Harpastum is a unique device in Genshin Impact used to solve Hymnal Ring Chest Puzzles in the Golden Archipelago and destroy Dodo-King’s paintings.

This wraps up our guide on how to solve Hymnal Ring Puzzles in Genshin Impact. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll be glad to help you out. 

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