An image of the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.

How to Solve Data Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop

Do you already know how to solve the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop?

This particular quest can be very confusing, so there is no shaming in looking for a little help. The data cassette puzzle in Deathloop is part of the Afternoon Delight Visionary Lead. After you solve it, you will be able to open Charlie and Fia’s secret hideout and potentially kill them both.

The game randomizes every playthrough. That means there is no single solution to the puzzle. Fortunately, the process of solving it stays the same, and we have simplified it for you. We will walk you through the exact sequence you need to follow to get to the puzzle.

If you have not completed this quest yet, check out our detailed guide on how to solve the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.


An image of Deathloop.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop is a brand new action-adventure video game. It combines elements of puzzle-solving, first-person shooters, time travel, and stealth games. The game was released in 2021 exclusively for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 5.

You will enter a fictional world set in the 1960s. You will play as Colt, an assassin who has to eliminate eight different targets called Visionaries. Colt is on an island called Blackreef that goes through a time loop that resets every midnight. You will need to kill all eight Visionaries within a single day to complete the game.

Colt is also a Visionary, so he has special abilities, much like the other eight. He is being hunted by the AEON Program, a science lab for which Colt was the Head of Security. The other eight Visionaries use the time loop to party every day without any consequences. The game is also known for its multiple possible endings depending on your decisions.

There are four districts within the island. Each time you move around the districts, the time of day will advance from the morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. You must find a way to kill all of your targets by strategically moving from district to district. You can die up to two times in a playthrough. The time loop resets after you die for the third time.

Find the Data Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop

An image of the finding the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.

You need to go to Fristad Rock in the afternoon. Use the ice to get past the water. After you get there, you need to find the right room where the puzzle is hidden. Follow the path to the right until you get to the junkyard. Be careful because the junkyard is sprawling with enemies.

Try to use your abilities to sneak past or get stealth kills on them. Getting in an all-out gunfight will almost surely result in your death. After you get past the hostiles, you will see the crashed plane nearby. Walk towards the end of the shore, where you will see a secret path around the large rock formation. Stay on the ice because falling into the water will kill you.

When you get to the bunker, move up to the large control panel. This is where you must input the code you get. However, to get the code, you must find Fia’s bunker first. You can opt to do this at another loop. If you already know this part, then you can simply go to Fia’s bunker before even finding the control panel.

Fia’s Bunker

An image of Fia's Bunker in Deathloop.

Go to Fristad Rock at noon and check out the paintings on the wall. You should kill Fia first if you haven’t already. If you trigger the alarm, she will detonate a nuclear bomb and reset the time loop. If you have already taken her out, you can proceed with your objective.

There are four clues to be found, but they are not always the same. Players have encountered different clues, so we cannot tell you exactly which ones you will get. After you get the clues, go back to the room where you first found the control panel. You can now start solving the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.

Solving the Data Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop

An image of the data cassette puzzle in Deathloop.

If you have already found the pictogram clues, they will automatically appear in the control panel menu. You can take a photo of it with your phone, so you do not have to keep going back to the menu later.

The puzzle is fairly straightforward but may take a few tries to solve. Each cassette on the panel represents a different pictogram. You need to activate the four that represent your clues in the same order as they appear on the menu. It will take a while as you check what each cassette represents.

Once you find the four correct cassettes, simply input them in the right order to complete the puzzle. After you solve the puzzle, you can open the door and flood the room. In conclusion, this eventually leads to the deaths of both Visionaries Charlie and Fia.

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